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Crest + Oral B "What's Your Story?" Campaign

In honour of Oral Health month this April, Crest + Oral B asked dental hygienists around Ontario to share their success story! 

Below are some incredible submissions we've received so far. Thank you so much to everyone who has participated so far, we are blown away by all of these! 

There is still time to send us your story! Click here for more information.


Deanna., RDH


I recommended The Crest & Oral B regimen to one of my clients who has Parkinson’s disease.  He has very much difficulty with his motor skills, especially with brushing and flossing.  After recommending this regimen to him approximately 4 months ago and sharing with him how much I like using these products, he immediately purchased the system.  I treat this particular patient every 4 months and was so thrilled that at his last maintenance appointment he presented with overall lower plaque and bleeding scores.  As well, this was his first appointment in over a year in which he had no recurrent decay!! He is very happy with the results and finds the Oral B electric toothbrush with Smart Guide to be very helpful with his dexterity and he loves that the Crest Multi-Protection mouth rinse doesn't burn his mouth or cause dryness.  These products, along with Glide floss are an excellent regimen and I will continue to recommend this to future clients!!


Zahra., RDH

I recently started recommending this to my patients and have found such a difference!  We have the soft tissue management program that we put patients, and for home care we discuss use of the oral B toothbrush alongside crest pro health rinse and toothpaste.  Patients that were complaining of bleeding for years and were confused, frustrated and found there is too much out there and no matter what they tried, nothing worked. After trying Oral B brush with crest products they have come back motivated and excited, and it is so rewarding as a hygienist to see this. Of course knowing the impact of a patients homecare regime and having the right tools and direction, makes this so important. Patients continue to return for their recare hygiene appointments motivated and more involved. This has truly allowed me to guide my patients in the right direction and made it easy to make a recommend products that I am confident work well. 


Tasia., RDH

This client was highly educated and well known in the community. He had pockets, was missing teeth, and had generalized bleeding and generalized recession. He took the oral-B challenge and was given direction on what to do and a demonstration. At the 3 month interval I saw him again for a cleaning and he said the toothbrush was crap and didn't work so he went back to a manual toothbrush. I assured him that it would help tremendously if using the oral-B electric toothbrush regularly. The client’s attitude was still negative. In another 3 months I saw him again and he was using the electric toothbrush 2x a day and his oral health had improved tremendously. No bleeding and pockets were all within normal. The client was so please to hear this and I was very impressed with the results and that he decided to give the toothbrush another chance considering he had scrubbed for the past 40 some odd years with a medium manual toothbrush. This client was very impressed with the results and was happy that I encouraged him to use the oral-B electric toothbrush again. He believed it was a great investment at that point! Success!


Jenessa., RDH

I had a patient who had come to see me after a few years of not having regular scaling and oral hygiene instruction. With this patient we completed periodontal probing and discovered that his periodontal condition had worsened. After discussing his treatment options, we decided the best course of action and I showed him the crest oral b products and he left that day purchasing the toothbrush and planning to begin the regimen. When it was time to do a re-evaluation his periodontal condition had drastically improved. My patient still consistently uses the regimen and his oral hygiene is healthy and stable!


Patricia., RDH

I implement the Crest and Oral B regime into every native reserve and rural northern community which I have the pleasure to work in. These communities are very appreciative for the education and products they receive. The oral health is improving within native reserves and rural communities as a whole due to the Crest and Oral B regime.  I have one particular gentlemen in mind who would benefit from receiving a power toothbrush. He has slight to moderate localized periodontal disease, has slowly improved his oral hygiene, but cannot afford a power toothbrush.  He would be elated if I was to present him with a power toothbrush and so ever grateful to Crest and Oral B.


