Dental Hive Connecting Dental Professionals Across the Country
March 26, 2024 at 4:00 AM
by Kathleen Bokrossy

When I was at the Pacific Dental Conference a couple of weeks ago, I bumped into Dr. Aisling Whitaker on the exhibit floor. She is a fabulous dentist, an IT guru and co-owns an app called Dental Hive. This app is designed to connect dental professionals together and to provide resources, a directory and job opportunities. Dental Hive was built by Felicia Sprague and Dr. Aisling Whitaker, two dental professionals based in Canada.

They started Dental Hive to support dental professionals on key aspects of their working life – finding jobs, building teams and connecting with other professionals. In 2022 they launched a jobs app to match professionals and clinics. They have been on both sides of the job search and know how hard it can be to find the right fit. For the employers, they wanted to be able to connect with verified professionals who are qualified for the jobs they post. For the employees, they wanted to help find a clinic that fits their personal and professional growth.

In Jan 2023, they released a business directory to connect easily with companies that support dental offices (lawyers, accountants, IT specialists, contractors, designers etc.). They also launched a resources tab which contains useful information for all team members, such as KPIs for office managers, Insurance need to knows, tips for startups etc. It is an app to a virtual community where all dental professionals can connect and support each other.

I think it is brilliant what Aisling and her partner have created. If you are interested in joining this app you can go to their website and it will take you to the download.

Dr. Aisling, in her lovely Irish accent, asked me at PDC if I was aware that she sends all of her dental hygienists to rdhu for training. She has sent them for the Full Myofunctional Program, Laser Training and Live Streaming Courses.

They all meet after their courses and programs to discuss their learning and how they are going to implement it into their practice. They do this as a team. This is a Dream Come True practice for me and is a message that we have been sharing over the years.

If you want a cohesive team, one that works well together, implements AND sustains change, it really starts with taking the programs together. Sending the whole team and then doing the After Experience as a team to discuss Next Steps.

One extra thing that I loved to hear from Aisling was how her lead dental hygienist dives into the science and research and is very careful prior to offering "the things" into their practice. They want to make sure that whatever they bring into their practice is going to provide optimal treatment to their patients. Aisling said, the Soft-Tissue Diode Laser has been the biggest surprise to them all. They call it the Magic Wand, as they have experienced amazing results with patients who they just couldn't get healthy.

All in all, I had a lovely meeting with Dr. Aisling Whitaker. The respect she has for her team, and the way they feel toward her, is an example of the cohesion we can all strive for.

Those offices are out there, where you can contribute in the best possible way. You just have to find them. It is worth the search. Be sure to download the app and stay connected.

Thank you for your support and for reading! Please take a look below for upcoming live streaming courses, events, hands-on courses, career postings and our partner specials.

Have a great week!


Kathleen Bokrossy, RDH ~ President

Augmenting Your Professional Development with Hands-On Learning
March 19, 2024 at 4:00 AM
by Kathleen Bokrossy

Have you taken part in a hands-on program since you finished dental hygiene school? Many of you will say, yes, of course! However, there are still many who will say, no. Their hands-on didactical training ended after completing a dental hygiene program.

If you fall into the category of not participating in a post-graduate hands-on training program, I really would like to encourage you to do so!

When we are in school, we are taught the basics, and the fundamentals of dental hygiene. We cannot be taught advanced skills when we are learning the basics. There are skills, tips and tricks, and hacks, so to speak, that can only be taught after you master the fundamentals.

Professional Development or Continuing Education isn't about a check box for CE. It isn't about how many CE credits you need to get for this year's Quality Assurance. No. Professional Development truly is a journey. It is about learning new techniques. It is about learning advanced techniques so that you can take your skills, your art, to a new level. These are about skills that cannot be taught in school, because again, there are fundamentals that we need to conquer prior to being taught advanced skills.

To be taught a new way to fulcrum, or a tweak in the client's head position to access an area better, or to go to the other side to instrument, or to use an instrument that is hybrid and replaces 2 instruments with 1, or a flip of a Gracey to use a horizontal instead of a vertical stroke. There are so many things that can be taught and can be an eye-opening experience for you.

If you haven't participated in a hands-on program, it is time! Many of you feel like you are doing the same thing every day. Chances are you feel that way because, you are!

Join us and feel re-energized!

I know this email goes out to 20,000 members and many of you aren't near rdhu.

We are thrilled when we get members who travel from afar for our hands-on programs, like Myofunctional Therapy, or Ortho or Instrumentation. It truly is an amazing experience and we appreciate your commitment to learning so much.

I have travelled to Western Canada, California, Nashville and other areas, for personal and professional development and have come back feeling amazing and ready to take on the world. It is worth investing in YOU!

We have some hands-on programs in our calendar for April and May and then we won't have anything until the fall. I hope you will consider one of these amazing, transformational programs:

1. Joy of Instrumentation (with Dr. Joy Void-Holmes coming up from the USA)

2. Myofunctional Therapy: A Practical Program (with Joe Siegfried. We only have 5 spots left. This is a hybrid program ~ online and hands-on application)

3. Orthodontics for the Dental Hygienists. (with Liisa Moore. We have many programs to offer depending on your skill level. There are the Fundamentals of Ortho, Advanced, Clear Aligners and Scanners).

4. Elevate your Instrumentation Skills (with Anna Louise Tolan)

5. Piezon (with Anna Louise Tolan)

6. The Ultimate Experiential Oral and Oropharyngeal Cancer Specialized Workshop (with Jo-Anne Jones)

7. Sharpen Your Skills: An Instrumentation and Sharpening Workshop (with me)

These programs are designed to enhance your skills. To take your professional abilities to an all new level.

We hope to see you! Click here to access the hands-on programs.

And for those of you who have attended our programs, we thank you for your support. It means the world to all of us. Together we are elevating our profession and providing exceptional care to the public for a healthier world.

Thank you for your support and for reading! Please take a look below for upcoming live streaming courses, events, hands-on courses, career postings and our partner specials.

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Kathleen Bokrossy, RDH ~ President

The Life of An Instrument
March 12, 2024 at 4:00 AM
by Kathleen Bokrossy

Thank you to those who went to PDC in Vancouver last week and stopped by the Curion booth to meet Beth and I, and the BioGaia booth to meet Kerry! We had a fabulous conference! It is always so nice to meet up with friends, colleagues and members at these conferences. It's a reminder of how grateful I am that I chose this profession, way back when.

The LM-Dental Instruments were a hit at the Curion Booth. We had live demonstrations and introduced the new instrument designs that have been added to the Sharpen-Free line. The M23 Slim, Nevi I and 2 in particular.

The M23 is a popular instrument in the US and in Europe and we think that it is going to be a popular one in Canada. Especially now, since we have the Slim option.

We had dental hygienists returning to the show to purchase the Sharpen-Free after last purchasing at PDC 2023. I always like to hear how long the Sharpen-Free last, so when I see people coming back one year later and ordering more, it confirms what we already know about the life of an instrument.

We always get asked, "How long will the Sharpen-Free last?"

The answer to this question is this. It depends on many things. What kind of patients are you treating? Are you using ultrasonics 80% of the time? How many kits do you have? If you only have 3-4 kits and using them twice a day, you will go through your instrument faster than those who are set up with 8 kits to last throughout the day. How many instruments are in your kit? How are your patients presenting? Are you in a practice where the majority of patients are using power versus manual? There are many factors to consider.

They should last you as long as your regular instruments would last.

But here is the thing. Most dental practices use instruments longer than their intended use. This is a problem in most practices.

In many offices, purchasing instruments is an event. It should be part of your annual budget.

I do talk a lot about instruments because I believe they are fundamental to everything we do. We can't perform high quality care without high quality tools. We can't provide safe, effective and ethical care while using worn out instruments. That is why I am passionate about educating and empowering dental hygienist to approach the decision makers and order instruments on an annual basis.

So, let's use LM-Dental as an example to set up what an annual budget could look like. You can use this concept no matter what instrument brand you purchase. Curion is the Canadian Distributor for LM-Dental and is offering a show special. 20% off instruments (With the Ergosense Handles) and with every 5 purchased, you will receive an LM ErgoSense mirror handle and a Servo 8 Cassette!

So, let's say you were purchasing 8 kits with 5 instruments (regular scalers and curettes). That is 40 instruments for $80. That is $3200 for the year. Divide that by how many weeks you work in the year. In this case, I am going to say 52 weeks as I will assume a temp is in while I am away. Then divide by how many patients per week. In this case I am going to say 35. Essentially your instruments are costing $1.75 per patient.

When you have this information, you can use this when putting together your proposed instrumentation budget. And if you get the green light to go ahead, you will only need to do this once and ensure that you now have an annual budget.

Think about the size of the blades and the use that they are going through, each and every day, and on every patient. Assuming you should get 2-3 years is not best practice. If you use the instruments that you need to sharpen, chances are they are being sharpened by a variety of people, edges are becoming bevelled, and they are being used beyond the intended use.

I have been in the dental instrument business for a very long time. I have owned my own instrument company and my own line. We were in 10 dental hygiene schools across the country and have helped thousands of offices with their instrument needs. I did sell that company but along the way I have seen what is out there. It is time to not compromise. Not for one patient. As one patient will turn into one week, one month, and one year, etc. Think of your patient's health and the experience that they receive when worn-out dull instruments are used on them. We do so much to attract new patients to our practice. We spend money on advertising and do everything we can to create a great experience and then we can wreck all that by not investing $1.75 per patient. We also know the havoc worn instruments play on our health as well!

I have lots to add to this conversation!

I hope this empowers some of you who can relate to this. I have included the Instrument Worksheet and Proposal that you can use to create your case and be prepared so that you can arrange a meeting and have this discussion with the decision makers.

For those of you who are from a different country outside of Canada, you can visit the LM-Dental website to find out who your distributor is.

I am holding an online Sharpen Your Skills workshop on Friday, March 22 from 11am - 2pm EST so our western members can join in. I would love for you to join me. You will learn how to sharpen instruments and I will introduce you to some Sharpen-Free ones as well. I will share tips on how to get the instruments in your practice and will cover the worksheet and proposal found below (as a download).

For those of you who are a part of the All Access Virtual Pass, we are including this in your pass and a separate email will be sent to you for registration. You will just need to purchase the sharpening kit (if you wish).

Thank you for your support and for reading! Please take a look below for upcoming live streaming courses, events, hands-on courses, career postings and our partner specials.

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Kathleen Bokrossy, RDH ~ President

Working in the Field of Orthodontics
March 5, 2024 at 5:00 AM
by Kathleen Bokrossy

Has working in the field of orthodontics been on your radar but you haven't taken the leap to dive in and learn more?

We have heard this often and have received numerous requests over the years to offer an Ortho program through rdhu, so guess what? We now offer a variety of ortho programs here at rdhu!

Our new Ortho page is now available on our website. If you haven't checked it out, please click here to see all that is offered in our Ortho programs.

What can happen if you delve into the field of Orthodontics?

As dental hygienists, we have so many opportunities to explore. We often see in the Facebook groups dental hygienists feeling like they want something different. Then the group jumps in and will often guide them to different jobs or professions and advise that perhaps it is time for a change. If you love our field, why jump ship and go to a different profession altogether when there are so many opportunities for us to explore as dental hygienists?! Perhaps it is time to add a new skillset to the already amazing skills that you have mastered!

Becoming an orthodontic dental hygienist can open up new opportunities and provide a unique set of skills that can benefit both you as a professional and your patients.

1. Expanded Scope of Practice:

Expand your Scope of Practice and get equipped with specialized knowledge in orthodontics! Understanding the principles of tooth movement, orthodontic appliances, and treatment planning enables dental hygienists to actively contribute to comprehensive orthodontic care under the supervision of an orthodontist.

2. Enhanced Patient Care:

Learning about orthodontics allows us to better educate patients about the importance of orthodontic treatment for overall oral health. Being able to identify early preventative measures can be life changing for the patient and very rewarding for the dental hygienist.

3. Professional Development:

Continuing education is a cornerstone of professional growth. Delving into orthodontics provides us with an excellent opportunity for professional development. Courses and workshops focused on orthodontic procedures, technologies, and advancements will help you to stay current and expand your skill set. We are excited to offer a variety of ortho courses through rdhu! We are also creating a private group for those who have gone through our ortho program so that we can continue to collaborate as a group, seek help or advice when needed, and share job opportunities.

4. Collaboration and Teamwork:

Becoming an orthodontic dental hygienist fosters collaboration with orthodontists and other specialists. These are exciting times for collaboration with many focusing on airway dentistry and early detection. A collaborative approach ensures comprehensive patient care and encourages a more holistic view of dentistry!

5. Increased Job Opportunities:

There are so many opportunities for an orthodontic dental hygienist. We constantly see career postings. If you have the skills, you will be in demand.

6. Job Satisfaction:

The ability to be a part of a transformative change in a patient's smile, overall health and facial aesthetics can be highly rewarding. To add this skillset to your practice will elevate you as a professional and will give you the confidence on so many levels. Get ready to feel confident when you are doing an assessment, or educating, or documentating, and communicating with the dentist and team. There are so many treatment options available, it is so important to stay abreast so that we can be a part of that journey with our clients and patients.

Becoming an orthodontic dental hygienist is not just a career choice; it's a gateway to a dynamic and fulfilling professional journey. If it is something you are considering, perhaps you start with the Fundamentals of Ortho. Click here to see all that we offer through rdhu. Our next Orthodontic Fundamentals for the Dental Hygienist, with Liisa Moore, begins in April.

CE Hours: 12

Tuition: $649

2-Day Hands-On Course:

Dates: Saturday, April 13th & Sunday, April 14th, 2024

Time: 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM EST

Click here for more info!

Thank you for your support and for reading! Please take a look below for upcoming live streaming courses, events, hands-on courses, career postings and our partner specials.

