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Kathleen's Blog - March 20th, 2018


In last weeks On-Track-Tuesday (March 13th), I referred to the ‘Easy Button’ and asked you to think about what you can do in your practice to be the ‘Easy Button’ for your team, and for your client. I would love to hear what you have come up with! Here are my thoughts on some of the strategies I have used in the past:




  • Have a ‘Morning Huddle’ every day or prior to each shift. Similar to a football game, a huddle is performed prior to each play so that the players can strategize. This is your chance as a team to strategize the day ~ to look for ways you can help each other; recognize outstanding treatment; discuss radiographs needed; etc. Plan your day in the morning with a goal in mind for the day, because just like the football game, if you don’t have a goal in mind, you will end up running up and down the field and never score.
  • Always have Open Communication. You need to create an environment that is ‘safe’ for each team member to share their thoughts without being judged. We often keep things in and sometimes, people talk about each other behind their back. This is not a healthy environment and one, that if you discuss and work together as a team and commit to it, can help you create a ‘safe’ and ‘open’ environment.
  • Help your team during down time. If you have an opening; offer to help out! Make calls, sharpen instruments (if you haven’t yet switched over to the Sharpen-Free instruments), file, assist.
  • Let your DDS ‘gently’ know when you are ready for an exam. Instead of going into the operatory and saying out loud that you are ready for an exam; place a sticky note on the wall in the view of the DDS or assistant and leave the room; or better yet, plan during the morning huddle the times that you need an exam and have the DDS check during the hygiene appointment rather than waiting until the end.
  • Walk your DDS through the Exam, always quadrant by quadrant; pointing out areas of concern and pause. Put a system in place so that you are both on the same page.




  • From the morning huddle remind yourself what you had recommended to them last time. Let them know you care by remembering their last visit and following up on any issues identified.
  • Have the products on-hand that you are recommending rather than telling them what they need and sending them off to a store that has aisles and aisles of products. Chances are they are not going to purchase what you have recommended and will purchase the least expensive one. As a result, they won’t experience optimal oral health with a product that doesn’t cater to their needs and therefore could dismiss any advice in the future.
  • Share your Professional Discount with your Client. For instance, if you are on the Crest Oral Health Solutions Plan and giving them a bag with the Oral B Power Brush, Paste, Rinse, Floss, etc. Let them know that the retail price is $275 however, you are extending your Professional Discount and it will only cost them $120 (for instance). Explain that we cannot make retail profit and that you are simply sharing that with them. That is the Easy Button!
  • Have a little bag ready for them with their name on it and the products you are sending them home with. It could be as simple as a paper bag with nice writing on it (be creative!). It may take 10 minutes the day before to plan and put together, but this will go a long way. (ie. Increase loyalty, they know you pre-plan their appointment and this helps with Short Notice Cancellations as well).
  • Offer a hot-towel service following treatment rather than sending them to the washroom ~ a soothing, nice touch!
  • For New Clients – the front team should let them know where your office is – the time of day – is there traffic, construction, where to park, how they can find you. Send them an email prior to their visit with specifics.
  • Have Wi-Fi available for the reception area.


I have lots more to share! And I invite you to join us on Friday, April 6th for ‘The 8 Simple Secrets to Growing Your Practice’ to learn more strategies that you can implement into your practice. This is a FREE day where we invite you and/or your team members to join us. We will have a nice lunch together prior to the workshop and right after, a couple of limos will pick us up and take us to/from a local vineyard that is only 10 minutes away! How easy is that?!


We will be sending out an email separately regarding this day; however, please feel free to email me for more information at kathleen@rdhu.ca


Thank you for reading and your continued support! Please find information below regarding what’s coming up! Have a great week!


Kindest regards,



Kathleen's Blog - March 13th, 2018


I wanted to thank all of you who attended the Pacific Dental Conference and stopped by the Bisco Canada booth to say hi and to check out the new Sharp-Free Instruments from LM Dental. It was a great show and we appreciate you being there!


As I was flying out to Vancouver, I was working on the follow-up email for everyone who attended Kerry Lepicek’s course ‘How Does Inflammation & Infection Contribute to Oral Systemic Connection’. We provided many extra hours of CQI Activities (approximately an additional 6 + hours) in this follow-up email. The idea is to layer the 6-hour course at rdhu, with other resources (ie. articles and webinars).