Karen., RDH

I have been a long time believer and promoter of the Oral B Power brush to my patients. When Crest introduced "Oral Health Solutions" program I was excited for my patients!  I know how important it is to send the tools my patients need home with them after their dental hygiene appointment. I remember one patient in particular who was a real skeptic when it came to power brushes.  I had been recommending the Oral B power brush for a couple of years due to some health issues he had.  We could never get him to the point where he could say his gums didn't bleed when brushing.  When the Oral Health Solutions program was implemented I made him an offer he couldn't refuse.  Take the power brush, ProHealth toothpaste, ProHealth mouth rinse and floss to "try" for the next 3 months and if he still said his gums were bleeding I'd take the brush back. Well, 3 months later when I asked if he'd noticed any difference using the Oral B Power brush and Crest products he looked at me with a grin and said "I should have listened to you sooner. My mouth has never felt so clean between appointments!"  This patient has since said he will never use a manual toothbrush again.  I'm happy that his oral health has improved immensely and the patient is happy that he doesn't have to spend as much time in the dental chair! 


Susan., RDH

I have a special needs client who is in her late twenties. Since treating her in the office for several years it was a struggle to have her understand the need to remember her daily oral home care. Although she was so excited of the suggestion of a power brush, she quickly said her caregiver would never purchase one for her. With the support of our dentist we provided the client an oral b 2000 brush with the promise from the client that she would use it daily! The improvement is beyond what we would have imagined! The client even made a poster to remind herself to use her new brush daily. The improvement in her once bulbous, bleeding tissue is evident, and she proudly walks into every recare appointment saying “I am using the brush you gave me every day like you asked”. I can't say enough how implementing oral b power for several clients from special needs to Alzheimer's to orthodontic patients and periodontal clients I have seen great results on a daily basis.


Nikki., RDH

My name is Nikki and I am one of two orthodontic hygienists at Uptown Orthodontics in Oakville Ontario, led by Dr. Brenda Chekay. The entire team at Uptown takes our oral hygiene program very seriously. It is well known in the dental world how hard it is to maintain good oral hygiene with braces and to try to protect our client’s teeth from the dreaded decalcification. That is why we have implemented the Crest and Oral B OrthoEssentials program. We have noticed a significant difference in our clients overall hygiene throughout the course of their treatment. In one specific case, we had a young, very funny and outgoing girl, who was ready to start treatment, but her oral hygiene was very poor. She was determined to prove to us that she would improve her brushing and she was going to be one of our best clients. She did just that! 


Colena., RDH

I have many stories over the 14 years that come to mind regarding the benefits of oral-b products, in particular the oral-b electric tooth brushes. I was given my first electric toothbrush by oral-b while I was still a dental hygiene student. This gave me the opportunity to try it and love it! I saw an improvement in my own oral health. Naturally, this meant that I would recommend it to my clients so that they could improve their oral health as well. In the practice that I am currently working in, we often refer to an Orthodontist in Pickering, Dr. Tom. He gives a complimentary oral-b electric toothbrush to every client with braces! Recently one of these clients was my son Cory. I have seen firsthand how my son is able to maintain optimal oral health by using the oral-b electric toothbrush given to him by Dr.Tom. Cory and many other teens I see regularly are able to keep their mouth healthy even with braces on thanks to their electric toothbrush.


Sharyn., RDH

I'm so happy to have this opportunity to share the story of a beautiful client of mine. She has a progressive motor neuron disease that has left her unable to move anything from the chin down. Her oral health is very important to her, and her caregiver is the one to assist with her brushing. We review modifications in her techniques, and using the crest and oral b regimen have found improvements. She is the one person I know is deserving of a power toothbrush to help keep up her oral hygiene.


Jayne., RDH

I am an independent Dental Hygienist in NS and I also work at a LTC facility, there is a lady who has touched my heart there for the last 4 years I have been there, she is paralyzed from the neck down with MS and when I first saw her, her teeth were heavily stained, I have done cleanings regularly for her but her main concern is that the staff don’t know how to brush her teeth. She has had an oral B electric toothbrush for years but staff were not using it correctly. So with the help of a mirror and her toothbrush she has been able to explain to the staff how it should be done. Her oral hygiene has improved immensely and her cleanings are now very easy with minimal deposits. I sometimes just go to her room to floss her teeth as it feels so good to her. She is an amazing person and has an electric chair and laptop and even a phone which is all worked by a microphone device, she sends me emails at times. She truly inspires me, even enjoys the odd glass of wine.


