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Kathleen's Blog - September 25th, 2018


As I was putting my final touches on my QA presentation for the upcoming Re-Energize ODHA Conference this morning, one thing that really excites me and I look forward to sharing, is that Quality Assurance should not be an event. It shouldn’t be something that we are stressed about and panicking last minute to submit to our regulatory colleges. It should be something that we continually evaluate and thrive for improvement. And it can be done! I have strategies that I will be sharing to help change a possible nervous mindset to one of confidence. Also, as I have shared in previous emails, without growing and improving, we remain stagnant and can drift ever so slightly every day, typically for the worse, not for the better. Unless we live intentionally, self-assess and make a plan to set goals and make improvements in our lives, we can drift every day. One of my favourite books is called ‘The Slight Edge’ by Jeff Olson. If you would like to give it a read, I would highly recommend it. It is about living with intention. Making each day better than the day before and how our daily choices can lead to massive results and happiness. As Darren Hardy says…”Success if achieved through inches, not miles.”


Whether we are being audited or not, Quality Assurance should be something that we participate in every year. We need to make it a habit not an act. As Aristotle stated “Quality is not an Act…it is a Habit”.


We are so fortunate to have the privilege of living in a country and being in a profession where we are self-regulated. Each province and territory, have their own QA Requirements in place to protect the public and to ensure that we are delivering the quality of care that the public deserves. Regardless of where you are practicing, we are all accountable and need to share our QA Activities, whether it be through a Portfolio, Examination or collection of CE credits, we need to submit from time to time. What if you kept up with your hours every year? What if you made a plan of action at the BEGINNING of the year, rather than panicking and looking back to 3 years. Please don’t feel bad if you fall into this category. Many RDH’s are in this category, which is why I am so passionate to help you keep on-track. Nobody is perfect. I am far from perfect. But to know that I am changing the mindset of so many and helping them come up with ways to stay organized and ahead of the game, brings me more pleasure than you will ever know.


Thank you for being a part of rdhu Nation :)


I really appreciate your continued support, your feedback and comments! Please find information below regarding what’s coming up!


Have a great week!


Kindest regards,




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