It has always been my goal for rdhu, to be your ‘Easy Button’ for your Quality Assurance needs and your continuous learning. I remember years ago, before the inception of rdhu, when I would attend a course (in a very large hotel room with 200 – 300 colleagues) and would leave with only those hours, for that day, to add to my Portfolio. Also, more times than not, I would leave the course thinking “informative…but now what?” I wouldn’t have a plan of action as to how to take my new knowledge and apply it to my dental hygiene practice.


At rdhu, we keep the classroom size small so that you can get as much out through the experiential learning. We provide you with Goal Sample Statements for each course that you may choose to use or tweak for yourself and also provide hours of extra resources. We provide an rdhu Activity Page so that you can highlight and add some of the ‘gems’ from your learning and then can simply add it to your Learning Portfolio. We discuss what we have learned and how we may apply it to our dental hygiene practice. All of this information goes directly into your Learning Portfolio. It helps you with your next steps and makes you think of what you have learned and what the possibilities are for you to ‘Transform the Dental Hygiene Experience’ for both you and your client. We love helping our members and try our best to be the ‘Easy Button’ for your Quality Assurance Activity requirements.


I have always felt so strongly about this concept as it was always in my nature to be the ‘Easy Button’ for others. I remember when I was working as a dental assistant, I took tremendous pride in being the ‘Easy Button’ for the dentist and when I worked in Ortho, for the dental hygienist. I always tried to stay one step ahead of them and predict their next move or need. It made my day when I knew I made the DDS or the RDH’s day run smooth. I did the same when I was practicing dental hygiene clinically and have since taken these concepts and put them toward providing Professional Development to our members.


So, I ask you…What can you do in your practice to be the ‘Easy Button’ for your clients and your team? What can you do to make the work ‘flow’ nicely throughout your day? How can you be the ‘Easy Button’ for your clients?


I will leave this with you and will share some of my thoughts in next week’s On-Track-Tuesday email. Please feel free to click on our Facebook link and share some of your ideas. We would love to hear from you!


Thank you for reading and your continued support! Please find information below regarding what’s coming up! Have a great week!


Kindest regards,



Kathleen's Blog - March 6th, 2018


March is here! Are you on-track for reaching your professional goals this year? If you are, Kudos to you! If you aren’t, that’s okay… today is a brand-new day and you get to hit the reset button! Ask yourself what you can do to get on-track.


If you would like some help, you can count on us! I would be happy to set up a call with you to see where you are at with your QA Requirements and we can set up a plan for moving forward. We have lots of extra resources and ideas to share from several different sources. Simply send me an email at kathleen@rdhu.ca and we can arrange a time. If you would like one-on-one coaching, please email info@rdhu.ca to let us know and we will take it from there! Whether you live close or far, our one-on-one coaching will make you feel like your coach is sitting there right next to you.


For our QA Coach members, we just recorded an updated ‘Practice Profile: Infection Prevention and Control’ webinar with Linda McLarty, from Germiphene, where we walk through the new guidelines for IPAC and the Infection Control portion of the Practice Profile. This will be available shortly in the QA Coach Portal.Hygiene Quarterly subscribers, we are in the final stages of production and you should be receiving your DVD (or online streaming) over the next few weeks. This issue is full of great information that I can’t wait to share with you. We have topics on the Oral Systemic Link (2 segments), the Universal Curette and an Ergonomic, and Prevention of Injuries segment. I think you will really enjoy this issue.


We had a great day on Friday, thank you to Crest & Oral B for sponsoring. This was a free event for our members. We met with several dental teams and strategized on the ‘8 Simple Secrets to Growing Your Practice’. Be sure to check out the next dates below and set aside the day to make it about you and your practice!


I am off to the Pacific Dental Conference, in Vancouver, this week and will be at the Bisco Canada Booth #309. We will be launching new styles for the Sharpen Free Instruments! Please stop by and say hello. Bisco has extended their conference special to our members who cannot attend. You will find more info on this below.


Thank you for reading and for your support. Have a great rest of your week!


Kindest regards,



Kathleen's Blog - February 27th, 2018


We are living in exciting times in our profession and as I proofed our 'Dental Hygiene Quarterly' (DHQ) Spring 2018 edition last night, it makes me truly excited to share some leading-edge advances in this next issue.


Every time I sit and watch a presenter record for DHQ, it makes me wish that every one of our members could hear, see and learn this material so that they can take their new knowledge and implement it into their practice, ultimately, changing people’s lives.