Cynthia., RDH

My client was not spending enough time brushing his teeth with a manual toothbrush. His plaque levels where consistently high and his gums where bleeding! After recommending an oral B electric toothbrush, he was compliant on getting one. His plaque levels are now minimal, and his bleeding index is minimal as well. He is loves the dentist clean feeling after using his new oral b electric toothbrush. He is also now on a 6 month preventive frequency versus the 3 month re-care he was on.


Diane., RDH

A long term client of mine, a middle aged male, with full dentition, received a gold crown on #46.There were fairly deep buccal margins due to previous cervical restorations.  On his recall, he presented with marked inflammation and bleeding gums on the buccal aspect of #46.   Possibly crown lengthening should have been done before preparation. Once I was sure the area was free of any cement or calculus, I provided oral hygiene instruction, suggesting at first sulcular massage with a manual toothbrush. Next recall, (he was on a 3 month perio scale recall), there was only minor improvement in bleeding. I made the decision to suggest an electric toothbrush, specifically the Oral B toothbrush, which I demonstrated in the office. There was noticeable improvement on the next visit, so I reinforced his oral hygiene and commended his efforts. I expressed my view that healing takes time, and to continue what he was doing.  Two years later, the gingival looked pink and healthy! Probing had reduced from 5 mm to 3 mm. He was extremely happy, as he was concerned that either he might lose the tooth or have to see a periodontist!  Kudos to the Oral B Electric Toothbrush!!!


Joy., RDH

My favourite success story involves a very unlikely participant.  A 76 year old NEW client visited my office.  He had not had dental or periodontal care for over 20 years.   After an evaluation, I had to inform him that his treatment would require at least 5-6 visits of scaling and evaluation.  He did not have dental insurance so I was concerned how he would react to the estimate of costs.  But he made the necessary appointments and we started his treatment. After his first treatment visit, I gave him my recommendations for home care and was happy to be able to start him off with Crest samples from our office.  With each successive appointment for quadrant treatment, his oral hygiene kept improving.  When I asked him what changes he had made, he replied, "Well, I'm just doing everything you told me to."  He pointed to the Oral B power brush on my display and told me he had bought "that one" and he was using the Crest Pro-Health toothpaste and mouthwash and proxy brushes for the large gaps between his molars.  The results were dramatic.  This gentleman is still one of my best clients and has kept up his oral health ever since. I learned such a valuable lesson in my dental hygiene career and I was so proud of my client.  Who says you can't teach an 'old dog new tricks'? 


Natasha., RDH 

I am writing to tell you how excited I have become with the Crest Oral B oral health products. In Dec. 2012 I was very excited to have my first permanent hygiene job. It was a small rural office and the staff and clients were warm and friendly.  The only problem was that despite this being a well-established practice with experienced staff, none of the hygiene clients had ever really been regularly maintained or given the tools and resources to properly maintain their oral health at home between routine hygiene visits. My first couple of months were overwhelming as my days were filled with poorly maintained clients. I tried my best to educate them about their oral health.  Despite my best attempts I felt like my clients hated me, I gave them bad news about their periodontal conditions, their cleanings were uncomfortable and I wanted to see them more often than they had ever come in for routine cleanings before. I dreaded coming to work and wondered if I had made a mistake in my chosen career. Then one day a box of Crest and Oral B sample products and information arrived at our office. This inspired me to try a new approach and motivate my clients not only though education and explanation but also to give them sample “tools” they could use to reach their oral hygiene goals.  During each cleaning appointment I would educate my clients on periodontal disease, the inflammation process, the systemic correlation and what home care was required for them to manage their specific condition. At the end of the appointment each client would go home with a “goody bag” of tools they could use to help improve their condition.  I saw an improvement in the oral health of my clients as soon as they returned for their 3 & 4 month recare appointments. . Not only were my clients inspired to improve their oral health, they now felt they were in control of their condition as they had been given the Crest Oral B products they needed. I have continued to see marked improvement in all most all of my regular hygiene clients. I have now been working in this office for almost 18 months and my clients are so inspired by the changes they have seen in their oral health that I have gone from being booked up 1-2 weeks ahead to 4-5 months ahead. I now enjoy my role as an RDH in a small rural practice and look forward to going to work each day.  My clients also eagerly look forward to their Crest Oral B “goody” bag at the end of each appointment.


