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Kathleen's Blog - July 31st, 2018


One of the items we discussed at our rdhu off-site meeting last week was related to how we can improve our ‘after’ experience. Meaning, what more can we give our clients to help them ‘after’ they have attended a course at rdhu or online to reinforce the learning. Just like trying to get your clients to continue to do the things necessary to maintain their oral hygiene while at the same time will keep you top-of-mind.


We discuss strategies on the ‘after’ experience at our special team event, The ‘8 Simple Secrets to Growing Your Practice’.


I feel the ‘After’ experience, for most practices, falls short and if we spent more time focusing on what more we can give your client’s/ patients after they have left an appointment so that your clients are wow’d by your practice, you will notice an incredible growth in your practice. I also think it is important to keep connected during the gap months!


Don’t you feel great when you receive a special surprise after you have purchased a product or service? The thing is, we don’t experience this very often, which makes this even more memorable, if you do decide to focus on the after experience for your practice. This will help your practice stand-out from other practices.


So, let’s think about what more we can do ‘after’ the appointment:


· A thank you card

· A phone call

· Start your own YouTube Channel for your practice and video educational ‘How To’s’ so that you can send them to your client after they have purchased.


For example, if they purchase a Genius Power Brush, you could send them a video on how to set up their Genius Power Brush; if you send them home with interdental aids, you can record a video on 'how to use' the interdental aids, or after they have just received their first implant you can send them a link to a video on how to maintain their implant.


These are just a few strategies that I wanted to share with you to get you to start looking at your ‘After’ experience as a stand-alone entity within your practice. It’s such an important part of your practice if you are looking to improve patient/client loyalty and the frequency of repeat visits.


If you would like to join me to discuss strategies like those outlined above, I would love to see you at rdhu so that we can work together to take your practice to a new level. The information for our next FREE transformational event is found below.


Thank you for reading and I really appreciate your continued support, feedback and comments! Please find information below regarding what’s coming up! Have a great week!


Kindest regards,




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