What we are learning, about the Oral Systemic connection, reminds me of how vitally important our role is to our overall healthcare system. It makes me sad to think how many dental hygienists feel that they are stuck, on a treadmill, doing the same thing every day. Just like every one of us is unique, we need to start seeing each appointment that way. How we address the client, how we assess, the treatment plan, and the care provided, can truly change a client’s life. In fact, it can add years to their life and even save it. That is pretty amazing.


'Dental Hygiene Quarterly', previously called 'DVD Quarterly', is now under the rdhu umbrella and is a CE publication that will be delivered to your door (as a DVD) or your inbox (for online streaming) every quarter. You receive 3 Hours of ‘Continuing Education’ with each issue. You will receive approximately half of your required CQI Requirements for the year, depending on where you live and practice across the country, for only $149 per year (CDHA Members).


I look forward to sharing this with you. For more information on how to subscribe to the 'Dental Hygiene Quarterly', please see below.


Thank you for reading and for your support. Have a great rest of your week!


Kindest regards,



Kathleen's Blog - February 20th, 2018


We have all heard the phrase ‘You don’t know what you don’t know'. Often, I feel this relates to a lot of our courses at rdhu, because one of the things that excites me most, is to see RDH’s leave rdhu with a renewed sense of engagement for our profession. Learning what you don’t know is what keeps life exciting and forever changing.


Unfortunately many of us have been practicing for years and have fallen into our ‘comfort’ zone where we do the same thing every day. Using the same ultrasonic instruments, using the same hand scalers and curettes and using the same techniques that perhaps we were once taught in school, tweaked slightly along the way. Technology keeps our world changing, new techniques and styles have been introduced, all to make what we do more efficient and more effective. It’s pretty amazing.


We often have RDH’s come through rdhu and participate in our ‘Excellence in Ultrasonic’ series, by Dani Botbyl or our Mastery of Skills series, by Anna Louise Tolan, and they are more times than not, amazed at how much they learn. Participating in these types of programs can be true practice changers. If you are feeling like you are doing the same thing every day that you have been doing for years or if you are new to our profession, I encourage you to take a look at these programs and courses that are available to you. Learning and growing is what keeps us engaged. These courses can transform the way you are practicing and will give you extra confidence with yours skills and technique.


Our first course for the year, that is part of the ‘Excellence in Ultrasonic’ series, is this Friday, February 23rd. I know we have a couple of spots available. I encourage you to take that next step and join us to ‘Transform the Dental Hygiene Experience’, for both you and your client.


Thank you for reading and have a great week!



Kathleen's Blog - February 13th, 2018


Despite the snow storms this past weekend, we held very successful courses at rdhu, with excellent attendance. Thank you to those who braved the weather.


We held the ‘Laser Certification’ Course, The ‘Mastery of Skills I’ course and ‘How Does Inflammation and Infection Contribute to Oral Systemic Connection?’


The Laser Certification Program was a great success! For those of you who are looking to learn more about Laser Therapy, or perhaps have a laser in your practice and unable to use it (and your clients are booking with someone else!), make 2018 the year to receive your Laser Certification! We are now registering for Saturday, June 2. This course fills up fast so please plan ahead and register early.


The Mastery of Skills Series has begun with Anna Louise Tolan. For those of you have signed up for ‘The Transformation Group for Mastery’, and received the fabulous gift and Transformation Worksheet, we will be connecting with you later this week for follow-up regarding the Transformation Worksheet. You can visit the rdhu YouTube Channel to learn how to use the LM Syntettte Curette that we had specially branded for rdhu!


We are so pleased with the evaluations we received regarding Kerry Lepicek’s Oral Systemic Link course on Sunday. We look forward to having Kerry here again to share her knowledge with us as we continue to learn more about inflammation and how it affects the body.


I also recorded ‘Toothpaste Matters’ last week, which I look forward to sharing with you as soon as it is finished being edited and posted on the rdhu Portal. I feel strongly about the products we recommend to our clients and excited to share this with you. As I am sitting here typing this part of the email, I am on a juice cleanse and having my 3rd juice of the day. I absolutely love doing a juice cleanse every 3 – 4 months as it makes me feel energized, my mind feels clear and it helps me sleep. But the one thing I don’t like about it is I feel I am introducing my teeth to a high acid environment with some of the juices. I am thankful that I use a paste that protects my teeth by creating a shield that resists high acids from attacking my enamel. That said, I look forward to sharing this webinar with you very soon. It will be offered free and will compliment ‘The Compass Program’, which is a CE Journey that is brought to you by Crest & Oral B. More info on that below.