Chantal., RDH

I have too many to share really...I suppose the most gratifying is that I hand out Oral-B brushes not only to my clients but to people in the community that are not able to purchase them on their own such as our local food bank or community soup kitchen. I promote these brushes because I believe in the product. For instance, I've recommended "sensitive brushes" for those with recession or abrasion. These clients enjoy brushing with a "softer" brush head knowing they are helping prevent further damage to their gums. I also use the Oral-B atlas every day to help educate my clients on the stages of periodontal disease. It's amazing how a picture says a thousand words! Once they understand what a periodontal pocket is, they are more willing to take part in their oral care at home. April is oral health month and I volunteer my time as a dental hygienist in the community by offering presentations to preschoolers and seniors. It's gratifying knowing that I can help make a change in people’s lives and more so with a great product such as Oral-B.


Ann., RDH

Here’s a story, I hope it will be a success story, time will tell.  I had a client that purchased a oral b automatic tooth brush a few months ago.  After starting my assessment on the client, I asked if she had been using her new toothbrush, this is when I found out that she had not and that she was somewhat intimidated with technology and was afraid to open the package and plug in the rechargeable brush.  At the end of her appointment I opened a new Oral B power brush, reviewed all the components and proper use of the brush.  I feel confident that at her next appointment I will see a huge improvement in her dental hygiene health.  It was a reminder that what may be simple and easy for one person may not be as easy for the next.


Sara., RDH

I remember years ago, I had a 13 yr. old male, wearing full orthodontic brackets. I had advised him and his parents that once ortho begins that it would be beneficial to see this client every 4 months for his routine maintenance. As most good parents they were on board, the client wasn't so excited. After just 4 months of full brackets this client had very poor oral hygiene and was not taking the importance of this matter to heart. He clearly had many class V demineralization areas. That I knew would lead to full blown decay if we didn't do something dramatic to change this. I recommended an Oral B electric toothbrush. His parents went out that same day and purchased one. Fast forward 4 more months and oral hygiene had dramatically improved and he seemed to be on board with the importance of clean teeth and full braces. His parents thanked me for the suggestion that quite obviously worked.



Sandy., RDH

Three years ago I finally started using my Oral-B professional care 5000.  It was given to me by Oral-B when I graduated from hygiene school.  It sat on my shelf for a couple of years and one day I decided to start using it as I was noticing plaque and I just wasn't getting things as clean as desired.  It wasn't until I started using this brush that my brushing went from good to excellent!
 I was so impressed by the ease and effectiveness that it totally sold me on the whole "power brush movement".  I searched the market for a good, cost effective, and plaque effective brush and found what I considered a well-priced Oral B Vitality.  It was a reputable make that I was confident in and it was at a price point that potential "new users" would be willing to pay and try it.
 Two -three years later, our entire hygiene staff have sold over 300 brushes and the entire power brush program is a hit in our dental office(s)!   Great reviews from patients including - easy to use, less plaque, feeling cleaner, less stain, etc.  A large majority of our patients are now using Oral B power brushes.
 Best of all we have seen incredible results from increased patient compliance and enthusiasm for their oral self-care at home, less bleeding, less inflammation, etc.  We are big supporters of Oral B power brushes and they really are great for our patients (and ourselves).
 I'm a happy user and promoter!  I love Oral B power brushes!

Felicia., RDH

So here it is, I hold the client dear to my heart.

I met this client shortly before she got into a car accident which left her with severe pain in her wrist, 4 months later she came in for her perio appointment. I asked her how'd she'd been doing informed of her accident when updating her medical and quickly apologized  for the state of her oral hygiene as she wasn't able to adapt her wrist as she used to. After letting her know that there were a wide range of dental products by crest and oral b that can help her she was poised and excited. 4 months later she was doing great! Oral hygiene significantly improved thanks to the new floss piks and electric brush purchased after our visit.


