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Kathleen's Blog - April 24th, 2018


I’m not going to lie…


It wasn’t easy. There I was in New Orleans last week getting ready to depart on the ‘Golden Girls of Dentistry’ cruise the next day, when SMASH, my phone drops and breaks! I went through about 24 hours of panic…withdrawal…I hit the Apple store in the mall while the cab waited for me outside and no…there was nothing I could do…I was going to be phone-less for the duration of my trip.


What did I learn? I learned that without my phone, life can continue quite comfortably. I learned to be comfortable with travelling alone…I could wake up without the alarm (we had activities every morning so it was necessary to have an alarm)…I could live without music or my Candy Crush and Word Puzzles…I didn’t need my Fitbit to track my steps and water intake…I didn’t have to post on Social Media. I was able to check in with my family a couple of times by using one of the Golden Girls phones. And it was amazing.


I had the most wonderful experience on this cruise sharing ideas and stories with women who have been in the profession for as long as I have. We all had one common factor and that is… we care.


We care about our profession. We care about our team. We care about the public and the impact we have on our client’s life.


I am so proud to be in the dental profession. Thank you for being a part of our community and for doing what you do every day. What we do is so important. Kudos to you.


Thank you for reading and your continued support! Please find information below regarding what’s coming up! Have a great week!


Kindest Regards,



Kathleen's Blog - April 17th, 2018


Wow! What terrible weather we have had this past week. For those of you who made the trek out to rdhu this weekend for ‘Think Outside the Tray’ and the ‘Laser Certification’ course….thank you for making the effort! We had a dental hygienist here from the Yukon for both days and really thankful that the courses were able to still move ahead as planned. Beth Parkes presented with me on Saturday and she did fantastic! We received great evaluations from the attendees and plan on adding more dates to the calendar. Beth Ryerse and Dafna Czudak had a wonderful day offering the Laser Certification program. So, thank you to Jo-Anne Jones, Beth and Dafna from ‘RDH Connection’ for holding your laser programs at rdhu!


I presented for the Ontario Dental Hygienists Association on Friday to a group of 175 RDH’s on Quality Assurance. We had a great day! I love presenting for the ODHA. Thank you to Crest & Oral B for sponsoring the day. Everyone left with a Genius Power Brush and some other goodies, along with an action-packed morning of QA material!


I am sitting here at the airport, getting ready to board a flight that will take me to New Orleans. I have been invited to attend and speak on the ‘Golden Girls of Dentistry’ cruise. Presenting on a cruise is something that is on my ‘bucket list’, so I am excited to attend! I am also excited to meet some amazing women who have been in the field for many years. Although, I don’t consider myself to be ‘Golden’ just yet (haha), I have been in the profession for oh…33 years! I look forward to meeting many mentors and to learn from some of the best! I have mentors and coaches in life and in business and try to mentor and coach others that ask. I love the quote, “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear” and after 33 years I keep discovering more and more I don’t know. Having a coach or mentor can truly help you get the clarity, confidence and provide the tools to help you succeed at life! As John C Maxwell says, “It's said that a wise person learns from his mistakes. A wiser one learns from others' mistakes. But the wisest person of all learns from others’ successes.” And I am looking forward to learning from all these wonderful, lady’s successes.


Thank you for reading and your continued support! Please find information below regarding what’s coming up! Have a great week!


Kindest regards,



Kathleen's Blog - April 10th, 2018


As we prepare for our upcoming new hands-on instrumentation course this Saturday, it continues to excite me every time we prepare the tray set-ups and place settings for our attendees.


For this particular program that I am presenting alongside with Beth Parkes, on Saturday “Think Outside the Tray”, we have instruments being supplied to us by PDT and LM Dental. For our Mastery Series, the instruments are supplied by Hu-Friedy.


It’s amazing how many new types and styles of instruments that are now available to help us provide optimal treatment! We even have instruments that are Sharpen-Free (that’s right…you never sharpen these instruments!). The evolution of dental hygiene instruments is really amazing and just keeps improving with the different styles and materials available. We have instruments designed to assist us with clients who cannot open wide, instruments that allow us to treat the furcation to prevent damage or further involvement, instruments that help us with concavities and projections and instruments for those hard to reach areas without compromising our (or our clients) positioning, only to name a few!