I wish you all a Happy Valentine’s Day tomorrow and really appreciate you reading.


Please see more below and have a great week!



Kathleen's Blog - February 6th, 2018


We had a great ‘Quality Assurance Fun and Intensive Weekend’ this past weekend and it was JUST that ~ Fun AND Intensive! We accomplished a lot and now have a great start to the year. Our next QA weekend is May 26th and 27th. It is filling up fast, so if you missed this past weekend, I suggest you register ASAP. Let’s have a great year and not delay until November. I know many of you dread the ‘Learning Portfolio’ but the thing that I love about it, is it really does help us become more engaged in our profession. Like anything, if we don’t live intentionally, the time just seems to drift by, and we end up doing the same thing over and over again. By reflecting on our practice, and creating a learning plan for the year, it really does help motivate us and re-engage us in the profession that we love.


One of the topics that came up over the weekend was how important our profession is, and it reminded me of a story that I shared about the Oral Systemic Link. We ran a Transformation Contest a few years back and one of the stories submitted was about a Diabetic Client who hadn’t been to the dentist/dental hygienist in over 20 years. He came in with his wife, and had white knuckles in the chair, the gentleman had one quadrant done. He returned for the second quadrant a little more relaxed and had released his knuckles somewhat. He didn’t show up for the third appointment. The Dental Hygienist was perplexed because they had made such great progress together. She tried to get in touch with him but couldn’t. A couple of months passed by and the gentleman finally came walking back into the practice. He apologized for not letting her know what was going on, and then shared that he was very sick after his dental hygiene treatment and had been hospitalized. The dental hygienist was so surprised. He then proceeded to tell her that the reason he was hospitalized was that he was being over-medicated for his diabetes because his oral health/hygiene was improving! (This is a lot easier to tell live that writing!) This is an incredible story and one that should remind us of how important our role is in the overall health of our clients and a story that we can share. What we do is so important. We save people’s lives!


If you would like to learn more about the Oral Systemic Link, I encourage you to join Kerry Lepicek, RDH this Sunday, February 11, 2018 for the course: 'How Does Inflammation & Infection Contribute to Oral Systemic Connection?'.


Kerry will be discussing so many things that can help you in your practice. She will discuss how pathogenic bacteria and the body’s inflammatory response affect our client’s oral and systemic health, she will touch on lasers, different types of tests (including phase contrast microscope, DNA Analysis), treating the host, nutrition and how sugar can increase inflammation in the body and share over the counter tools that you can recommend to your clients. To learn more about this course and to read the Learning Goals that have been created to help you, there is a link provided below. This is a 6-hour course but you will leave the day with approximately 10 – 12 hours of CQI Activities to help support your goal.


That’s what we do at rdhu! We create Goal Statements, help with your learning, discuss how it may change your practice and offer extra layering of activities to support your goal. We want to help you every step of the way and be ‘The Easy Button’, so to speak :)


Thank you for reading, please see more below and have a great week!



Kathleen's Blog - January 30th, 2018


With the first month almost behind us, have you hit the ground running feeling motivated and excited, or do you feel more like that hamster on the same treadmill once again? Have you been able to take the time and reflect on your practice and on your team to think about the things you would like to do differently this year?


Perhaps there is:


· a program that you would like to implement in the dental hygiene department or


· you would like to create a better ‘experience’ for your clients and attract more new clients or


· perhaps you would like to celebrate your team and start to recognize birthdays and milestones or goals that your practice has achieved together so that you feel that you are part of a unified group.


This is a great time of year to self-assess your dental hygiene practice to enhance your own knowledge and skills and also to assess your environment to see what it is you can do to improve the client experience and the interaction between the team.


We are excited to be a part of your journey in any way we can.


We have set the dates for the ‘team events’ this year and wanted to share them with you early as I know many of you work Friday’s and wanted lots of notice for scheduling purposes. These events have been kindly sponsored by Crest & Oral B so they are free for you and your team (or you are welcome to come on your own). We have had teams come from afar and make it an overnight event as a chance to get away and do some team building.


