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Kathleen's Blog - July 3rd, 2018


I hope you had a fabulous Canada Day Long weekend! It was a great weekend up north at the cottage and am thankful that we had a nice breeze passing through. I know it was super-hot in many areas across the country! This weekend is always an extra special one, as lucky for me, my birthday falls on this weekend that is…the last day of school, the beginning of the summer, a long weekend…and a celebration for this wonderful country that we live in!


My celebratory weekend started on Thursday night when I surprised my BFF Jo-Anne Jones (RDH), and her husband, in Toronto. Jo-Anne moved to Kelowna, BC one year ago and is loving it! Jo came home for her celebratory weekend, as her birthday is close to mine and she turned 60 this year! It is hard to believe, I know. For those of you who know Jo-Anne (I am sure that the majority of our readers have attended one of her lectures!), you would be very surprised to hear that she turned 60. I remember years ago thinking that 60 seemed so old. Now, as I get closer to this age (I still have a way to go, but just sayin’) 60 is truly the new 40!


Jo-Anne is the epitome of beauty. She is beautiful inside and out and has given so much to our profession over the years. I think she is at her best now…she’s fit and healthy and living her life by design and to its fullest!


Jo-Anne bought me a beautiful heart necklace for my birthday and said “Kath, you lead your life, including your business, from your heart, and for that I so grateful for you”.


I think as dental hygienists, most of us do live our life from our heart. In general, I think, we are ‘that’ kind of person. We chose a profession where we can help elevate and improve the public’s health. They are in our care and we want the best for them. Kudos to all of you who care, and who set out every day to make a difference!


This time of year, also is a reminder that half of 2018 is behind us. It amazes me, as I feel like the Holiday Season was only a few months ago. It’s a great time to reflect. What have you done or not done this year? Are you on-track with the goals you set out for yourself personally and professionally? It’s a great time to ‘check-in’ and re-evaluate where you are at!


We have lots of cool things happening over this hot summer! For those of you who hold a CDHO licence, The Mission Possible Project is starting this week and for those of you who subscribe to Dental Hygiene Quarterly, we have just finished and published the Summer 2018 issue! It will be in your inbox and/or your front door!


Thank you for reading and I really appreciate your continued support, feedback and comments! Please find information below regarding what’s coming up! Have a great week!


Kindest regards,




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