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rdhu offers a variety of products to help you transform your dental hygiene practice.
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We’re proud to offer a customized range of high-quality products created to meet your professional needs.

  • BLIS Oral Probiotics

    rdhu is proud to carry BLIS Oral Probiotics in Canada!

    This site is for Dental Professional professionals only.

    BLIS Fresh Breath

    An oral probiotic that promotes healthy oral flora, reduces halitosis, supports the immune system, and helps reduce the incidence and risk of ear, throat, and upper respiratory infections.

    BLIS Teeth & Gums

    An oral probiotic that helps prevent gingivitis and plaque build up in conjunction with good oral hygiene.

  • Beanies

    Protect your hair from the daily grime. These stylish and comfortable caps will change your day!

    Most of us don’t wash our hair every night before bed and after a long day in the clinic, what happens when we hit our pillow at night?  Eww!  Wear a beanie, protect yourself and feel good that you are leaving the germs behind.

    Available Styles:

    · The Softie

    · The Simple

    · The Boho

  • CordEze

    CordEze® is an ergonomic product developed specifically for those who use hand-held corded instruments in a professional environment.

    These comfortable bracelets were designed to take the weight off of the wrist and hands, alleviating pain and discomfort brought on by manipulating power-driven devices all day, every day.

    Available Styles:

    · Standard Wristband

    · Large Wristband

    · Pivot Wristband and Attachments

    · HiLo Attachments

    Click here for the CordEze Style and Sizing Chart

  • Sharpening Kits

    The rdhu stone efficiently sharpens instruments without the need of two stones - it is coarse on one side and medium on the other.

    The rdhu sharpening guide allows quick measurement of sharpening angles.

    Available Options:

    · Sharpening Kit

    · Sharpening Stone

    · Sharpening Guide

    · Test Stick

  • Get Your Spit Together: Paperback Book

    Get the information you need to improve your oral health and the oral health of your loved ones.

    Get Your Spit Together! is a collaboration of dental professionals who truly care about saliva!

    "Your saliva may hold the secret to better dental checkups."

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