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Quality Assurance Fun & Intensive Weekend

“Amazing weekend! I was able to get myself on the right track and I left confident that I had everything that I needed.” – Precious O., RDH


“Thank you, thank you, thank you! I feel confident that my portfolio will be complete and very well done when I am ready to submit. I wouldn't have felt this confident without rdhu!” – Aimee M., RDH


“Kathleen is great, very informative & great hand-outs! RDHU is a great company, lots of knowledge & resources to use. Great job!” – Josee M., RDH


“I am so happy that I came to this course really helped me to know how to input information into my CDHO portfolio. Thank you so much Kathleen!” – Lucy A., RDH


“Awesome content! I feel so confident!” – Swapnil N., RDH


Quality Assurance Workshop

“Thank you so much for all your assistance. I feel much better about tackling the Smile Portal.” - Leda C., RDH


“Fabulous! We are so fortunate to have you to mentor us. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.” - Nicole Z., RDH


An Update on Infection Prevention & Control Guidelines

“Amazing course! Very helpful!”, Anastasiya P., RDH


“This course was so informative. An info packed 3 hours of invaluable material!! :)” - Linda L., RDH


“Well educated and informed speaker. Pertinent info which can be incorporated into my practice immediately!” - Karen S., RDH


“Good pace. Informative / concise, multiple resources provided.” - Laura W., RDH


“Presenter was very thorough and very knowledgeable.” – Nancy C., RDH


“Linda was very knowledgeable and the information provided was extremely helpful in improving the infection control practices in my office.” – Sasika V., RDH


Essentials for Documentation

“Very informative course, feel great about applying what I have learned today into my practice.” – Jodee B., RDH


“Great course covered all important info, all up to date with CDHO. Happy with today's course.” – Paula S., RDH


“Good presenter! Thorough. Informative!” – Kellie S., RDH


“Very informative, ample opportunity to empower yourself with relevant knowledge.” – Lucy A., RDH


The New Ultrasonics: Part I Achieving Clinical Confidence

“Lots of valuable information that I can apply in my practice. Very knowledgeable and motivated presenter.” – Jane C., RDH


“Dani is amazing and has made me more comfortable with use of my cavitron/ultrasonic use.” – Gloria D., RDH


The New Ultrasonics: Part 2 - Achieving Your Identified Learning Goals

“Excellent presenter - hands on learning more effective. Can return to office and apply knowledge learned.” – Joanne W., RDH


“Very informative and helpful! Finally connecting the "pieces" of the puzzle.” – Kathleen G., RDH


“Always a fantastic day of education. Love new techniques / ideas to implement into my hygiene practice.” – Jessica C., RDH


Mastery of Skills I

“So, so good, empowering, informative, so good!” – Chelsea F., RDH


“Excellent course and presenter! Well organized useful and motivating.” – Kathleen G., RDH


“Loved the hands-on element of this course. It’s so valuable to be able to try new instruments in the mouth.” – Suzanne H., RDH


“Great info about new instruments and why I need to be using them.” – Kathleen M., RDH


Mastery of Skills II

“Great day that provided an excellent opportunity to extend learning from Mastery of Skills I. Helped to really connect learning from Mastery of Skills I.” – Kathleen G., RDH


“Great day, great course, great presenter! Very informative with lots of skills that can be incorporated in daily practice.” – Brandi L., RDH


Mastery of Skills for Piezo Technology

“Anna Louise was wonderful. She can relate so well on a clinical perspective and able to offer many tips and suggestions. I feel much more confident in using the piezo for the benefit of my client and myself.” – Carm P., RDH


“An excellent hands-on course. Anna Louise is a great instructor!” – Lorraine V., RDH


“Great course! Thank you!” – Alena A., RDH


Building Confidence in Instrumentation

“Anna Louise was awesome. Lots of information on ergonomics and instruments. After taking this course, lot of my doubts were cleared and I would put the information I received into practice.” – Jyoti J., RDH


“This course is very useful, Anna Louise moves at a great pace for the classroom, the one-on-one moments are insightful and help strengthen your basic knowledge, I love the focus on each instrument and rationale behind the instrument.” – Shameka M., RDH


Myth Busters. Why Flossing, Professional Hygiene Care And Over The Counter Rinses Do Not Eliminate Halitosis & Help Your Patients Understand They Are What They Eat

“Good speakers, informative, positive, enthusiastic, organized.” – Cheryll B., RDH


“Kerry & Anne are fantastic! They are able to relate the content to everyday practices. Anne is always so fun to listen to!” – Precious O., RDH


Smart Solutions for Whitening Success: The New Generation of Whitening in Dentistry

“Amazing course - I feel like I left with a wealth of education and the hands on really helped with the experience. I definitely would recommend it to others.” – Jashona C., RDH


“A great course on whitening options with hands on experience. Lots of good info. Ann was fantastic!” – Susan G., RDH


“Overall very good presentation, engaging speaker, knowledgeable, well organized.” – Natasha B., RDH


“Excellent presenter, great hands on presenter, well informed, enjoyable day.” – Karen S., RDH