Agatha., RDH

As a registered dental hygienist working in a family practice, I see evidence of the improvements that electric toothbrushes make in the oral health of numerous clients.  One of the most challenging populations for home care improvement is children and it is extremely rewarding when a parent and/or child reports on how much easier it is to maintain good oral hygiene with an electric toothbrush, like the Oral B.  


Julia., RDH

One of the clients that came to the office I work at suffers from Parkinson Disease.

Due to the decrease in muscle movement and coordination caused by the disease, he used a cane to walk and moved slowly and he had decreased range of motion in relation to the stretching of his muscles and lacked facial expression .As the disease progresses, the client may lose more and more of the ability to clean his teeth .These findings, in addition to the loss of muscle control in the oral cavity determined me to recommend the use of an Oral B electric toothbrush for him to use.

Clients with Parkinson Disease may be better served with a power toothbrush due to their limited dexterity.


Saima., RDH

I was once at a seminar and got to visit the booth for crest and oral B. They were handing out samples for crest whitening toothpaste which I used for a month before suggesting it to my patients.  I also got to purchase oral B powered toothbrush. I fell in love with both and called the company if they can send me samples and brochures which I did and started handing out to patients and recommended it as # 1 as per my personal experience.  Every patient who I handed out the samples came back with 100 percent positive response.  Responses like " I love the way my teeth feels", "love the result, suggesting it to all my family and friends", "does wonders to my teeth".

Seeing my patients happy and satisfied with the results, I feel so pleased and excited that it often brings tear of joy to my eyes.  Thank you crest & oral B.


Geraldine., RDH 

I am a Registered Dental Hygienist and I have been implementing this regimen with many of my clients! I have found through having my clients using the floss/brush and mouth wash that many clients are experiencing a much fresher cleaner feeling. I have also noticed much less areas of gingival inflammation due to plaque formation. Clients love to have great reports when leaving the dental office!


 Jessica., RDH 

I have a passion for Oral B electric toothbrushes and how amazing they are! They are so effective in a client’s overall oral hygiene! I recently had a patient from Libya never been to a dentist before, saw her over several appointments and explained to her and showed her importance for brushing twice per day, flossing, rinsing with Crest products and using a power brush - the results were so incredibly rewarding for me as a hygienist! And I'm proud to share the results! The response from the client was overwhelming - like I said this is why I love my job - very rewarding to make a difference in the world! I recommend and seek Oral B electric brushes every day! And they DO make a difference!

Thank you Oral B for making that difference!


Dorie., RDH

My career spans 27 years of Dental Hygiene and I have seen a lot of oral health success in that number of years. This is why I continue to be employed in the wonderful field of Dental Hygiene.  Numerous clients come to mind when I think of Oral B powered tooth brushes.  If I have to narrow it down to one that made me feel like I had really made a huge difference it would have to be a 17 year old male. He was a new client that had not been to a dental office in a number of years. He was a bit shy and did not smile. He attended the office with his girlfriend that day. Upon examination I notice he was a night time mouth breather. As a result, his maxillary anterior arch displayed very red, puffy inflamed gingiva with spontaneous bleeding. I recommended the crest oral health toothpaste as well as the oral health rinse.  We then discussed purchasing an oral B powered tooth brush and he was very happy to have some aids to improve his smile.  His recare follow -up appointment was booked for 14 days.  When he returned, he was very happy, confident and smiling much more.  Upon examination the inflammation had drastically subsided and the inflammation very much improved!  He finally had the smile always wanted! I was thrilled at the results to say the least.  His at home oral hygiene and the crest products combined had made all the difference that was needed.  Another Crest success story indeed!  Thank you Crest for making amazing products!