Have a great week!


Kathleen Bokrossy, RDH ~ President

Exciting Times For Dental Hygienists
February 27, 2024 at 5:00 AM
by Kathleen Bokrossy

These are exciting times for dental hygienists on many levels. For this blog, I would like to focus on the opportunities that we have as far as workplace options go.

I was asked to speak with a group of dental hygiene students, for their business class, who are in their final semester of school. This will be coming up next month and I look forward to the discussion. The instructor mentioned that many are looking at the Independent option since the Self-Initiation has been rescinded by the CDHO. It opens the door to independent practice and can also assist us in providing the under-served communities.

Initially, I thought, new grads should all be working in a general practice out of the gate to get that experience; however, is this me being close-minded? I am not sure. Just because it was the way I did it and I am sure many of you did, does that mean that it is the way of the future? It is time for change, embrace new thinking, and new opportunities.

Another option that we hear so much about these days, is the dental hygienist leaving employment and becoming a Temp so that he or she is in charge of what days they would like to work and not work.

Collab Dentistry is another great opportunity and a new concept where it connects dental hygienists with available operatories. This is for the dental hygienist who wishes to work independently but without the financial burden of starting up their own brick and mortar business. It also gives the opportunity for dental hygienists, who may be from a different city and would like to head back to that city from time to time, to use as an opportunity to work on friends and family. The possibilities are endless, really.

For some, working full-time in one office may be a great option. There is something great about being with a team full-time and giving it your all to help grow a practice and treat this practice like it's your own! I consider this type of dental hygienist an "intrepreneur" rather than an "entrepreneur". When I was working full-time in many practices, I always treated it like I was an intrepreneur. I always really cared about the success of the practice, looking for processes to put in place to help with costs and growth of the practice. It is about treating it like it's your own business, but essentially, you are an employee, not the owner. Some may read this and think that their voice doesn't matter and they can't implement any change in their practice and if that is your case, you should arrange a meeting and have your voice heard. Share the things you would like to implement and have a plan. Share that you are all in and play full out! And then, if you are working in a practice where you still feel you are not being heard, if you are unhappy, there are so many options for you. We spend 1/3 of our life working, you better believe you better be happy! Now is the time for you to explore all the options that are available to us.

In every On-Track Tuesday, we offer career postings and practices that are looking for great dental hygienists to join their team. Other companies also share when they are looking for sales reps, etc. The career postings are found at the bottom of the On-Track Tuesday emails and links to a designated page on our website as well. Always feel free to reach out to us when you are looking for that perfect someone to join your team. We are happy to share with our members. Please email for any employment posts.

Over the weekend our friends at the dental clinic, from Etobicoke, ON, reached out as they wanted us to share that they are looking for a full-time RDH. I just loved the positive culture that is shared. It made me want to join their team! :) They are looking for an awesome dental hygienist to join their already awesome team! "If you are passionate about what you do, extremely gifted with people skills and would like to be a part of close knit team, we want to meet you!" Pretty compelling, right? I thought so! If you are interested in a full-time position with a team, where they have a 'putting their people first' culture, you may want to reach out to them! Email @: I have attached the image from their post below so you can either apply if you are interested, or see a very positive post that perhaps you could use to help you attract a RDH to your practice when hiring! There are still many great practices out there. You just need to find the one that fits you. Click here for more career postings, events and courses coming up!

Thank you for your support and for reading! Please take a look below for upcoming live streaming courses, events, hands-on courses, career postings and our partner specials.

Have a great week!


Kathleen Bokrossy, RDH ~ President

Pacific Dental Conference
February 20, 2024 at 5:00 AM
by Kathleen Bokrossy

The Pacific Dental Conference is fast approaching! Will you be attending this year?

You will find myself, and Beth Parkes, at the Curion booth. If you will be there, please be sure to come by the booth to say Hello! If you have been wanting to try the ergonomic instruments, LM-Dental, this is your chance to try the instruments at the Curion booth!

As you know, with every conference brings GREAT savings as well! So, whether you will be attending the PDC in person or not, you can take advantage of the conference specials!

Save 20% on all ErgoSense Instruments! They come in Sharpen-Free and Stainless Steel! To sharpen or not to sharpen? That is the only question! Also, with every 5 instruments purchased, you will receive a FREE ErgoSense mirror handle. Take care of YOU and invest in YOURSELF!

Beth will also be presenting with Dani Botbyl on the Thursday morning, Anna Louise Tolan, Jo-Anne Jones and Dr. Sanj Mohanta will all be presenting as well! Click here to learn more about their sessions! You will find Kerry Lepicek at the BioGaia booth! If you are looking to learn more about Dental Probiotics, be sure to stop by and see Kerry! I am sure there will be plenty of samples available for you as well!

I just love the PDC! We hope to see you there :)

Thank you for your support and for reading! Please take a look below for upcoming live streaming courses, events, hands-on courses, career postings and our partner specials.

Have a great week!


Kathleen Bokrossy, RDH ~ President

Turning Knowledge into Action: A Guide to Implementing What You've Learned from a Course or Program!
February 13, 2024 at 5:00 AM
by Kathleen Bokrossy

We all know the scenario... You just completed a course, or program, gaining valuable insights and knowledge and leave the program feeling excited and ready to take on the world! However, when you return to practice you are facing reality and the office is running at status quo. You get super busy dealing with the every day busy'ness' of the practice and before you know it, you're back at home, flaked out on the couch, feeling a little defeated. The next day it's the same thing.

So, how can we make change happen in our practice? How can we take our new acquired knowledge and turn it into action?

Here are some things that may help you:

The First Step: Reflect on Your Learning

Before diving into implementation, take some time to reflect on what you've learned. Consider the key concepts, skills, and practical applications. Identify the areas where you feel most confident and those that may require further exploration. This reflection will serve as a foundation for crafting a strategic plan.

Second Step: Set Clear Goals for the Program

Define specific and achievable goals based on what you've learned. Break down larger objectives into smaller, manageable tasks. Establishing clear goals will provide direction and motivation, making it easier to track the progress. Whether it's applying new skills, starting a project, or pursuing further studies, having concrete goals will keep you focused.

Third Step: Create an Actionable Plan

Develop a detailed plan outlining the steps you need to take to achieve your goals. Consider timelines, resources, and potential challenges. Break down the implementation process into smaller tasks, making it easier to tackle one step at a time. A well-thought-out plan will serve as a roadmap, guiding you through the practical application of your newfound knowledge!

Fourth Step: Collect Your Data

Take a look at your current practice and analyze all the things associated with where you are at in your practice. Document the status quo of the practice including the pros and cons with respect to your practice as a team as well as your patients.

Fifth Step: Present your Proposal

Arrange for a meeting with the decision makers of your practice and your team. When proposing a new program or a plan that you wish to implement, be strategic about it. Don't propose it 'on-the-fly' as you are passing someone's office. Set up a meeting, go in prepared and present your material. In this presentation you will also share who will sustain the program and how.

Sixth Step: Apply the Knowledge/Plan Consistently

Consistency is key when implementing a new program. Integrate the new concepts or skills into your daily routine or work processes. The more consistently you apply this new knowledge, the more it becomes ingrained in not only your thinking and behaviour but also your team as a whole. This steady integration will enhance proficiency over time!

Seventh Step: Track your Progress

When applying something new in your practice, track on a daily basis. Look at the day ahead the night before or morning of and also, look at the day behind and track the progress. As an example, perhaps you are implementing lasers into your practice. Take a look at your day ahead and select 2 patients that day who you feel would greatly benefit from being treated with lasers. Add this to your Daily Planner and then at the end of the day, use the Tracking Sheet to check off to confirm that you treated 2 patients that day with lasers. You could even track the production next to the check mark to show the impact it has on your day so that you can share this later with your team.

Eighth Step: Seek Feedback and Adjust

Don't be afraid to seek feedback and adjust when needed. Keep the team informed of how this new program is working. The worst thing to do is not keep the team up to date and leave them wondering what is happening. Track your progress and adjust when needed. Share this with your team. If we don't track, we can't progress. Track so you know if you are successful! Keep a record of your progress, challenges, and achievements. Tracking your journey not only helps you celebrate milestones but also serves as a valuable resource for future reference or showcasing your accomplishments to assist in the transformation.

Implementing what you've learned from a course or program requires deliberate effort and commitment, but the rewards are well worth it. This is where true Transformation will happen! By reflecting on your learning, setting clear goals, creating an actionable plan, applying knowledge consistently, seeking feedback, making adjustments when needed and tracking your progress, you'll transform theoretical knowledge into practical skills and experiences which will ultimately enhance your practice and patient care.

I have added the Daily Planner and Tracking Worksheet below as a Download. Please feel free to use in your practice. If you ever have any questions or would like to brainstorm with me, feel free to contact me :)

Thank you for your support and for reading! Please take a look below for upcoming live streaming courses, events, hands-on courses, career postings and our partner specials.

Have a great week!


Kathleen Bokrossy, RDH ~ President

Daily Planner

Tracking Worksheet

LM-Dental Midnight Sun Key Opinion Leaders 
February 6, 2024 at 5:00 AM
by Kathleen Bokrossy

As many of you know, Beth Parkes and myself were invited to the LM-Dental Instruments Facility in Finland last June, along with 13 other dental professionals from around the world.

It was truly a Dream Come True Experience for me, as I had this on my Bucket List. To visit the LM-Dental Facility in Finland (check box insert here!).

The LM group, who spent their time with us, were amazing people. They were such gentlemen, and the women were so kind. It was amazing from the beginning, right to the end, with respect to how we were greeted, the accommodations, the saunas, the swimming in the Baltic Sea, the serenading, the food, the scenery, the islands we visited and the workshops. To be surrounded by such an insightful group of educators and experienced clinicians was a privilege. We all shared our experiences with each other and I knew once we returned back to Canada, that we would want to share these people with our members.

So, with that said, here I am sharing some of the things that we have planned for you this year with the LM-Dental Key Opinion Leaders Group!

1. The RDH View: If you missed The RDH View on Friday, it was a great show! We had our good friends Cat Edney and Nina Farmer, who are from England, and Lauren Long, who is from Scotland, as our guests. They are all Dental Therapists, which includes Dental Hygiene under this designation. We spent an hour discussing Dental Hygiene and Dental Therapy in the UK. They are all trained, and it is in their Scope of Practice, to not only fill teeth, but also drill teeth. They shared some of their beautiful work with us. Nina specializes in nutrition and had some really great slides to share as well. If you missed it and would like to watch, we would be happy to upload this into your portal for you. If you don't have a portal with us, we would be happy to give you one! Just email and we will set you up. You will also receive a 1-hour Certificate.

2. Dr. Joy Void-Holmes, from the United States: Dr. Joy was in Finland with us and we were so fortunate to spend some one-on-one time with her riding our bikes through Oros Islands and in the workshops. We have invited Dr. Joy to rdhu in Burlington, Ontario for a one-day mini conference! We have 3 sponsors who will be represented that day as well. There are two days to choose from. Saturday, April 6th or Sunday, April 7th. Click here to register. We are keeping this event intimate, and boutique style, so that you can experience the one-on-one time to help elevate your instrumentation skills. It doesn't matter what your skillset is like, we are 100% positive that you will come away with some new, refreshed techniques and treatments, to implement into your practice.

3. The 2024 Dental Hygiene Quarterly LM-Dental KOL (Key Opinion Leaders) Midnight Sun Series: This series is called Midnight Sun because when we were in Finland, we did not have any darkness. That is pretty cool, right? See the pictures below. This is myself, Beth, Cat, Lauren and Nina all sitting on the dock at midnight in Oros Isles, Finland. The other one with just Beth and I was taken at 10pm! We are thrilled to announce that this whole year, we will highlight some of the people we met while in Finland!

  • Cat Edney (from England) on Digital Scanning for Examinations and Communication.
  • Nina Farmer (from England) on Nutrition and Your Patients.
  • Lauren Long (from Scotland) on Digital Opportunities in the Hygiene Op.
  • Dr. Joy Void-Holmes (from the United States) on Instrumentation.
  • India Chance (from the United States) will present on two topics: Medical Emergencies and Abuse Awareness.
  • Ryan Ruter (from the United States) will present on two topics: Managing Anxiety within Ourselves and our Patients and Cultural Humility of LGBTQ patients.
  • Carmen Lonaway (from Germany who is also Canadian) on Implementing a Perio Protocol.
  • and Tatiana Brandt (from Copenhagen), on Oral Health of Chronic Kidney Patients.

This is the group that we have lined up for the Dental Hygiene Quarterly. We hope that you will sign up to be a part of this.

The Dental Hygiene Quarterly is approximately 12 hours per year. This year it will be more, approximately 14 hours. It is part of the membership benefit with the Canadian Dental Hygienist's Association as well, so if you are a member, it will be $169 for this series and if you are not a member, it will be $219 (CAD). We hope you join us with this series. Be sure to either select One Year ONLY or as a SUBSCRIPTION that Automatically Renews. The choice is YOURS! One Year or Subscription.

Thank you and we shall see you on the other side :)

Thank you for your support and for reading! Please take a look below for upcoming live streaming courses, events, hands-on courses, career postings and our partner specials.

Have a great week!


Kathleen Bokrossy, RDH ~ President

The Life of an Instrument
January 31, 2024 at 5:00 AM
by Kathleen Bokrossy

Many of our members reached out after last week's On-Track Tuesday blog letting me know that they liked and appreciated the reminders of how they can get new instruments in their practice. I will keep the Instrumentation Proposal Worksheet, that was included in last week, and add a new instrumentation worksheet to this week as well (see below for downloads).

Many were asking what a reasonable life of an instrument should be. How long should an instrument last?

I get asked this question often and there are many things to consider!