With all the new instruments that are available, the most common instrument purchases remain

to be:


- H6/7, 204S, BH 1/2 or COL 4R/4L, GR 1/2, GR 11/12 and GR 13/14


Sound familiar? I am sure at least 85% of our members are using these styles. We tend to use what we were taught in school and sure we may want to try new instruments when we see them in the catalogue, but there is always that worry, what if you don’t like the instruments and now you have blown the instrument budget (if you have one!). Also, why are all the kits set up the same for each treatment? Creating a unique tray set up can really help you get re-engaged with your treatment planning. Is it necessary to have so many instruments in every kit?


This is what makes taking hands-on programs so great. You get to ‘test-drive’ different types and styles of instruments. Discover what you like and what you don’t like. What will work for particular clients and situations and what won’t work. We also always have Synca present for our instrumentation programs so that you can get properly fitted for loupes to see how working with magnification can transform the way you practice!


We have a few spots available for this Saturday, if you would like to join us; otherwise, please check out our calendar to discover future hands-on instrumentation courses that will work for you and help you transform the dental hygiene experience!



Thank you for reading and your continued support! Please find information below regarding what’s coming up! Have a great week!


Kindest regards,



Kathleen's Blog - April 3rd, 2018


After I called my brother-in-law, Gery, this morning to sing him his ‘Happy Birthday’ greeting (with a little cha cha cha) I found myself thinking…How can it be April already? Isn’t it crazy that the first quarter of the year is already over? Gery said to me, “Kath, the years fly by in your 50’s (he just turned 57), so make sure you pay attention and enjoy every day.” After I hung up, I was thinking that I really do enjoy every day and live with intention, but some days and some weeks, I find it can be a little more challenging. We are only human after all and things (or people) can come across our path and throw us off balance.


That is why this is a great time of year to assess the first quarter and evaluate where you are at with your goals for this year. Whether it be personal, professional, spiritual, etc., the beginning of April is a great time to look back at the first 3 months and check to see if you are on-track or not. Is 2018 going to be a great year for you? Have you set goals? Are your goals SMART? What modifications do you need to make to achieve your goals?


Goals need to be written down and reviewed daily. I am getting better at doing this and I can assure you, it helps! It helps you to live with intention, it helps you to have purpose and meaning and it helps to make you a better person overall. With goals set we can achieve so much more and it helps us be and stay engaged.


If you haven’t set your professional goals for 2018, don’t panic, you aren’t too late! You still have plenty of time this year to set your goals and create a learning plan. If you feel stuck and not sure what kind of goals you should set for yourself, I would be happy to hop on a call with you to discuss.


Thank you for reading and your continued support! Please find information below regarding what’s coming up! Have a great week!



Katheen's Blog - March 27th, 2018

I just finished proofing the ‘Spring 2018’ edition for the ‘Dental Hygiene Quarterly’ on the CDHA website! I have to say I am really excited for this edition and enjoying being the publisher for this Professional Development publication.


I am also feeling very fortunate as I get to work with my son, Aiden, who went to Film School. Aiden is our main cameraman and editor. This edition marks our 2-year Anniversary where the Dental Hygiene Quarterly became a part of the rdhu umbrella. Aiden sent me a note a couple of weeks ago after finishing his part of the editing that said how excited he is for this edition and that he thinks this is the best one yet. It is nice to see him take such pleasure and pride in his work!


For those of you who receive DHQ as a DVD rather than online, you should be receiving your copy within the next couple of weeks.


I also wanted to share with you that we have just added a new program to our calendar that focuses on ergonomics, to help you with your career and to help you provide better care to your clients. I know when I practiced full-time clinically, I suffered from neck ache and fatigue in my arm and hands. I often get requests from our members for an ergonomic day as many of you are experiencing pain from repetitive strain movements and from putting our bodies in compromising positions throughout the day. We will be sharing how you can maintain your energy throughout the day, share ergonomically designed instruments with you, loupes and positioning. We have my Registered Massage Therapist, who is also a Yoga Instructor and a Chiropractor join us for the day, along with other special guests planned. More info on this will be found below!


Thank you for reading and your continued support! Please find information below regarding what’s coming up! Have a great week!