Marcy., RDH 

I have been a hygienist for 5 years now and I love every aspect of my job especially oral hygiene education and instruction. I have been working at my current practice for 3 years now and developed a great rapport with all my clients. A female client was coming in every 6 months for her maintenance appointments but after my first cleaning with her I thoroughly reviewed oral hygiene instruction such as tooth brushing with a manual tooth brush, flossing and implementing a sulcabrush for wisdom teeth areas. She was thrilled with the new technique given and very happy about the new knowledge she gained at her appointment. We increased her maintenance appointments to every 3 months to better her hygiene and oral health. At this time her pockets have reduced, recession is stabilized, gingivitis is reversed and she is more motived and very compliment with her hygiene at home.  She just had her first baby 5 months ago and was so appreciate to learn the importance of good oral hygiene not just for herself and her oral health but also for the health of her baby!


Donna., RDH 

I am a registered Dental Hygienist and I practice in a couple of offices which ends up being full time.

I also have an occasional position part-time working at Costco every few months. Here I get to 

inform people of the many benefits of using Oral-B and Crest products to improve their oral health and

therefore their overall health. I've just finished working on the Oral Health Month Campaign where I showed

people Glide Floss, Crest Pro Health Rinse, Crest 3-D White Paste to name just a few of the products and

everyone seemed very excited to try them. I was happy to create such an interest in people using the 3 

steps of: brush-floss-rinse in their daily routine. Just prior to this, I worked on the Oral-B Spring Power

Campaign 2014 where I captured the interest of many shoppers and converted them over to the Oral-B

electric brush because of the many benefits. So many shoppers were already using this brush and were 

purchasing additional ones for other family members or as gifts for people that it just verified the loyalty people

had to this product. 

This is my story on how I have had an effect on clients and recommended Crest and Oral-B products, especially

the Oral-B electric brush to patients.


Andrea., RDH

I have been a practicing registered dental hygienist for 3 years now, and being able to see progress and improvement with client’s oral health is a great accomplishment. I recommended the Oral-B electric toothbrushes regularly to my clients. One client in particular, I have seen a dramatic decrease in bleeding on probing, overall tissue appearance, and the client’s attitude towards becoming healthier. I would love to have the opportunity to give a toothbrush to a client in need, in particular a client who can't afford one, to help them with their oral health.


Joanna., RDH

I have a senior client who is bed bound (due to a stroke) in a long term care facility. I do bed-side dental cleanings for her every three months.  Her mouth was coated with heavy plaque, heavy bleeding and moderate generalised calculus with material Alba.  I had immediately recommended an oral B electric toothbrush and gave an oral hygiene demonstration to her full time caregiver.  They followed my instructions and my client's mouth was transformed.  It was like I was treating a different mouth!  There was significant reduction in deposits, bleeding and inflammation.  My client and her caregiver beamed with my praise and affirmation and she told me her dental cleanings are a lot more comfortable now.  This further reinforced the benefits of continuing to use the Oral B electric toothbrush.  It just shows that you are never "too old" to improve your oral health!  

I personally love the small brush head which forces clients to brush one tooth at a time.   The timer feature also trains clients to brush for longer and holds them accountable.  I consistently see improvements in oral health with the implementation of an Oral B electric toothbrush in a client’s oral care routine.   

Kathy., RDH

Being a coupon clipper has not only benefited me and my family but many of my clients too.  I regularly bring in Oral B and Crest coupons that I clip from my newspaper inserts and use them as motivational tools to encourage clients to try the Crest and Oral B Regimen. One client in particular was a long time toothbrush scrubber and told me she just couldn't get out of the habit.  As a result she had generalized sensitivity, red inflamed gingiva and recession. I gave her a $5 off coupon for the Oral B vitality toothbrush and explained to her how her technique will change, and, in turn reduce further recession and sensitivity. Nine months later she returned and raved about how much she loved the brush noting that her gums were no longer sore and sensitivity was reduced. Her gingival margins were all pink in color and there was no further recession. She mentioned she probably would not have bought the brush had I not gave her a coupon. Feel good moment for both of us!!


Jessica., RDH

After implementing the three step program into our office (Paste, rinse, and brush) I noticed my clients were increasingly eager to ask me about their progress and how there gums/mouth was looking. Rather than waiting for me to do a full exam and comparison, many would sit down and as soon as I laid them back asking “So how does everything look?” My patients can feel and see the difference and are proud to show me their mouths now and await my positive feedback :).