1. How many kits are you working with? If you only have 5 kits per op and are seeing 8 clients/patients a day, you will wear through your instruments faster than if you had 8 kits to get you through the day.

2. How many instruments do you have in each kit? If you only have 2- 3 instruments, you will go through your instruments faster than if you had 5-8 in a kit, as an example.

3. Are you using ultrasonic instrumentation? If you are typically using ultrasonics 80% of the time and using your hand instruments 20% of the time, your instruments will last you longer than if you were solely relying on hand instrumentation.

4. What kind of calculus or deposits are you dealing with? If you have a clientele that presents with moderate to heavy deposits (and is it tenacious?) at every appointment, you are going to go through your instruments a lot faster than if you had a clientele that presents with less. I have worked in practices where a large percentage of our patients presented with moderate to heavy calculus, they were not using power brushes. Versus, I have worked in practices where the majority of our patients were on a power brush and would come in and get their new power brush heads every few months. They definitely presented with less! To me, it all starts here with respect to how long your instruments will or could last. How your patients present at their appointments will affect the longevity of your ultrasonic inserts and hand instruments.

5. Are you following the MIFU for your instruments?

If you are using the Sharpen-Free instruments, you may find that they won't last as long as you are typically used to. This is because many dental hygienists are generally using instruments beyond the life expectancy of the instrument.

Some companies will state on their website that the life of an instrument is 9 months or 1 year.

If you rely more on your ultrasonics, have more kits and more instruments available, and get your clients to present with less, your instruments may last up to 1.5 - 2 years (max). Think about the every day wear and tear of the instruments, the size of the blade, the sharpening and reshaping that is required. 1.5 - 2 years is a reasonable time to consider replacement.

I have been in the instrumentation business for many years and have seen all types of instruments from different brands (the cheaper they are, the faster you will go through them), to poorly sharpened instruments (you know that sickelized curette!)! It is worth purchasing high quality instruments and purchasing enough kits for the day with a good variety of instruments that suits your client's unique needs. Consider keeping a master set so you can compare to your set for sharpening and to recognize when to replace. Finally, be sure that you are sharpening when required. If you share instruments, ensure that you are sharpening with the same technique. If you don't have an instrumentation budget, get one! Now is the time! Start 2024 off right and plan your year accordingly.

Assess your instruments. Look at what you have and what you need. Do your homework and use the worksheets below to determine what you need. Get pricing. With conferences coming up, often companies will honour early bird conference pricing. Get your prices and then present your case to the decision makers, if you need to, to get new instruments. Once you are successful with getting the budget, you won't have to go through this every year. Fortunately, some dental hygienists can purchase instruments when they need them, and that is a beautiful thing!

Curion has a special on now with the LM-Dental instruments. You can take a look and see if this is something you can work with on the worksheets below. Click here for the Sharpen-Free specials and here for the Stainless Steel instruments (DuraGrade Max Steel). They are offering a 20% discount with a free mirror (for every 5 instruments purchased).

I have also included The Decision Tree for Instrument Selection below to help you create kits.

If you would like to join me for Sharpen Your Skills, I go over all of this in-depth. There is an online live streaming version and an in-person version for this course.

I hope this helps :)

Thank you for your support and for reading!

Have a great week!


Kathleen Bokrossy, RDH ~ President

Instrumentation Worksheet

Instrumentation Proposal

Decision Tree Stainless Steel

Decision Tree Sharpen Free

The Future is Looking Bright!
January 23, 2024 at 5:00 AM
by Kathleen Bokrossy

I am presenting tomorrow morning to a group of dental hygiene students from The University of Copenhagen! They have me set up virtually in their auditorium and are expecting up to 140 students! Zoom really helps make the world accessible!

As I was preparing the slides, I decided to call this 'The Future is Looking Bright!' As we are truly at an amazing time in our profession with all the advancements available to help us elevate our client/patient care.

One of the topics that I am covering tomorrow is on what to expect as a new RDH when first starting in a practice. Instruments and the tools available to us are always at the forefront of my mind as I continue to hear from many dental hygienists that they can't get the instruments they want and are working with sub-quality instrumentation. When Beth and I were invited to Finland to visit and participate in workshops at the LM Dental facility last June, we discovered that the quality of instruments and what dental hygienists have available to them is not an isolated problem. This is a problem globally!

So I am sharing, with the students, what they may encounter in their new practices and offering them tips on how to best deal with this. We want these dental hygienists to feel empowered and start their professional career off successfully! Some of you may read this today and be thinking that you too are having some trouble with your instruments and getting not only you what you want, but what you need in your practice!

Here are some tips:

1. Collect your data:

  • Understand Your Specific Needs (What kind of office is it? What are the unique needs of your clients? Streamline your cassettes. Consult with experienced dental hygienists to get insights into the best instruments for your practice)
  • Research and Compare Brands
  • Attend Dental Conferences and Trade Shows
  • Seek Recommendations
  • Budget Considerations (Is there a budget? If not, create one once you collect your data)
  • Explore Group Pricing (I have seen Independent Dental Hygienists do this and I think it is a fabulous idea)
  • Negotiate with Suppliers
  • Take Advantage of Starter Kits or suggested kits with special pricing available)
  • Consider Financing Options
  • Stay informed about industry trends (to assist you with your decision making)

Once you collect your data set up a time for a team meeting and go prepared!

2. Build a Case

3. Create a Proposal (click here for the worksheet that I created)

4. Emphasize Patient/Client Care

5. Present the Options

6. Highlight Professional Development: Emphasize how having the right instruments will contribute to your professional development and proficiency in performing treatment. Explain how staying up-to-date with industry-standard tools is essential for delivering high-quality care.

7. Demonstrate Cost Savings: ·Illustrate how investing in quality instruments can lead to cost savings in the long run, as durable tools may require less frequent replacement and maintenance.

8. Demonstrate the Benefits (for your patient, the clinician and the practice).

9. Educate the Team and the decision makers as to why you need these instruments.

10. If you are considering a new brand of instrument, consider a trial period before investing in all new kits right away. This will ensure it is a good fit for the practice first.

11. Negotiate: Be prepared to negotiate regarding the budget and types of instruments selected.

12. Have confidence in yourself and your decisions!

13. Smile! Don't forget to smile while presenting your case presentation! A smile is a powerful tool!

Wish me luck "in" Copenhagen tomorrow :)

Thank you for your support and for reading!

Have a great week!


Kathleen Bokrossy, RDH ~ President

Enhancing The Patient Experience
January 16, 2024 at 5:00 AM
by Kathleen Bokrossy

Last week I shared a positive experience that happened to me during a call with our new IT company. I related this to a dental experience and wondered if your patients or clients would or could feel the same way as I did! I shared a Patient Experience Worksheet, as a download for you, and had quite a few people reach out asking if I could go deeper with this.

In today's On-Track Tuesday blog, I have included a Patient Experience Assessment Worksheet that can help you start to think of all the things that you can be doing to enhance the experience. Or perhaps you are already doing many great things, and this can serve as an opportunity to look at where there might be some room for improvements. You can start with the assessment to see where you think you are at with many different aspects of the patient experience. If you work with a team, this is a great exercise to go through to see how everyone perceives what your patients are experiencing. Have each team member write down what they think is currently happening in your practice and invite everyone to share their perceptions with the other team members.

The idea is to go through the experience through your patient's eyes. What do you think the experience looks like for them, through their eyes currently? Now, write a second one, but this time, write the story based on what it COULD look like if you were providing the ultimate experience that would leave them feeling wowed and wanting to share it with the world! Please email for the patient experience worksheets.

Thank you for your support and for reading!

Have a great week!


Kathleen Bokrossy, RDH ~ President

Delivering and Receiving the Best Experience
January 9, 2024 at 5:00 AM
by Kathleen Bokrossy

It is late in the day (3:30pm my time) and I haven't had a chance to start my blog. It has been a super busy start to the year and the go-go-go set in right from the get go!

There are some tasks on my list of things that I do not want to do. I handled one of them today and it was an IT issue with our communication software. We are in the middle of switching IT companies at the same time needing to make this update to our communication software with a deadline fast approaching. It has been on my mind, so much so that it would wake me up at night around 2am. Today had to be the day I tackle this. And guess what?! I did. It took a great part of the day but I had the best experience, thanks to the fellow who went above and beyond to help me.

My experience with him today inspired me to write about the things we can do at the dental office that go above and beyond what people would expect. I know I will be finding a place to write a review as this guy was amazing.

After dealing with an IT company that provided sub-service customer care for far too long to myself and my team, being treated with this level of care today was an even bigger treat.

There are so many companies and people offering 'meh' care and service. I refer to this type of service as "pushing the pencil". If you can visualize pushing a pencil, please do, and you will see what I mean. Many people just push what they can do away from them and let others handle it. They try to give the illusion that they are working hard, but don't actually do the things things that really help people.

Too many people push the pencil. They don't go above and beyond what they could be doing to really make an impression.

It is when we go above and beyond what people would normally expect from a dental office that we turn our patients into our raving fans.

By going through the patient experience from the patient's eyes, you can look for ways that will blow them away with the service you provide. They will leave your practice feeling the wow and care and will want to share it with the world. Like me, doing this now, today.

If you would like a worksheet on the Patient Experience to go through with your team, please email We go through this exercise ourselves here at rdhu from time to time as well. It is a great exercise to go through to always look for ways to improve. Going through the patient experience will help get your team aligned and remind everyone of the care and service we all would love to receive and should be providing.

Thank you for your support and for reading!

Have a great week!


Kathleen Bokrossy, RDH ~ President

Embrace the Fresh Start: Cracking Open a New Journal and Planner for the New Year
January 2, 2024 at 5:00 AM
by Kathleen Bokrossy

Happy New Year! I hope you had a wonderful holiday surrounded by loved ones. For me, I had a great holiday season with my kids all home, my mom and sisters, etc. After missing a full family Christmas because of the years of the pandemic and the winter storm last year, this was a long time coming! My heart is full and I am excited to embark on the adventures of 2024!

One of the things that I love to do at the beginning of a New Year is crack open a new journal and goal planner!

The beginning of a new year often brings a sense of renewal, a chance to start fresh, and an opportunity to set new goals and intentions. There's something magical about cracking open a new journal and planner with the pristine pages waiting to be filled, the blank canvas that holds the promise of organizing thoughts, plans, and dreams for the upcoming months. It's the excitement of new beginnings and the potential for both personal and professional growth.

Another thing that I like to do is look ahead to next New Year's Eve. What does this look like? Who am I? What accomplishments have I made? Have I stuck with the healthy habits that I wanted to incorporate? What relationships have made my heart full? Am I happy in my workplace? Who do I want to be in one year's time?

Visualizing one year ahead and then looking back to the year can help you with your plan. How did you get there? What goals did you have to set and achieve? What were the daily habits?

As an example, if it is a financial goal. What is the goal? Visualize and also write it down as if it is already happening. Then assess all the things that you have to do to make that happen. Break it down into quarterly goals, then take it even further and create daily goals.

Is it a health goal? Perhaps there is a hill that you would like to hike. What do you have to do to be able to conquer that hill?

Perhaps you want to be running a successful perio program in your practice. Can you take the lead? What does this look like for your practice? How does this feel to you knowing that the team and client communication and acceptance of treatment have never been better? What do you have to do to get there to make this happen?

If we don't set goals, see, and believe in the future, or live with intention and with purpose, we may find that next year will look like the previous year, and that's no fun! Before we know it we are doing the same thing over and over.

I started diving into goal setting over 10 years ago and it is amazing the things that can happen when you have a plan and you live with intention.

I journaled when I was young and then skipped a bunch of years and am now back at it. It is amazing to look back at all the things I did as a child and young adult. Journaling is something that helps you get to where you want to be. It is also a way to remember loved ones and where they are at, at this particular time. It is a testament of time! There might be days filled with triumphs and achievements, while others may hold challenges and lessons. Yet, through it all, the journal remains a steadfast companion—a record of personal evolution and a testament to resilience and determination.

Tracking is a key part of implementing change. I have printed off a 30-Day Tracker for this month and with that will write down all the key elements that are part of my goals. It is a one page, at-a-glance reminder as to where I am with respect to my goals. Please email for a copy!

Happy journaling, planning, tracking and creating in this New Year! Here's to a great 2024!

Thank you for your support and for reading!

Have a great week!


Kathleen Bokrossy, RDH ~ President

Thankful for 2023!
December 19, 2023 at 5:00 AM
by Kathleen Bokrossy

This will be our last On-Track Tuesday blog and email for 2023! rdhu will be closed as of Saturday, December 23rd and will re-open on Tuesday, January 2nd.

I wanted to take this time to thank you for being a part of rdhu!

We have had an incredible year and have so much to be thankful for. We are thankful to you, a valued member of our community, for allowing us to be on this professional journey with you. We are thankful for our corporate partners, who help us in our profession by continuing to evolve and innovate so that we can provide best practice to our patients and clients.

It truly is a remarkable time to be in our profession.

We appreciate your support and look forward to next year! There are many exciting things in the making for 2024 that we know will Transform the Dental Hygiene Experience for you, your practice and your client/patient.

Wishing you and your family all the best over the Holiday Season!

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

Thank you for your support and for reading!

Have a great week!


Kathleen Bokrossy, RDH ~ President

December Reflection
December 12, 2023 at 5:00 AM
by Kathleen Bokrossy

December is such an exciting month! Not only is it a time where we unwind, relax and spend time with our loved ones; but also, a time to reflect on the past year and plan for the next.

Reflection serves as a powerful tool for both personal and professional growth. Looking back at the past year, did you set goals for yourself? If you didn't, what goals can you set for next year to help with your growth? If you did set goals, have you achieved these goals or have you forgotten some of them and need to modify? Perhaps you are going to carry them into 2024?

Wherever you are with your goal setting and your professional and personal development, we hope you take this time to relax and reflect and plan for 2024.