I share the ‘8 Simple Secrets’ to Growing Your Practice. This is a proven system that works. We have implemented these strategies into rdhu (and have since grown from 1700 members to now over 15,000 members) and have worked with Dental Marketer on implementing these into dental practices. I am excited to share them with you! If you are looking for ways to grow your practice or for ways to improve the environment and increase referrals, or perhaps just to put systems into place so that things don’t ‘fall through the crack’, then this is a must attend for you! We will share strategies on how to ‘Attract’ new clients to your practice. We will go through an exercise of what the client experience looks like through your client’s eyes and come up with simple strategies so that you have an increase in client acceptance, a decrease in No Shows and Short Notice Cancellations and achieve better clinical outcomes. We will also look at ways to stay connected ‘After’ the appointment to ‘bridge the gap’ between appointments.


You will join us for a lovely lunch, followed by a 3-hour workshop (Certificates of Attendance: Core 3 for DDS’, 3 Hour QA for RDH’s, 3 CE for CDA’s), we then have two limos that will pick us up and take us to a gorgeous local vineyard that is only 10 minutes away where we will have the opportunity to continue the networking experience, sharing ideas over wine sampling and appetizers. We will have you back to rdhu by 5 - 5:15pm.


Event Dates:


Friday, March 2nd

Friday, April 6th

Friday, June 8th

Friday, September 7th


(*You will be required to supply a credit card to hold your spot. You will not be charged unless it is a No Show ~ $25 per person)


Let us WOW you for the day and see what is possible as we make learning fun and share what you can do in your dental practice to WOW your clients.


If you would like to join us simply send us an email with the subject line Event and the date you have chosen and we will take it from there!


Enjoy your week! Thank you for being a part of rdhu.


Kindest regards,



Kathleen's Blog - January 23rd, 2018


It has been a busy month for many of you who are submitting before January 31st and for those who have just found out that they are being Audited next year. For me personally, I have been doing many Portfolio Reviews/Screen Shares helping RDH’s who are hitting the ‘Submit’ button this month. So much so that ‘Infection Control’ seems to enter every one of my dreams at night! It doesn’t matter the scenario...IPAC is there :)


We are excited at rdhu to set up our facility and see many of you as our 2018 onsite courses start this week!


If you need an update on Infection Prevention and Control or Quality Assurance, please join us this Friday at rdhu.


We have sold out for the first dates for Laser Certification and Mastery of Skills I. If either of these are in your plan for this year, we recommend registering for the next available dates ASAP.


Many of you have seen Kerry Lepicek, RDH present for OraVital. Well, we are excited to inform you that Kerry has created a new course on Inflammation (Oral Systemic Link) and is now a rdhu presenter! We are excited to have Kerry on our team as she is an amazing presenter who is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about our profession. Join Kerry for her new program on Sunday, February 11th.


For those of you who love the online learning or who live in a different province, we have started filming our ‘Dental Hygiene Quarterly’ 2018 sessions and really excited for what we have coming up in store for you!


For those of you who are registered with the CDHO (The College of Dental Hygienists of Ontario)…the numbers for next year’s Audit selection are out! If your registration number ends in “2” or “6” you will be required to submit your Quality Assurance records by January 31, 2019. There are exceptions (please check your dashboard in the SMILE Portal). 'Join me for a Quality Assurance Fun and Intensive Weekend' on February 3rd and 4th. I strongly recommend you attend. You will leave with plenty of hours and a plan to help you have a successful year, with peace of mind.


If you haven’t yet done so, send us a quick response to this email. Yes, I am being audited! And we will send you all the details. You're not alone. Help is on the way!


Kindest regards,


Kathleen's Blog - January 16th, 2018


Well it’s that time of the year again and for those who are registered with the CDHO (The College of Dental Hygienists of Ontario)…the numbers for next year’s Audit selection are out! If your registration number ends in “2” or “6” you will be required to submit your Quality Assurance records by January 31, 2019.




· Registrants who submitted their Quality Assurance records in 2015, 2016, 2017, OR who participated in the 2018 peer review will not be required to submit their information.


· Registrants who registered on OR after July 1, 2016 will not be required to submit their information.


Please check your Dashboard in your SMILE Portal to see if you have been selected.


We are here to help! It has been a very busy month this month with helping those submitting by January 2018. Let's be proactive and plan your year together. Start the process now and DO NOT WAIT until November!


Send a quick response to this email. Yes, I am being audited! And we will send you all the details. You're not alone. Help is on the way!


 Kindest regards,