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Kathleen's Blog - June 12th, 2018


I am away this week at a ‘Breakthrough Blueprint’ meeting in Toronto with my mentor and a group of entrepreneurs.


One of the men here is an audiologist and we are working together to help craft his message to the public in an effort to help him attract more patients to his clinic.


Audiology is similar to dentistry as it is largely becoming a commodity where offices are competing with one another by offering ‘Free’ services to get patients/clients in the door (sound familiar…free teeth whitening anyone?)


Instead of using “free” to attract patients/clients, it is much better to become a trusted authority. It gives the practice much better stability, attracts the ‘right’ kind of client and is much more personally rewarding.


At my ‘8 Simple Secrets to Growing Your Practice’ last Friday, we discussed this topic as well. Offering free education and information regarding a particular topic is far better than offering free procedures or give-aways. i.e. new power brush with every new patient exam (note: this is also frowned upon by our regulatory bodies).


Differentiating yourself by being really knowledgeable on a subject, and by sharing valuable content, you will become a trusted authority. Once you can clearly explain why these things matter to the client, they will choose to stay with the practice they feel can service them best. Though we cannot use the word 'expert' in our communications, done right and the client will quickly realize you really know your ‘stuff’ and really care about them.


So how could you become a trusted authority? Educate, educate, educate the public! And there are so many ways to do that! The more we keep up with our education, the more we educate, the deeper our connection to the client and the more our practice will grow! It is just one of the secrets we teach at the ‘8 Simple Secrets to Growing Your Practice” events.


Thank you to everyone who joined us this past Friday for a fabulous day and for all your lovely emails following. It was a win-win kind of day for everyone who attended! One office said it was the first course they attended where there was something in it for all members of the team! The trip to Ridgeroad Winery is always a nice way to end the week as well :)


If you are interested in joining us for our next event, the information is below. It is free and sponsored by Crest & Oral B and I promise you, you won’t be disappointed. For those who are from out of town, there is a hotel only 10 minutes away. I recommend you save the date and join us!


Thank you for reading and your continued support! Please find information below regarding what’s coming up! Have a great week!


Kindest regards,



Kathleen's Blog - June 5th, 2018


When I was out visiting in British Columbia last month, I met a very engaging dental hygienist who also works at her family marina. As we were loading up my friend’s boat for an excursion, we were talking about everything hygiene. One of the things that really struck me during our conversation was when she said she was having a difficult time getting her society group together to ‘show up’ for professional development. She found some really great presenters, who have to travel in, but unfortunately only a handful of RDH’s attended. She said it was packed last year and now this year, not at all. I asked why that is and her answer is one that I am very familiar with and that is, ‘their QA cycle is done’.

Each province has different requirements and different ‘audit’ cycles. And after operating rdhu for almost 10 years now, I notice the QA cycle as well. Sometimes we see the same people all year long (and trust me, I love seeing you all year long, that’s not what this is about!) and then we won’t see that person until he/she is getting audited again. Some have 75 hours to achieve over the one-year period! Can it be done…sure, it can! Is it going to be fun and rewarding…probably, not so much!

We sign our Registration every year that we are keeping up with our QA requirements. This quote comes to mind for me: J. C. Watts Quotes. “Character is doing the right thing when nobody's looking. There are too many people who think that the only thing that's right is to get by, and the only thing that's wrong is to get caught.”


PD is like fitness to me. Doing a little bit of fitness each day, you will notice a change in your body and your mind. Doing Professional Development along the way, you will notice a change or transformation in your dental hygiene practice. You will notice a change in your mindset and will feel more engaged and empowered in your practice. And at the end of the day, when it’s your ‘turn’ to submit your QA Requirements, you won’t be jamming in hours and feel panicked and pressured. When we continuously learn we will feel fulfilled and engaged and in control of our career. It’s not just about QA requirements. It’s also a gentle reminder each day, that what we do is so important. We play an integral role in our client’s overall health.


We are finishing off production for the Summer 2018 edition for the ‘Dental Hygiene Quarterly’ this week and I want to share with you what this publication is about. Every quarter or season, 3 hours of Professional Development or CE is published and delivered to your door (in a DVD format) or online (from your computer or mobile device). The information we deliver is always hot, current and relevant to our practice. It was designed to keep you up to date with an ever-changing and growing profession. It was designed to keep you connected. Every time we finish recording a presenter, I feel like WOW…everybody needs to see this. I have learned so much from this publication over the last two years since it has been under the rdhu umbrella.


We keep the price-point very low to help the dental hygienist financially, as RDH’s we have a lot of commitments and fees to maintain our licence. If you would like to stay connected and current with your learning, I encourage you to join us. I promise, that you will feel connected, informed and current and in return you will feel engaged in your dental hygiene practice. And if you are that person who is working hard at getting 75 hours this year, please reach out to me so we can help you. Life gets in the way sometimes. We have all been there at some point.


If we continue to do the same thing year after year and only taking courses when it’s ‘our time’, you will never truly feel satisfied in your career.


I committed to life-long learning many years ago, both professionally and personally, and the transformation for me has been so rewarding.


Thank you for reading and your continued support! Please find information below regarding what’s coming up! Have a great week!


Kindest regards,