To help you with your planning, I have created a worksheet for you that you can print to help create your professional goals. Please email for the worksheet.

We have LOTS coming up in January to help you kick start the year! Please take a look below.

If you would like some help with your QA records, I am presenting an online QA Workshop in January. I hope you will join me. Let's start 2024 off with success!

Thank you for your support and for reading!

Have a great week!


Kathleen Bokrossy, RDH ~ President

The rdh View with Dr. Sanjukta Mohanta
November 28, 2023 at 5:00 AM
by Kathleen Bokrossy

This Friday, December 1st, at 12pm EST we have our popular 1-hour CE show The RDH View with Dr. Sanjukta Mohanta!

Dr. Sanj has been presenting with rdhu for a few years now, so many of you may already know how wonderful she is. She has also presented in Saskatchewan and BC this year, so you may have had the opportunity to see her there.

Sanj's recent Editorial in Oral Hygiene demonstrates a glimpse of the kind of authentic person she is. Click here to read it!

Our topic with Dr. Sanj this Friday is on:

Smiles for Change: Exploring Volunteering Opportunities for Dental Professionals

Sanj is passionate about giving back. She was practicing dentistry and just going through the motions. She wasn't enjoying her profession and essentially her life until she reframed her thoughts and started doing what gave her passion.

We hope you will join us to hear more about Dr. Sanj's story and discover some volunteering possibilities that just may change your life and perspective! Click here to view the recorded episode!

Thank you for your support and for reading!

Have a great week!


Kathleen Bokrossy, RDH ~ President

rdhu's Transformational Conference - Thank You!
November 21, 2023 at 5:00 AM
by Kathleen Bokrossy

Thank you to those of you who joined us for our rdhu Transformational Conference this past Friday.

The feedback was amazing! Everyone enjoyed the learning and transformational takeaways that they can implement into their practice right away.

Thank you to our presenters and friends, Christine Crawford, Jo-Anne Jones and Dani Botbyl, for sharing your expertise with us.

Thank you to our friends at Dentsply Sirona who offered their beautiful state-of-the-art facility to host our event at the Dentsply Sirona Academy.

And to our friends at Crest & Oral B, thank you for your support as well. We appreciate you and our members appreciate all that you do for our profession! Everyone left with the newest version of Compass, a professional development program designed by Crest & Oral B in partnership with rdhu.

Without our corporate partners, these types of events just wouldn't be possible.

And a big thank you to the rdhu team, Beth, Pearl and Mary Tess, for helping make this day happen!

We love our live streaming courses but when we get the opportunity to be in person, to give a hug, have a chat and immerse ourselves in the learning, it doesn't get any better than that!

So thank you!! We can't wait for next year's conference!

Tell me and I will forget...

Show me and I may remember...

Include me and I will learn and truly understand...

That is "The rdhu Way" and our motto, and one that we can really dive into during our in-person courses and events.

Thank you for your support and for reading!

Have a great week!


Kathleen Bokrossy, RDH ~ President

Self-Initiation Update for Dental Hygienist
November 14, 2023 at 5:00 AM
by Kathleen Bokrossy

We received exciting news recently regarding Self-Initiation in Ontario. We no longer are required to go through a Self-Initiation process to work independently. The College of Dental Hygienists of Ontario has rescinded the Standard for Self-Initiation. It is different for every province when it comes to working independently; however this news is exciting for all dental hygienists as it moves our profession in a positive direction.

The timing could not have been better for this new app to be launched for those wishing to explore Independent Practice.

Collab Dentistry has been launched in Ontario and will be launching in other provinces in the near future. So the more dental hygienists and offices downloading the app, the faster they will be able to launch in other provinces.

The Collab Dentistry concept is similar to the Airbnb app as it connects dental hygienists looking to rent an available operatory, and connecting available operatories with dental hygienists!

You now have the opportunity to start your own business, rent out an operatory from a dental practice or independent dental hygiene clinic and treat your own clients on your schedule (depending on where you are practicing), without the investment that goes along with a brick and mortar type of business!

Our friends at Collab Dentistry will help you every step of the way.

For our Ontario RDH's, visit Collab Dentistry today, download the app and book your op! You could be practicing independently starting in 2024!

Do you have an available op in your practice? Visit Collab Dentistry, download the app, add it to your desktop and rent out your operatory! This could be the win-win you have been looking for!

For some of the other provinces, where you can work independently, or where you have an op available, we encourage you to download the app to help get this opportunity available in your province!

Thank you for your support and for reading!

Have a great week!


Kathleen Bokrossy, RDH ~ President

One Laser Per Op!
November 7, 2023 at 5:00 AM
by Kathleen Bokrossy

Do you have a Soft-Tissue Diode Laser in your practice but are not utilizing it?

At rdhu, we believe in One Laser Per Op. This is the key to implementing a successful laser program into your practice. If you have to share one laser between multiple dental hygienists, chances are you aren't running a successful laser program in your practice.

Here is the thing. If you have one laser in your practice that no one is using, first things first, get one dental hygienist trained/certified on using the Soft-Tissue Diode Laser. Then go back to your practice, dust off that laser, calibrate it and set it up in that dental hygienist's op. Get the laser program running successfully and then add another laser to the next op.

Sharing a laser is like sharing an ultrasonic unit. It just doesn't work and can't happen. Utilizing the diode laser to its fullest extent would mean that you use it so much so, that you can't bare to have it leave your op!

If you don't have a laser in your practice and have never been trained, I encourage you to add this skillset and this essential technology to your armamentarium. Join us at rdhu and take part in both the lecture and didactical training that is required in order to implement lasers into our practice. We also cover what the ROI (Return on Investment) is for the laser, and have recently added a template that we will send you back to your practice with to help you prepare a case presentation on why you would think it is important to get a laser in your practice.

We currently offer laser training in British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario. Click here to see upcoming training dates!

In Ontario, we offer a laser training course every month at rdhu. These fill up quickly. We also offer a special customized day for your team at rdhu (or in your practice), where it is just your hygiene team or the entire team may attend as well. When the dental hygienists are going through the didactical training, the other members of the team are reviewing the marketing and planning strategies.

When practices are hiring new talent and have a diode laser, many assume that all dental hygienists can utilize the laser and are disappointed and in a panic looking for training ASAP. While others are aware of this and will only hire dental hygienists who have gone through the training or certification.

Add this skillset and training to your arsenal. Go back and utilize the technology that is in your practice, or feel prepared and confident to go back to your office with all the reasons why you are excited to offer lasers into your practice. You got this!

Depending on the guidelines of the province/state you are practicing in, here are some of the reasons why you should implement lasers into your practice:

1. Stand out from the crowd (as a dental hygienist). This is a great tool to add to your CV or resume.

2. Stand out from the crowd (as a dental practice). People talk and share experiences.

3. Provide exceptional, leading edge technology for your patients.

4. Elevate your Non-Surgical Periodontal Program.

5. Help those who suffer from painful herpetic lesions and potentially prevent them from returning.

6. Desensitize and expedite the healing of apthous ulcers.

7. Add lasers to your whitening program.

8. Disinfect an area prior to debridement to help reduce aerosols and the occurrence of bacteremia.

9. Target pathogenic bacteria with a minimally invasive approach.

10. Help reduce sensitivity prior to debridement enhancing patient comfort.

The Soft-Tissue Diode Laser is a tool that once you implement, you will be reaching for it several times all day.


Thank you for your support and for reading!

Have a great week!


Kathleen Bokrossy, RDH ~ President

30-Day Challenge
October 31, 2023 at 4:00 AM
by Kathleen Bokrossy

I started a couple of 30-day challenges last week to help me stay focused, get organized and reach some of my goals that I have for myself for 2023.

I have had a busy 8 months, and a few things have gotten away from me, so I thought let's implement some of the things that I need to get done and track my progress so I don't forget my path and to help remind me of what I need to focus on. If you are anything like me, if it isn't in front of me as a reminder, I will forget to do it and will slip back into my routine.

So, my two 30-Day Challenges are:

1 - Do weight training every day. I have been really good at making sure I am walking every day, moving as much as possible and eating healthy. What I need to incorporate is weight training.

2 - Organize my home. Organize a drawer, a cabinet or a rack from a closet every day, as I have been in my new home for 3 years now and it is time to de-clutter, get donations ready and get re-organized!

30-Day Challenges are great, even if it is you doing it on your own and not through an organized challenge; that said, it can be a good idea to share with loved ones what you are up to, for support and encouragement, if you need it.

If you are looking for some change, or feeling in a rut or perhaps just not making progress toward a goal, a 30-day challenge just might be the thing for you.

Whether it is a fitness challenge, an organizational challenge, creative challenge or a habit-building challenge, committing to a 30-day period of focused effort can be a game changer! A 30-day challenge can lead to personal growth, self-discovery and overall achievement for accomplishing a goal.

Build New Habits: One of the most compelling reasons to take on a 30-day challenge is the opportunity to build new habits! There are many theories on how long it takes to establish a new habit, but typically "they" say it takes about 21 to 30 days. By committing to a challenge for 30 days, gives you the time and structure needed to creative positive and hopefully lasting changes in your life!

Boost Self-Discipline: Self-discipline is key when trying to create new habits. By sticking with a 30-day commitment with yourself you are essentially telling yourself that you are doing something and sticking to it no matter what! I think this is the foundation to creating your non-negotiables. This 30-day self-discipline challenge can help you accomplish bigger and more challenging goals. It also helps you break down a big goal to smaller focused goals that may be easier to accomplish.

Break the Comfort Zone: We often get stuck in doing the same old same old and unless we have a plan, do it, and track it, we may find ourselves never really growing or trying something new and can easily maintain the status quo.

Create a Sense of Achievement: Let's face it! It feels really good when you commit to something and see positive change. It is incredibly rewarding. Sticking to something, like a 30-day challenge, can boost your confidence and self-esteem. These small wins serve as building blocks for tackling larger goals and can be the foundation for your bigger goals.

In a world and a profession where we are go-go-go, it is good to step back, breathe and plan something that perhaps has been in the back of your mind to do, or a fear that you want to overcome, or a new skill to learn, or something creative you would like to try, or simply to get organized. The 30-day challenge is something that can help you break free from the day-to-day.

If you would like the 30-Day Challenge Worksheet to print and use please email us at I have two of these printed at this time and have been making sure that each day I have a check-box marked off for the day. It is very motivating and I hope you find it helpful.

Looking for some Professional Development goals for 2023? Please visit and see how you can finish the year strong.

Thank you for your support and for reading!

Have a great week!


Kathleen Bokrossy, RDH ~ President

Yearly Goal Planner
October 24, 2023 at 4:00 AM
by Kathleen Bokrossy

It was so nice to see many of our members, meet up with old friends and make new ones at TODS in Kelowna last week! Beth and I arrived back home on Sunday after a very energizing week away. It felt really good for the soul to be amongst a fabulous group of dental professionals! Thank you to everyone who attended our sessions.

When I look back at this year, I cannot believe that we only have one week left of October! 2023 is almost over! There is still so much to do! Have you met your goals for 2023?

We have many great events and programs coming up before the end of the year, and are already receiving registrations for next year's hands-on programs.

If we can help you achieve your professional goals in any way, please let us know! In the meantime, email for a copy of our Yearly Planner for you to download, print and work on achieving those goals!

The complete calendar is also available by clicking here so you can take a look at all that is happening in this academic year.

Thank you for your support and for reading!

Have a great week!


Kathleen Bokrossy, RDH ~ President

Fall Conferences
October 17, 2023 at 4:00 AM
by Kathleen Bokrossy

We are on our way to Kelowna today to take part in the TODS conference! We hope to see many of you there. Between Beth and I, we have 3 lectures and one workshop (repeated twice). I am presenting 'Sleep Apnea: A Not So Silent Killer! What dental hygienists need to know to help save lives' and 'Energy Management for the Dental Hygienist'. Beth is presenting 'Furcations, Concavities, Projections, Oh My!' We are both presenting a hands-on sharpening and instrumentation workshop as well. It will be a busy week but one we have been so looking forward to for some time. If you are from the area and haven't registered, please be sure to register and join us!

Our Transformation Conference is only one month away and we hope many of you can join us. We are at 50% capacity at this time, so please be sure to register ASAP to avoid disappointment. Dentsply Sirona is bringing Dr. Polly Huang up from the States to present with us. Dr. Polly was a dental hygienist and is now a periodontist. The amazing international presenter Jo-Anne Jones, will be with us. Christine Crawford, who many of you know and love from her courses with rdhu, will be presenting on Radiography. Finally, the one and only, Dani Botbyl, who has recently retired from Dentsply Sirona but who is not quite ready to hang up her inserts, will be presenting as well. Beth and I will be the hosts and are excited for this day. Crest & Oral B are co-sponsoring this event, which in addition to Dentsply Sirona's support, has helped us offer this day to you for $149!

If you are ready for a transformational experience, or feeling a little bored or stuck, we encourage you to join us at TODS or rdhu's Transformational Conference and plan to get re-energized!

Thank you for your support and for reading!

Have a great week!


Kathleen Bokrossy, RDH ~ President

Energy Boosters! What Gives You Energy?
October 10, 2023 at 4:00 AM
by Kathleen Bokrossy

For the last couple of On-Track Tuesday blogs, we discussed energy drainers. Over the last several years, I started taking note of what (or who) drains my energy and what (or who) gives me energy. These are called Energy Drainers and Energy Boosters. If you missed the last couple of On-Track Tuesday emails, be sure to look back and use the worksheet to help you identify the things that leave you feeling drained and have you think of some strategies on helping you cope with such drainers. Do things (or people) really need to be part of your life? Or, if it is something tangible, can it be corrected (ie. Replacing dull instruments with new)?

This week, we will take a look at our Energy Boosters! What gives you energy?

These are things that give you a sense of accomplishment, boost your energy, and help you not only work towards your goals; but also, just help make your day feel fulfilled.

Some of the energy boosters could be:

~ working out and/or stretching in the morning

~ not looking at your phone (that would be an energy drainer that perhaps you have since turned into a positive habit and replaced with a good stretch session)

~ starting your day with a glass of water (before having that cup of coffee)

~ cleaning out a closet or drawer (keeping your house neat and organized)

~ using essential oils

~ watching a great movie that you love or listening to your favourite era of music

~ taking a hike with your family

~ implementing meditation

~ spending time with a mentor

~ developing a hobby (scrapbooking, playing the piano)

These are some examples of what could possibly work for you as energy boosters.

Often times, we know that these things will help us feel good about ourselves but are put on the back burner as we tend to be caring for others and live busy lives.

We need to live with intention and plan our days, otherwise, our days will be planned for us.

Create the list of the things using the worksheet below and think about ways that you can get more energy boosters in your life!

Thank you for your support and for reading!

Have a great week!


Kathleen Bokrossy, RDH ~ President

Energy Drainers Continued
October 3, 2023 at 4:00 AM
by Kathleen Bokrossy

I wanted to continue on the theme of last week's On-Track Tuesday where we looked at our Energy Drainers.

An Energy Drainer comes in all forms and it is good to identify what drains you, recognize the signs (ie. a tight throat) and then look for ways to be able to either remove yourself from a situation or address and fix what is draining you. Like I mentioned last week, it could even be the tools in your hands that drain you!

Some people bring unexpected lightness and comfort to your life. They crackle with energy, practically electrify you with their presence (These are a part of your Energy Boosting list that we will take a look at next week). And then there are those who leave you feeling stressed out and drained. After you spend time with them you just feel exhausted. We come across these types of people from time to time and hopefully when you are in their presence, you won't be with them for too long.

Some examples are those who feel the world is against them. They may be looking for us to acknowledge how hard it is for them. There is the "charmer" who talks alot and likes to be the centre of attention. Some people may look to others to blame. We have those who will always "one-up" us, where no matter what story you are sharing, it has happened to them and in a much worse way. We have the bossy ones, who need to control everyone's actions. Oh, I could go on!

These are just a few of the energy drainers that we may come across in our everyday life including our workplace, whether it be a patient or a co-worker!

The important thing is to recognize these "energy vampires" and look for ways to deal with them. Many times, it is on us and how we react to these types of people. If we try to not let them ruffle our feathers so much, perhaps less energy will be drained.

Here are a few things that may help when you are near an energy vampire:

- When you have a difficult patient, it does wonders when you are extra nice to them! You never know what is going on with them and you may just lift their spirit and help them get through their day!

- Walk away. No matter which type of energy drainer you're dealing with, you are allowed to walk away. Many of us find this really hard to do. We are afraid of being thought of as impolite and we don't want to offend people or bring attention to ourselves.

- The moment you feel zapped or stressed out, remember to take a breath. Breathing is so powerful and a wonderful way to centre yourself. There are different breathing techniques that you can use that will relax you quickly. Just follow the breath and tell yourself that you know what's happening and you can deal with it.

- Use your energy! You can imagine an energy shield around you and create a buffer. or picture an image that makes you happy and put yourself there, even if only for a few moments.

- Set boundaries. I often hear of dental hygienists feeling like they are being taken advantage of. Identify the situation and set the boundary that you will no longer do XYZ. As an example, the time you require for certain treatments, or working through lunch, etc. You can be vocal and set the boundaries that work for you.

- Step Back. Often when we step back and take a look at what type of people are aggravating us, often it is a trait that we may not like in ourselves. It could be something about you that you haven't quite worked out in yourself. It is interesting when you do look at this from a different lense how you can see those who bother you, perhaps have a similar trait as you.

Feel free to email for the worksheet to identify your energy drainers. Next week we will look at what boosts our energy and ways we get more of it!

Thank you for your support and for reading!

Have a great week!


Kathleen Bokrossy, RDH ~ President

Identifying Your Energy Drainers
September 26, 2023 at 4:00 AM
by Kathleen Bokrossy

I am preparing my 'Energy Management for the Dental Hygienist' presentation that I will be presenting at TODS this year, on Friday, October 20th.

A part of this program is helping dental hygienists identify their energy drainers.

Identifying our energy drainers is a critical aspect of maintaining our overall well-being and productivity. These energy drainers can manifest in various forms, such as negative relationships, stressful environments, or unproductive habits. Recognizing them allows us to take proactive steps to mitigate their impact on our lives. When we pinpoint the sources of our exhaustion or frustration, we gain the power to make necessary changes, set boundaries, and allocate our time and resources more wisely. This self-awareness empowers us to prioritize activities and relationships that genuinely nourish our physical and emotional energy, ultimately leading to increased resilience, improved mental health, and a higher quality of life. In essence, identifying energy drainers is akin to decluttering our lives, enabling us to channel our energy into pursuits that align with our values and aspirations.

I have created an 'Energy Drainers Worksheet. Please email if you would like a copy. The idea is to write down the things that make you feel drained and come up with a plan on how you can deal with them.

Energy drainers can be the tools in your op. Perhaps it is your worn-out hand instruments or ultrasonic inserts, an old chair or your gloves being too small. It could be the environment in which you practice. Finding your energy drainers and making necessary changes can be life/practice changing!

Thank you for your support and for reading!

Have a great week!


What's Important Now?
September 19, 2023 at 4:00 AM
by Kathleen Bokrossy

We are all living in a time of busyness with so much going on in every different direction that it can feel overwhelming at times.

Many years ago I heard of a concept called W.I.N. It is a simple but powerful acronym for What's Important Now and was developed by a famous Notre Dame Football coach Lou Holtz. Holtz instructed his players to ask themselves this question "What’s Important Now?" at least 35 times a day. He wanted them to think about it when they woke up, while they were in class, study hall, the weight room, the practice field, standing on the sidelines during a game and while on the playing field at a game. Holtz wanted his players to be able to learn to focus on what mattered the most at any given time.

Since discovering this concept I have made it a part of my every day. It helps me to be present and focus on what is important at that particular time.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, or you feel you aren't being present while at work and thinking about all the things to do and all the people you have to take care of at home, or vice versa, at home and thinking about all the things you have to do and should do for work, try this concept. It was a game changer for me.

Thank you for your support and for reading!

Have a great week!


8 Simple Secrets to Being Indispensable in the Dental Practice
September 12, 2023 at 4:00 AM
by Kathleen Bokrossy

I just completed a 4-Part Series in the Oral Hygiene Journal with the Oral Health Group.

The series is called 8 Simple Secrets to Being Indispensable in the Dental Practice.

Everyone wants to feel indispensable; although we realize that no one really is indispensable, it is important for us to have this mindset to flourish in our workplace. There are even books available on this topic as this is something that many strive for.

I speak and engage with dental hygienists every day and often hear the pain that many are feeling in their dental practice. They don’t feel noticed. They have no voice or input. They are not engaged and are stuck on the hamster wheel. A program may get started in the practice, but it never gets fully implemented or it doesn’t sustain.

I am excited to share strategies on how you can stand out as a dental hygienist. How you can have your voice heard and be an innovator, a planner, and an implementer!

Strategies that will not only have your patients/clients looking to you, wanting to see you, and respecting you; but also, your team members as well. Strategies that will help you succeed and essentially be in a position in your office that fulfills you.

Being indispensable in the workplace is attainable! I am sharing the links to the articles below.

Being “Indispensable in the Dental Practice” is something we can all strive for to give us purpose and to feel noticed and valued. From having a Positive Mindset (Secret #1) to being a Leader (Secret #2), to Specializing (Secret #3), to being a Life-long Learner (Secret #4), to Sharing Your Knowledge (Secret #5), to Mastering the Art of Selling (Secret #6), to Being Innovative (Secret #7) to Being an Implementer (Secret #8), these are all things in our reach! What can you do in your practice to be “Indispensable in the Dental Practice?”

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Click here to subscribe to Oral Hygiene Journal. If you have an article that you would like to publish, please contact me. I am on their Editorial Committee for the Oral Hygiene publication and would love to hear from you!

Thank you for your support and for reading!

Have a great week!


In-Person Learning at rdhu!
September 5, 2023 at 4:00 AM
by Kathleen Bokrossy

Although we love online learning, nothing is more impactful than in-person programs at our beautiful facility!

Come and immerse yourself in a day or a weekend of learning new skills and networking with like-minded dental hygienists. Look at things a little differently and open your mind to new possibilities.

When we created rdhu almost 15 years ago, a major part of the offering was to bring dental hygienists together to share and learn from one another, in-person, in a small group setting. Our presenters are highly skilled and trained and we are confident that you will take away some gems that will really be life and practice changing.

rdhu is a safe space with no judgement. No matter what your skill level is, we can assure you, rdhu is for you.

In-person hands-on training is essential to grow as a dental professional.

For many years, when I owned my own dental instrument company, I would present at conferences and dental practices and would always hear how much dental hygienists appreciated the hands-on experience. We only know what we know and without a mentor, or a course that is offered beyond our dental hygiene school, we really are stagnating ourselves and robbing ourselves of an amazing opportunity for change and transformation. Not only for your patients and your practice but for ourselves as well.

To experience perhaps an easier way, or more effective and efficient way, or to look at something a little differently can be an ah-ha moment and often a life saving moment for our patients as well.

If you haven't attended hands-on training at rdhu, I hope this inspires you to Think Outside the Tray and expand your skillset. I often see in the Facebook groups, that some only look for the "free" CE online. That isn't what being a professional is about. We encourage you to invest in yourself!

Lifelong learning is about actively seeking knowledge, skills, and experiences. It is a pursuit of learning far beyond our formal education or checking off the boxes for our Quality Assurance requirements.

From Myofunctional Therapy, to Oral Cancer Screening, Instrumentation and Orthodontics for the dental hygienists, we have dental hygienists coming from different provinces based on their Scope of Practice. Click here to access the hands-on courses that are coming up!

I encourage you to participate in a hands-on training program and leave rdhu with new found confidence all the while enhancing your practice!

Thank you for your support and for reading!

Have a great week!


What's Coming Up in the Fall?
August 15, 2023 at 4:00 AM
by Kathleen Bokrossy

This is a busy time of year for us at rdhu as we prepare for our upcoming Academic Year ~ September 2023 - June 2024!

We are excited for all things rdhu (ie The Dental Hygiene Quarterly Summer Special in partnership with The CDHA, our first time ever, All Access Virtual Pass, and our upcoming hands-on courses. We are holding a mini conference at Dentsply Sirona on Friday, November 17th with Key Note speakers Dr. Polly Huang and Christine Crawford and some pretty amazing Power Hours in the afternoon with the fabulous Jo-Anne Jones and Dani Botbyl joining in! So please Save the Date!

We are thrilled to have all of our rdhu presenters taking part, in full-swing and energy, recording over the summer and also, preparing their upcoming presentations to deliver engaging, evidence-based research to help you stay current and implement positive change into your dental hygiene practice.

Not only are we preparing for rdhu over the summer but also our presenters are preparing for other upcoming events outside of rdhu!

Here is what is coming up outside of rdhu...


Beth Parkes and Dani Botbyl in Edmonton, Alberta at the Northwest Dental Exposition and Beth at the Saskatchewan Oral Health Conference.


The ODHA Special Event featuring Kerry Lepicek.

Spectrum Day in Toronto, featuring many rdhu presenters. Joe Siegfried, Liisa Moore, Kerry Lepicek, Beth Ryerse, Anna Louise Tolan and our good friend, Jennifer Turner, who will be presenting on the Business of Dental Hygiene.

Both Beth Parkes and myself will be presenting at TODS in Kelowna, BC this year. 3 lectures between the 2 of us and 2 hands-on instrumentation workshops that we will be presenting together.

It sure is so great to be able to travel again to conferences and meet up with many of our dental friends!

Thank you for all that you do! Delivering exceptional care to the public and staying current in this ever-growing and changing field! Growth = Happiness!

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out!

Thank you for your support and for reading!

Have a great week!


Kathleen Bokrossy, RDH ~ President

Annual Summer Retreat
August 29, 2023 at 4:00 AM
by Kathleen Bokrossy

Our Summer Specials are coming to a close this week! Thank you to all of you who registered for the Dental Hygiene Quarterly Buy 1 Year Get 1 Year FREE ($149 for CDHA members) and/or the All Access Virtual Pass to all rdhu Live Streaming Courses for the 2023-2024 Academic Year!

Our team had our annual summer off-site meeting/retreat last week where we spent a few days reviewing last year, celebrating our wins, looking at things that do not serve us so we can make a change this next academic year, and planning an exciting year ahead!

I surprised the team with organizing a paddle board yoga session! It was good fun, team building and my body felt it for 5 days! :) I also had posted 8 X 10 pics of each team member on the wall and throughout the few days, encouraged each other to write a word or two about that team member on a post-it note to stick to the pics. This was also a nice way to recognize each others unique abilities.

Do you meet annually for an off-site retreat with your team? It is good to do on so many levels. It is good to connect on a personal note, to recharge, to be somewhere outside of the office and to block off this time to work ON the business, rather than IN the business.

We are excited about the rdhu All Access Virtual Pass as we have a nice group of dental hygienists who will take part and take as many courses as they like. We are also very thankful for all our presenters who are a part of this! This pass will give you access to ALL Live Streaming courses for one price. Some offices have purchased a pass for each dental hygienist from their practice and will strategize following the sessions to discuss how they can implement their new knowledge into their practice to really make transformation happen! At the end of the day, we don't offer courses through rdhu so that it can be a Check-Box "got my CE hours" experience! We are about the "wow" and the "ah-hah" moments, where we can really make an impact on transformation in the dental practice.

We have our conference in November coming up at the Dentsply Sirona Academy, which will be super amazing and lots of hands-on in person courses scheduled as well.

I know this week will be a busy one with the specials wrapping up, as we have many calls, emails and contact forms from the website coming in! We appreciate your patience with us and will get back to you with your inquiries ASAP. If you are from a practice and would like special pricing and a unique registration to sign up more than one person, please email us at and either Pearl or Mary Tess will get back to you!

Thank you for your support and for reading!

Have a great week!


Kathleen Bokrossy, RDH ~ President

All Access Pass and Summer Special FAQs
August 8, 2023 at 4:00 AM
by Kathleen Bokrossy

Our Summer Specials are well underway, and we are so appreciative of all of you who have registered for either the All Access Virtual Pass and/or the Dental Hygiene Quarterly buy 1 Year and get 1 Year for FREE!

There have been a few questions about the All Access Pass that I would like to address, in case some of you have the same questions...

All Access Virtual Pass

1. Question: When I purchase the All Access Pass, do I really have access to ALL Live Streaming courses?

Answer: Why, yes you do! When you purchase the All Access Pass, you will have access to ALL of rdhu's live streaming courses. Once you register, you will receive an email with all the links for the next 3 months. You just need to choose which ones you would like to register for with no further payment required! We will send one email a month with all the links to register.

2. Question: So, it is ONE payment for ALL Live Streaming Courses?

Answer: That is correct! A one-time payment is made BEFORE August 31 and you will have access to any and all of rdhu's Live Streaming Courses. We do have a number where we will have to cut off registration, so depending on the number of registration capacity we can accept or August 31, whichever comes first!

3. Question: If I can't make it to the live streaming courses, can I watch the recording?

Answer: Why, yes you can! Just email to request the recording of the course you would like and you will have access to it for 30 days!

4. Question: How will I access the recording and get my certificates?

Answer: You will have your very own personal rdhu portal that will host all of your requested courses as well as access to the post-tests and certificates! We are the Easy Button for your QA and career advancement needs! Your portal will be yours for many years so no need to worry about losing your certificates.

5. Question: I heard that there are some bonus webinars, can you tell me a bit more about them?

Answer: For sure! We have included some additional webinars that will help ignite a positive mindset, your personal wellness and share some leadership strategies with you! These webinar links will come separate from the course selection!

6. Question: I am not great on the computer, will this program be okay for me?

Answer: 100%! We have been in this business for a very long time, helping dental hygienists access resources, helping them with their QA requirements to submit to their regulatory bodies and know and understand the struggles many have with technology! Everything we offer is easy to access and for those who require additional assistance, we have an amazing team who work behind-the-scenes to help our members! We got you!

7. Question: Money is a little tight, do you offer a payment plan?

Answer: Yes, we do! We have a 2 and 3 month payment plan set-up to help you! All of this information will be found here: All Access Virtual Pass All you need to do is email and we can share the details and set you up with a payment plan.

8. Question: My office is interested in signing up our entire Hygiene Department! Do you offer special pricing?

Answer: Yes, we do! We have had a few offices sign up their entire team. We love this so much because it shows such a synergetic team that will share their knowledge, implement and make change happen. Please email to let us know how many dental hygienists your practice would like to register and we will create a customized link for you!

9. Question: Can I share my pass with my colleagues?

Answer: No, you cannot. This is one pass per dental hygienist. Each portal is set up for you with your post-tests, certificates etc. Please email us with your request and we can make it happen.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to reach out!

Thank you for your support and for reading! Please take a look below for upcoming courses, career postings and our partner specials.

Thank you for reading! Please take a look below for upcoming courses, career postings and our partner specials.

Have a great week!


Living August with Intention
August 1, 2023 at 4:00 AM
by Kathleen Bokrossy

Happy August! Can you believe August is here? I don't know where this year has gone! I am living with intention, enjoying every day and it is still whipping by.

August is a great time for reflection as far as your personal and professional growth are concerned. It is a time that is quiet on the home front and for many, a time for summer holidays.

Before you know it, we will be "hitting the pavement" and back to the hustle and bustle of every day life with school and activities for many families.

August is the time to reflect and evaluate your accomplishments for the year thus far.

Are you on-track for your goals? Are you feeling satisfied with your professional growth? Have you participated in learning activities that will enhance your career, your practice and client/patient care? Or are you feeling behind? Are you feeling perhaps a little stagnant and looking forward to learning something new?

Grab a pen and your journal! If you have your goals written down, take a look at them. Do you have to revise, remove or reignite what you have written down?

I know for me, I have been focusing on my health this summer and am on target. After my accident a few years ago and then again breaking my other ankle last year, I hadn't been feeling like myself. Now with lots of swimming and focusing on my overall health, I am feeling more like my old self :) I still have some work to do but as I sat this morning journaling, it reminded me that we only have a little bit left of this year and I am feeling motivated to not only reach my personal goals but my professional ones as well.

We have some pretty amazing career enrichment programs scheduled for the Fall both Live Online and In-Person. And don’t forget, the All Access Virtual Pass is available until August 31st, if you are thinking of participating in more than 2 courses, it will be worth it!

I hope you feel inspired to take this month and plan the last quarter and a bit of the year to make this your Best Year Yet!

Thank you for reading! Please take a look below for upcoming courses, career postings and our partner specials.

Have a great week!


Orthodontics and rdhu!
July 25, 2023 at 4:00 AM
by Kathleen Bokrossy

I had a great Zoom meeting this morning with Liisa Moore, who is an Orthodontic Dental Hygienist, a QA Coach with us and our Ortho Trainer.

I wanted to share a bit of her story, our meeting, and how we met, as I think it will inspire many to have you 'Think Outside the Tray' and look at possible opportunities that are out there!

Liisa will be presenting in the Dental Hygiene Quarterly 2023 Fall Edition and is also presenting at Spectrum, Friday, October 20th. Her Dental Hygiene Quarterly presentation is on an Intro to Orthodontics and her Spectrum presentation is on health and wellness and what we can do in our op to maintain our energy and feel good at the end of a clinical day.

She will also be presenting 3 Ortho programs at rdhu this Fall: Orthodontic Fundamentals for the Dental Hygienist (2-day program at rdhu on September 16th and 17th), Advanced Orthodontics for the Dental Hygienist and Clear Aligner Therapy; Aligners, Attachments, and AI on October 14th and 15th. The latter are two new hands-on programs at rdhu.

One of the slides in Liisa's presentation is on Investing in Yourself, both Professional and Personal Development. She shares her story about how she was (and still is) a rdhu member. She invested $500 on a Quality Assurance Package with Beth Parkes. They spent one year together getting Liisa's QA records ready to submit as she was being audited that year. Over the course of the year, Beth saw some qualities in Liisa and knew she had a passion for education and sharing her knowledge and skills with her colleagues. This transformed into Liisa putting together programs for rdhu! She is a lifelong learner and has a thirst for learning new things. She is supported by the Orthodontist she works with and her team as well. She has written for Oral Hygiene and was really excited to have her first article published. She shared how she went to work one day and her Orthodontist had the Oral Hygiene Journal open on his desk and was so happy for her. Doesn't that just elevate her as a professional in her practice as well?! She is currently working on her second article. All this while working 4-days a week as a clinical orthodontic dental hygienist! I am just so darn proud of her to see how much she has grown over the last few years.

She mentioned that some of her colleagues thought she shouldn't bother spending the money on a QA Coach, that she could figure it out herself. At the end of our meeting today, she said that if she hadn't put herself out there and invested in herself, she most likely wouldn't be doing what she is doing today!

Maybe this means attending a dental hygiene conference and networking with other dental hygienists. Perhaps it is sending out a message to someone who you would like to meet while at the conference or meet for a coffee. Or it might be attending the soiree at night even when you are tired and would rather go to bed. It could mean participating in hands-on programs to learn a new skill. Whatever it might be, it is all about investing in yourself and putting yourself out there. You never know what will become of it!

Thank you for reading! Please take a look below for upcoming courses, career postings and our partner specials.

Have a great week!


rdhu All Access Virtual Pass!
July 18, 2023 at 4:00 AM
by Kathleen Bokrossy

We are so excited to launch a never-done-before program in the almost 15 years that rdhu has been in business!

Introducing the All Access Virtual Pass! This pass will give you access to ALL live streaming courses in the next Academic Year (September 2023 ~ June 2024).

We have so many great live online courses ready for you to participate in.

We think you will love it!

This All Access Virtual Pass is available to a limited number of participants and/or until August 31st. Whichever happens first :)

We hope you enjoy this opportunity of growth! The more we learn, the more we grow and the more engaged we will be in our practice.


Imagine a time, where you find so many courses that interest you and you can simply click to register and participate in, without any additional fees?

Well, it is happening for this next Academic Year and is the FIRST time (and maybe the only time!) that we have offered such a plan.

Click here to learn more and sign up for the All Access Virtual Pass! *Please note ~ Limited number of passes available and up until August 31st (whichever comes first!)

Please take a look below for upcoming courses, job postings and our partner specials.

Have a great week!


Summertime at rdhu!
July 11, 2023 at 4:00 AM
by Kathleen Bokrossy

I hope you are enjoying your summer so far and getting a chance to relax and recharge!

Summer is always a time for us, at rdhu, where we work on the upcoming Academic Year (Sept - June) to ensure that we are providing exceptional programs and events to our members.

We just had a fabulous meeting this afternoon with Jo-Anne Jones about her upcoming online course WNL: Within Normal Limits or We Never Looked and then the in-person course Ultimate Experiential Oral and Oropharyngeal Cancer Specialized Workshop. So much has changed in this area and Oral Cancer Screening and Early Detection is a critical skill set that a dental hygienist needs to master. We hope you will be able to join us! Today we were discussing the tools that we are creating, that you can take back to practice, to help you implement your new knowledge and skill set.

Our Summer Special for the Dental Hygiene Quarterly is in full-swing and we are so excited to offer this special of $149 for a Buy 1 Year of DHQ and receive 1 Year FREE as part of the CDHA membership benefit. We work hard behind-the-scenes to create this evidence-based professional development to help keep you engaged and up to date in an ever-changing profession!

On July 15th we will be announcing a FIRST time ever program that we know you will want to take part in. This will be offered on July 15 and available for purchase until August 31st (or until the limited number of spots have been sold).

Stay tuned for the announcement! We have never in the almost 15 years of rdhu offered such a program! We think you will love it!

Please take a look below for upcoming courses, job postings and our partner specials.

Have a great week!


Bucket List - LM Dental Trip!
July 4, 2023 at 4:00 AM
by Kathleen Bokrossy
july 4 blog - lm dental bucket list.jpg

I arrived home last week after being away for almost two weeks! Myself and Beth were invited by LM Dental to attend their inaugural 'Midnight Sun Key Opinion Leaders' meeting with 13 other dental hygienists, dental therapists and dentists from around the globe.

It was a trip of a lifetime and one that I will always treasure and be forever grateful. We shared and learned so much and made new friendships with dental professionals from all over.

Going to LM-Dental in Finland has been on my bucket list for the last 8 years and it sure didn't disappoint.

I had my own instrument company for 15 years and was fortunate to tour a couple of different instrument manufacturers along the way. So, I understand and am very aware of what is out there. To see the behind-the-scenes at the LM Facility was super impressive! We don't even realize when we put an instrument in our hand the equipment, the steps, the quality control and the proud craftsmanship that goes into each and every instrument.

If you haven't tried an LM instrument, I encourage you to "Feel the Difference" for yourself. You can purchases these instruments through Curion in Canada (formerly Bisco Canada). If you are from a different country, you can look up who your distributor is, on the LM site.

Like anything new, it may take some time to get used to the handle, as it is a tapered shape and made with medical grade silicone. The tapered handle is so good for us ergonomically, with studies to support this, that other instrument manufacturers are now creating the tapered handle as well! The LM handle is super light, with a fine alloy rod running through to help heighten your tactile sensitivity and will make your days run smoother. Once you try the LM line, you will love them!

I have always been passionate about instruments and ensuring that we are always working with sharp, well-maintained instruments. If you are using dull worn out instruments that haven't been replaced in years and need some help with preparing on the how and why you need new instruments to present to the decision maker, I would be happy to help you.

Just reach out and we can set up a call. I have tools to help you deliver your message.

Do not compromise for one patient, as it will turn into one day, one week, one year and so on. Take care of yourself and feel proud of the care you provide.

Please take a look below for upcoming courses, job postings and our partner specials.

Have a great week!


p.s. Thank you to Pearl and Mary Tess for holding down the fort while we were away!

Kathleen Bokrossy, RDH ~ President

Visiting LM Dental Instruments in Finland
June 13, 2023 at 9:00 AM
by Kathleen Bokrossy

We held a great event with the ODHA, Crest & Oral B and Dentsply Sirona at the gorgeous Dentsply Sirona Academy on Saturday!

It was a full day with hands-on workshops! I presented alongside Dani Botbyl and Beth Ryerse-Donley. I enjoyed presenting a hand instrument and ultrasonic insert maintenance workshop four times to inspire many to assess their instruments and inserts and if needed, make change in their practice to ensure that they never compromise and always use optimal instrumentation.

Today, I am here packing for a trip to Finland as both myself and Beth Parkes have been invited by LM Dental Instruments for almost a week to explore Finland, take part in their tradition of saunas and participate in hands-on workshops at their beautiful facility in Helsinki! They are just celebrating their 5th year at their new facility and from the pictures I have seen, it looks absolutely gorgeous and innovative!

There is a small group of dental hygienists and a couple of dentists from all over the world along with a group from LM as well, who will be attending. We have dental hygienists coming from the United States, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, Czechoslovakia, Sweden and Portugal. Beth and I are honoured to be the two Canadians invited. They are looking forward to hearing from all of us on the profession of dental hygiene in each country, our roles and scope of practice and where we see dental hygiene in the future.

Sounds pretty amazing, doesn't it?

This is the first time they have organized such an experience, and I am thrilled and honoured to be invited.

I actually have this written on my Bucket List! So I get to check off Visit Finland and the LM facility!

As I am packing, I am here reflecting on my career and our profession.

I am so thankful for choosing the profession of dental hygiene and feeling much gratitude.

When I think of this past Saturday and how wonderful it was to see so many of my friends who I have met because of our profession and long time members, the conferences where we have presented this year, and all the events at rdhu, it fills my heart.

I can't think of another person, a friend or family member, who is part of a profession like ours!

The collaboration we get to take part in, the networking, the being with like-minded individuals and friends, the learning and engagement, all based on helping people get healthy. Truly, what more could we ask for?

The opportunities and possibilities are there. Anything is in our reach. You just need to put yourself out there, find a practice where you feel heard and valued and "show up"!

Next week, I won't be able to write an On-Track Tuesday Blog, but I look forward to sharing our experience with you when we return.

Please be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook if you would like to see what we are up to in Finland! Beth isn't much of a social media person so I will be posting for us both! haha

Instagram: @kathbok @rdhuinc

Facebook: @kathleenbokrossy @rdhuinc

Thank you for reading! Please see below for what is coming up and have a great week ahead!

Kindest regards,


How to Make Change Happen
June 6, 2023 at 4:00 AM
by Kathleen Bokrossy

We had a great event this past Saturday where we had Beth Ryerse-Donley and April Smith present Global Power: A Call to Action! What is Your Role? and then I presented the 8 Simple Secrets to Growing Your Practice.

Some of our members attended on their own while others came with members from their team.

Regardless of if someone came on their own or not, we always encourage everyone to share their knowledge with their team afterwards to discuss ways to implement the learning into their practice!

We often work in silos in the dental practice and it is so important that we communicate with members of our team to make change happen.

Here are some helpful tips on how you can get your team on board:

1. Following a course, schedule a team meeting. Be intentional about sharing what you have learned.

2. Be prepared for your team meeting. Have your information collected and documented. Create a Case Presentation!

3. Share your presentation with your team! Show, in writing, where you are at currently on this topic. Show the Status Quo. Show the problem or concern. Then share in another document, your findings, the solution, the costs, resources and who will run the program and how it will be sustained. Show when you will Track and Measure the success and if it needs tweaking. This is where you will show that if it isn't successful initially, you will have a plan in place to tweak!

Ensuring that you have someone who will manage the program or new concept is key. You need to show that someone will track to ensure that it sustains!

Keep a copy of your plan in visual view. Keep a tracking record! Display it in an area where you will see it. Perhaps that is your team/lunch room! Because if it is out of site, it will be out of mind!

We have a few courses remaining for this Academic Year and then we will be away from offering courses until September!

Are you on track with your Professional Goals for this year? Are you on track with your QA Requirements?

Thank you for reading! Please see below for what is coming up and have a great week ahead!

Kindest regards,


Myofunctional Therapy Program and rdhu Course Reviews
May 30, 2023 at 4:00 AM
by Kathleen Bokrossy

I wanted to share some feel good news today as we often hear so much negative news that when something good happens, it feels good to share!

This past weekend was an eventful one for us at rdhu! It started Friday with me presenting an online sharpening and insert maintenance course to dental hygienists from coast to coast and witnessing the aha moments to achieving the best sharp cutting edge possible! We all know how crucial it is for us to never compromise and always use sharp instruments!

Friday night, I was invited by Beth (Beth Parkes, our VP) as her guest to the ODHA President's Award Dinner where Beth was presented with a Distinguished Service Award! It was so great to spend some time with the ODHA Board of Directors and to celebrate Beth going above and beyond for members!

It was the ODHA's AGM, Friday and Saturday, so the timing was perfect as the ODHA office happens to be in Burlington! The Board of Directors decided to take a field trip and come by rdhu for a tour at our newly renovated facility on Saturday morning! Meanwhile, we had a Soft-Tissue Diode Laser Course happening at the Dentsply Sirona Academy in Mississauga, with Beth Ryerse, and Joe Siegfried presenting the in person portion of his Myofunctional Therapy: A Practical Program, at rdhu, where we had a group of dental hygienists complete their initial training! We had one dental hygienist from British Columbia one from Saskatchewan fly in for the weekend!

Look at the feedback we received for the Myo Program with Joe Siegfried:

  • Amazing! 150% worth it! Joe is a wealth of knowledge, both on myo and the business of dental hygiene. He presents with integrity, enthusiasm, and is very engaging! From our BC RDH
  • Love it! So much fun and learnt so much! From our Saskatchewan RDH
  • Excellent course, great pace and lots of info! ON RDH
  • This is a very helpful course to improve my Myofunctional Therapy Information. Joe is a great teacher! ON RDH
  • ...and more like the above!

If you are interested in participating in the Full Practical Myo Program, the new date is available. If you would like a payment plan, you have lots of time if you register now and get started! The online portion starts Wednesday, October 11th and the in person, hands-on is Saturday, December 2nd & Sunday, December 3rd! Contact if you are interested in a payment plan. Click here to learn more and to register otherwise!

Our laser training with Beth Ryerse comments were fabulous as well!

  • Beth was kind, easy to understand and the breakfast and lunch provided was nice!
  • The info is in depth and Beth gave good responses to our questions!
  • Excellent presentation! Clear. It was a great experience for the hands-on with the laser practice.
  • Very detailed oriented, well organized course presented to the class.
  • I had such a positive learning experience and I'm excited to apply my new knowledge on lasers in my clinical practice!

And our Admin Team and Facilitator Extraordinaire's Pearl and Mary Tess were given raving reviews as well!

  • The Best!
  • Super helpful!
  • Very warm and friendly!

All and all a good weekend worth sharing! #nowthatsgoodnews

Thank you for reading! Please see below for what is coming up and have a great week ahead!

Kindest regards,


8 Simple Secrets: Secret #3 - Specialize
May 23, 2023 at 4:00 AM
by Kathleen Bokrossy

I started writing a series for the Oral Hygiene Journal (Oral Health Group) on The 8 Simple Secrets to Being Indispensable in the Dental Practice.

Secret #1 and #2 are in the past issues. Secret #3 has just been published!

If you missed the first 2 Secrets, I have added them to this blog below as a download. I have also included Secret #3!

Article/Secret #3:

In the last two issues of Oral Hygiene, we revealed the introduction to this topic, Secret #1 and #2. If you missed them, be sure to look back at these articles!


By specializing, you are setting yourself up to be 'Indispensable in the Dental Practice!' You are setting yourself up to be the expert in a particular field, or to be known as 'that' dental hygienist everyone looks up to, making you stand out from many.

You will be amazed at the opportunities that can come from specializing!


In one of the practices where I worked, I was referred to as the ‘Happy Hygienist’ as I was always happy. I smiled a lot and was super friendly.

I stood out in that practice! When people referred to me, they would say, “Oh, the Happy Hygienist.”

Sounds silly, but when you think about it, people want to be around happy, positive people. So when someone was feeling down, they would spend time with me. Patients liked to see me because I made them feel good and delivered a positive experience. If you are known as the ‘Happy Dental Hygienist,’ people will want to be around you. They will seek you out because you make them feel good.

Also, by being a happy, positive person, people tend to want to do what you do. Happy people profoundly impact those around them and can also be excellent influencers. So, when it came to contributing ideas to make change happen in the practice, it often went in my favour because people respected my view and input.

Happiness is contagious, and when people see others around them happy, they are more likely to adopt positive behaviours and attitudes. I also love being super lovely to grumpy or mean people to see what happens!

Happy people are generally more optimistic, kind, and empathetic and more likely to have healthy relationships, be more productive, and have a more positive outlook on life. Being happy and a positive influence will contribute to your overall success of being ‘Indispensable in the Dental Practice!’

To continue reading this article, please find Secret #3 as a download below or click here to access the Oral Health Group website.

I hope you enjoy! I would love to hear your thoughts on what you think makes someone indispensable in the dental or dental hygiene practice!

Click here to access the Oral Health Group website to find the article online and subscribe to their journals!

Thank you for reading! Please see below for what is coming up and have a great week ahead!

Kindest regards,


Secret #1

Secret #2

Secret #3

What is Your Competitive Edge?
May 16, 2023 at 4:00 AM
by Kathleen Bokrossy

We are living in a competitive world where everyone is fighting to get our attention. We see it on our social media platforms and we see it in our inboxes. There is so much clutter and promise of this and that.

What sets your practice apart from the rest to give you that competitive edge so you don't get lost in that clutter?

For us, we sometimes hear, it must be difficult for you to "sell" courses when there is all this "free" CE. We hear this until someone takes a course with us and then they find out for themselves that there really is no comparison. It is like comparing a Chevy Chevette (for those of you who remember the Chevette!) to a Lexus!

Our competitive edge is that there really is no other business like rdhu. We have the rdhu community and culture. We are about providing the tools to advance your career. We aren't about giving a free (or a 1-2 hour) webinar so that our members collect hours or points. We are about Transformation and deep learning to really make change happen. We are about the entire rdhu experience from the Before, the During and then the After. Sure, we do offer a free webinar and of course our show, The RDH View is free, but we do this in an engaging way to leave you wanting to learn more about that particular topic. It is designed to bring awareness or introduce you to a great topic that you may want to explore. This is a great way for us to share what the possibilities are with respect to our profession and to dive into more learning.

We are your easy button to keep you on track for not only your QA Requirements, but also offer programs and courses to help keep you engaged and current so you feel good about your profession. We don't ever want to be known as the CE company. The company where you just collect points or hours. We are about Transformation and growing as a Professional.

What is your competitive edge for your practice, and how do you let others know how your practice is the one that they should choose?

As an exercise with your team, identify what sets your practice up for success. What is your competitive edge? Why should a client or patient come to see you versus the practice down the street? What is your unique ability or advantage as a practice? What sets you apart? Is it the innovation and technology you offer your patients? Is it the strong branding and reputation you have established over the years? Is it that you are patient or client focused and feel strongly that you provide excellent care, a personalized experience and tailored solutions based on your patient's/client's needs? Do you build long-term relationships with your patients and families?

Use the worksheet found just below this blog as a download. Print one for each team member and work on it separately. Then get together and put your answers on your whiteboard or your easel pad and identify what is your competitive edge and what sets you apart.

Use this exercise to help with your messaging that you use verbally in your practice, through your email communication, your website and your social media. Feel proud of what makes your practice unique and have the confidence that your clients and patients are choosing a wonderful practice!

You can also do this exercise for yourself as a dental hygienist. What is your competitive edge? Why should you be chosen for the dream job? What is your unique advantage? What do you have that shows you perform with a standard of excellence?

Enjoy doing this exercise! :) I would love to hear from you!

Thank you for reading!

Kindest regards,


Click here to download the Unique Advantage Exercise
Click here to download the Blog Post to Print

Dental Conference
May 9, 2023 at 4:00 AM
by Kathleen Bokrossy

The ODA ASM is happening this week!

If you plan on attending, Beth, Kerry and myself will be at the Curion booth. Please stop by booth #511 and say hello!

We also need your help with something!

If you know Curion (formerly, Bisco Canada), you know that Curion carries unique, high-quality dental products and instruments. They are looking to distribute some new, innovative dental hygiene products and would love your feedback.

That’s where you fit in!

If you are attending the ODA, the first 50 people that come to the Curion booth and take the time to answer a short survey with either myself or Beth will receive a FREE LM Flexplorer as a thank you for spending that time with us! :)

We know how important it is for our members to have their voices heard. Here’s your chance to help us shape the future by making more unique products accessible to dental hygienists in Canada.

Hope to see you at ODA!

Thank you for reading! Please see below for what is coming up and have a great week ahead!

Kindest regards,


Subscribe to rdhu
May 2, 2023 at 4:00 AM
by Kathleen Bokrossy

Do you ever feel like your inbox is full of spam or emails that don't pertain to you?

I do! I just cleared out over 2000 unread emails over the weekend. I do see the work related ones and respond ASAP but all the others, I just didn't have the time to look at and clear out.

We have recently had a large number of new members subscribe to rdhu so I wanted to share rdhu's communication with you. You are receiving this email today because you have either opted in or subscribed to rdhu. Email is our biggest form of communication with our members. If we don't email our members with upcoming course information, then no one would know what is coming up and what is available to them!

Our weekly On-Track Tuesday promises to keep you on track, with a motivational or helpful blog along with all the upcoming events and occasionally, special promotions.

We then send out emails regarding specific courses coming up, whether they are free, online, or in person events.

Just like all the emails I get, I will read what I am interested in and if I am not, I will swipe and delete. I only unsubscribe if I know it is from a company that I only did one transaction with and have no future plans on doing business with them or buying from them ever again.

With your rdhu emails, some may get your attention and you may open while others may not. If they don't interest you, simply swipe and delete! If you unsubscribe, you will be removed from all communication and will miss pertinent emails that pertain to our courses. When you do register, you won't receive the important course information.

Keeping on top of email is an important part of keeping organized, but sometimes, it builds up quickly and we need to set time aside to organize.

A clear inbox equals a clear mind, and trust me, after organizing mine over the weekend, I was left feeling recharged!

Besides our emails, if you would ever like to have a chat about courses coming up, we can guide you. Or if you have created goals, we can assist you in achieving your goals and get you on a path. Please feel free to reach out. We are always happy to help out!

Thank you for reading! Please see below for what is coming up and have a great week ahead!

Kindest regards,


Kathleen's Blog - April 25, 2023
April 25, 2023 at 4:00 AM

I wanted to share the Dental Hygiene Quarterly update with you all! For those of you who are a member, the Spring 2023 Edition is in your personal portal. You can click here to access and if you have any questions, please reach out to

The Dental Hygiene Quarterly means a lot to our team here. It is something that we feel very proud of and excited about at the same time, as we know we are helping so many dental hygienists keep on-track with their QA requirements. Just think, for those of you who haven't experienced Dental Hygiene Quarterly as of yet, every quarter we deliver approximately 3 hours of Professional Development into your portal. If you keep up with the quarterly editions, it truly is the easy button to keeping current with QA Requirements.

The Dental Hygiene Quarterly (DHQ) was really the start of my journey in the Professional Development market. I was approached many years ago, when I owned my own dental instrument company, to present for the Dental Hygiene Quarterly. At the time it was named DVD Journal of Dental Hygiene. For those of you who have been with us since the beginning, you may remember the sessions on instrumentation and sharpening that I did! We have many members who have been with us since its inception. We still have a large number who receive the DVD's rather than online only. When the original owner was retiring and looking for someone to take over his company, he approached me, as he knew that there would be a good fit with DHQ and rdhu.

Since we purchased DHQ in Spring 2016, we have made some changes along the way, but always kept with the original design and intention of what the DHQ was meant to be. Keeping you on track with each season/edition.

Dental Hygiene Quarterly is part of the CDHA membership benefit program. For those members who are a part of the Canadian Dental Hygienist's Association, you will receive a $50 Gift Card to go toward the membership. So the membership is $149 rather than $199.

Along the way we have added so many things to help those who maintain a Learning Portfolio or who must complete a report on learning. We have also stored everything in one area for those who need to complete the quiz and submit a CE certificate. We have added a Special Bonus Feature to each edition, added The RDH View to DHQ members' portals and are always looking for great topics and presenters to share.

Once we launch one edition, we already get to work on the next! My son Aiden, is our videographer and also editor and we have really enjoyed working on each edition together.

We are celebrating our 7 year Anniversary where we have brought the Dental Hygiene Quarterly under the rdhu umbrella and I wanted to take this time to thank those of you who are a member and also invite those of you who aren't to discover what DHQ can do for you to help you along your journey! Please see below for more information.

Thank you for reading! Please see below for what is coming up and have a great week ahead!

Kindest regards,


Kathleen's Blog - April 18, 2023
April 18, 2023 at 4:00 AM

I have had a great few days and feeling rather energized and excited about our profession!

On Saturday, I attended the DHPO Conference as a guest. The DHPO (Dental Hygiene Practitioners of Ontario) is an Independent Dental Hygiene Organization and they hold a 2- day event, with guest speakers, for those who own their own practice and for those who are considering owning their own practice. It was so great to see so many dental hygiene friends and colleagues. Many of whom I haven't seen in years. The DHPO put on a great conference and everyone was very engaged. They ended their conference with a Round Table format for sharing and strategizing. What a great opportunity to put like-minded individuals in the same room to learn from each other and help each other grow and succeed!

I was also asked to present to a group of dental hygiene students, from Canadore College, for their business course yesterday, who are graduating this month! They were a very respectful and kind group. Between this experience yesterday and the DHPO group on Saturday, it made me feel that the future of dental hygiene is looking bright!

It really is so beneficial to get out and network with other dental hygienists.

If there is an opportunity for you coming up to attend an in-person event, I encourage you to register and join in. Whether it be at a dental hygiene conference, dental conference or at rdhu, you will be sure to leave the day with a bounce in your step and excited to be part of a wonderful profession!

For our BC and Alberta friends, TODS in Kelowna is now confirmed for both Beth and myself. I will be doing two lectures, Beth one, and then together we will be doing a hands-on workshop (possibly two depending on registration). So save the date: Thursday, October 19 to Saturday October 21, 2023!

In the meantime, please take note of the in-person events we have coming up at rdhu below!

My 'Sharpen Your Skills' online sharpening and ultrasonic insert wear program that will be on Friday, May 26th from 11am - 2pm EST will be offered live online; however, if you would like to join me in person for this event, please email me and I will send you a separate invitation.

Thank you for reading! Please see below for what is coming up and have a great week ahead!

Kindest regards,


Kathleen's Blog - April 11, 2023
April 11, 2023 at 4:00 AM

I hope you had a nice Holiday weekend with your loved ones! I just returned today from visiting my daughter in Halifax. She is a student at Dalhousie!

It was such a much needed little get-away after a busy (but exciting) couple of months for us here at rdhu.

We walked approximately 13,000 steps a day, hiked, and ate at really great restaurants. I ended up taking short daily naps and even finished reading my book! It was a fictional book, so I was able to totally disconnect from the busy-ness and immerse myself into the story.

Sounds heavenly, doesn't it?

Rest and taking time for self-care is so important, but unfortunately, many of us don't seem to do this often enough.

It can be challenging to maintain our health, our work, our professional obligations, and all the other responsibilities. These things leave us with little to no time for rest.

Rest is a fundamental part of success, health, and happiness. Remember, just like the flight attendant who says we must put our oxygen mask on first...we can't take care of our families and clients unless we take care of ourselves first!

Besides being in practice, there are many distractions in this digital world, and always something (or someone) requiring our attention.

No matter what your schedule or task list may look like, resting and unplugging is vital to your long-term health. It heals your body, reduces stress, helps with creativity, enhances productivity and helps with your decision making.

I scheduled this trip in at this time, knowing that I would need it to help me keep going with our busy next couple of months!

Hence, I love looking at my calendar and planning future dates. Not the calendar that is on my phone, but an actual paper, in my hands kind of calendar! I even brought it with me so we could do some summer planning.

My calendar is set up for my professional and personal needs. I truly believe if we don't plan our days, our weeks, our months or even our years, our days, etc will be planned for us and before we know, we drift from one day to the next without making change happen.

How are your professional goals coming along?

Is there or was there something that you thought you might like to achieve professionally in 2023 but, looking at where you are now in April, perhaps you are feeling that you aren't on track?

I would like to share one of the documents I created and use for our QA Coach members in Ontario that helps them think about certain topics or goals that they would like to learn more about, help them prioritize and help with next steps to achieve these goals. This is just a sneak peak of the total package our QA Coach clients receive to help them with planning and tracking.

You will find this at the button below as a download.

We have lots of great courses listed below to help you achieve some of your goals.

Is learning more about ortho one of your goals? Or perhaps diving into Myofunctional Therapy?

Check out below to see what is coming up and if we can help you in any way, as always, please reach out. We love hearing from you!

Thank you for reading! Please see below for what is coming up and have a great week ahead!

Kindest regards,


Kathleen's Blog - April 4, 2023
April 4, 2023 at 4:00 AM

Happy National Dental Hygienists Week to all of you!

What a great start to the week we have had in celebration of our wonderful profession!

I am here to join in RDH Vibes at the Dentsply Sirona Academy where Beth Parkes and Dani Botbyl, along with our member, Sally Bassam, are on the panel. If you have registered we shall see you soon!

What are you doing to celebrate? I would love to hear and we will share!

Thank you for reading! Please see below for what is coming up and have a great week ahead!

Kindest regards,


Kathleen's Blog - March 28, 2023
March 28, 2023 at 4:00 AM

Beth and I presented at the Saskatchewan Dental Hygienists' Association Conference this past weekend and it was such a positive experience that I wanted to share. I am thinking you may take away a few ideas to implement into your practice!

If you know me, you know how important the client experience is in offering a world-class experience.

The experience started prior to the conference (the Before Experience), we met on Zoom to have a face to face meeting so by the time we arrived we already felt like we knew Alyssa, the Deputy Registrar. Seeing her in person was a welcoming experience because of that initial Zoom meeting, as well as the correspondence via email.

The staff at the hotel conference were very welcoming and helpful. They even left a small bottle of wine and some goodies so when we returned to our room, the surprise was waiting for us on the first night.

We also had a table exhibit for the exhibitors floor where Lorraine Gambacourt minded the booth. There was a nice bag there waiting for Lorraine with some essentials for the day which included water bottles and snacks.

The food was very good and they even had popcorn for an afternoon snack, which takes us all back to childhood memories with the smell of popcorn!

For the lanyard (which holds our name badge), they had an Indigenous artist Honey Willow create beautiful lanyards through beadwork for the presenters. Ours were purple, of course! Along with the lanyard there was a note from Honey Willow, sharing how She/They are an Intergenerational Residential School survivor and found healing through beadwork. Along with this, was a Thank You card from the SDHA to celebrate us and hope that we wear this gift at future conferences and when we do, will think of them! #itsthelittlethings

They had volunteers ready to help out whenever we needed (which we did as we had shipped 500 gift bags for 250 attendees for both sessions)! You know, the rdhu way! We love our gifts!

The attention to detail, doesn’t go unnoticed. It truly was a Dream Come True Experience as a presenter at a conference.

Whether it is at a conference, in the dental practice, a hair salon or a 5-Star hotel, looking at the experience through your client's eyes is a great exercise to go through.

There is so much we can do in the dental practice to get your clients and patients doing what I am doing right now! Sharing this wonderful experience with over 19,000 people! Can you imagine if your clients and patients were so wowed by you that they felt compelled to write about and share their experience with their family and friends? How many new clients would that bring to your practice and possibly re-engage some that are standing on the sidelines and haven’t quite come back when they should!

Let’s just think of a few possibilities here today:

For the Before Experience

- Could you send a quick 30 second video to a new client sharing that you look forward to meeting them? How about someone who hasn’t been in? You could send a quick “We miss you and know how important your oral health is to your overall health”. This could also help prevent cancellations and No Shows.

- Could you send them to your website “Meet our Team”?! Just like how we knew what Alyssa looked like prior to us meeting her. There is something comforting, meeting prior to an event and or an appointment.

- Could you send them a video of your office to familiarize themselves with your office? This could be super easy to do. One video and attach it to your Welcome to our Office email. Meet our Team, Here is a Tour!

How about for the During Experience (the actual appointment)

- A welcoming smiling face

- Saying their name as they come in rather than “and your name?” This is where keeping a clients pic on file is helpful.

- A thorough head and neck examination and explaining what and why you are performing an Oral Cancer Screening.

- Ensuring that you are using sharp instruments and Inserts that are not worn. Too many dental hygienists use worn out and dull tools. This is not okay for many reasons and I offer a whole course on this (the next one is Friday, May 26th online with a few joining me in-person at rdhu). Your instruments and inserts, if you are using them appropriately for their intended use, typically should last no longer than 2 years. As far as the client experience is concerned, this is a game changer when using optimal instruments versus dull worn out ones and can make or break the experience.

- Using an air polisher is a great experience, if you know how to correctly do this!

- Depending on where you are registered, some dental hygienists can incorporate the Soft-Tissue Diode Laser Treatment as an adjunct to Perio therapy or help a client with a painful herpetic lesion or add to whitening treatment or help improve sensitivity! This heightens the experience and end results for your clients! They will be your raving fans, no doubt! To be successful with incorporating lasers into your practice, you need to have one per operatory so you can utilize it when you need to! We often hear of practices having one laser per practice and guess what? It is never successfully incorporated! It would be like sharing an ultrasonic unit between ops!

- Provide a hot towel after the appointment to make your client feel great. A must!

And what about the After Experience?

- Send them home with the Oral Health Essentials kit (Oral B iO, Stannous paste, CPC rinse and more!). Set your clients up with the Oral B App so they can track your personalized home recommendations. This is a game changer to getting our clients healthy. Helping them with their halitosis, sensitivity, bad taste in their mouth. We hear such positive feedback from clients once on the system. Where's that cape again?!

Anyhow, as you can see I am passionate about the experience and I love sharing this with dental teams and companies.

If you would like to schedule me for your team or event, please always feel free to reach out. We would love to have you and your team at rdhu as well!

Thank you for reading! Please see below for what is coming up and have a great week ahead!

Kindest regards,


Kathleen's Blog - March 21, 2023
March 21, 2023 at 4:00 AM

Spring is a season that symbolizes new beginnings, growth, and renewal. As the weather becomes milder and nature comes back to life, it’s a great time to focus on making positive changes in both our personal and professional lives.

Here are some ideas for things we can do in the workplace now that the new season is upon us:

  1. Spring Cleaning! Just like we do in our homes, it’s time to do some spring cleaning in the practice. Encourage team members to tidy up their workspaces, declutter digital files, and dispose of any unnecessary items. Perhaps you have a box of used inserts and instruments that you need to trade-in or recycle. This not only helps to create a more organized and productive environment, but it also promotes a sense of responsibility and ownership among team members and it just feels so darn good to get organized!
  2. Encourage outdoor activities! With the arrival of spring, the weather becomes milder and the days become longer. This is a perfect opportunity to get outside during your lunch break, even if only for 10 minutes. Walk around the block or your building and breathe! This can help to improve your mood and overall health.
  3. Bring nature inside! Bringing a touch of nature into the practice (perhaps your communal areas) can help to create a more relaxing and calming environment. Consider adding plants or flowers to your workspace, which not only add aesthetic value but also help to purify the air and reduce stress levels.
  4. Set new goals! Spring is a time of growth and renewal, making it the perfect time to set new goals for the workplace. What do you want to achieve in the upcoming months? Perhaps you would like to become a Myofunctional Therapist so that you can work collaboratively with other healthcare professionals to help with your client's overall health. Work to create a plan to make it happen. Get your team involved! Our Myofunctional course is beginning next week online (see below). Implementing something like this or a Sleep Assessment Protocol, as another example, can help to foster a sense of teamwork and motivation among team members. Feel free to reach out to me to discuss possibilities.
  5. Celebrate achievements! Spring is a time to celebrate new beginnings, but it’s also a great time to celebrate past achievements. Take some time to recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of individuals or teams in your practice. This not only helps to boost morale but also promotes a sense of pride and accomplishment.