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Tip of the week: June 13th, 2017

"We all have those clients who are not brushing long enough, or too hard or miss areas. Try the Oral B Genius. This powerbrush has Position Detection and connects via Bluetooth so that your clients can track their brushing.

Click here to learn more to view a video on the Oral B Genius and contact your Crest & Oral B rep to take advantage of their Professional Trial Offer. Click here to order and to register or call 1-855-295-7348 if you would like to register by phone."


Tip of the week: June 6th, 2017

"Join QA Coach and receive webinars that are related to your SMILE Portal! Linda McLarty, from Germiphene and an Infection Prevention and Control Specialist, along with Kathleen Bokrossy, RDH walk you through the Infection Control portion of your Practice Profile. This week Kathleen will be recording David Goodman, from Heaven Can Wait, regarding the Medical Emergency portion!

Click here to learn more and to register or call 1-855-295-7348 if you would like to register by phone."


Tip of the week: May 30th, 2017

"If you are a ‘Temp Dental Hygienist’, there is a new app that can help you find work! “TempStars is Canada’s premium dental hygiene temp agency, our cutting-edge mobile technology makes it easy for dental offices to find a good dental hygienist fast.” Click here for more info!"


Tip of the week: May 23rd, 2017

"For those clients with a strong lip, place a cotton roll in the vestibule so that you can access facial areas with less struggle while retracting."

Lucy Pavao, RDH – Thank you for your ‘Tip’ Lucy!


Tip of the week: May 16th, 2017

"If you have completed Ultrasonics I and II, we encourage you to keep going to receive your “Excellence in Ultrasonics” series framed certificate. Elevate your skills and knowledge, proudly display your certificate on your wall and add this accomplishment to your resume. The Ultrasonics III is now being held in the new Dentsply Sirona facility in Woodbridge, ON. Join us offsite at this wonderful location!"

For extra layering of learning visit www.cavitronworld.com


Tip of the week: April 25th, 2017

"Re-taking courses is a great thing! If you have taken a course at rdhu in the past, it may be time for a refresher!

I wanted to share with everyone the great day I had at Essentials for Documentation. I learned a lot of new information that I will be able to use starting tomorrow. (I had previously taken the same course 5 years ago ( May 2012). I was hoping that I would feel that I received value in taking the course again.) I certainly did, as well as spending time with like-minded peers and receiving a certificate for my Smile Portal.

It happens to be a 3 hour drive and my co-worker/friend and I considered possibly leaving an hour early... we ended up being the last 2 people to leave the building!! After finding out about our long drive home, Anna Louise shared that we would probably be discussing each other’s learning nuggets and that this process/discussion is considered Peer to Peer for our Smile Portal! We were thrilled!! And she was right, we started right in the car "creating" new templates/ideas for our office. Thanks again for a great day."

~ Robin Southorn, RDH


Tip of the week: April 18th, 2017

"Make sure your Emergency Medical Kit is up to date! Emergency medical equipment must be kept close at hand and available to all team members. Necessary equipment includes a portable oxygen tank and an emergency medical kit. It is important that the oxygen cylinder is full and the medical kit is checked frequently for expired medication."


Tip of the week: April 11th, 2017

"If you are struggling to keep your mirror from fogging up when you are using the ultra-sonic scaler (cavitron), pour a bit of mouthwash into a cup and dip your mirror in the mouthwash and your mirror will be fog free."

~ Louise Mcgill, RDH


Tip of the week: April 4th, 2017

The winner for submitting the Tip-of-the-week during the first quarter is Robin Southorn, RDH!

Robin wins a yearly subscription to Dental Hygiene Quarterly! Congratulations Robin!

For every tip you submit, your name will be entered into the draw! The next winner will be selected by June 30th.

We love hearing from you and we receive a lot of positive feedback that our members like these tips. If you have one, please share with your colleagues and email info@rdhu.ca Subject Line: Tip-of-the-week!


Tip of the week: March 28th, 2017

"For clients with open contacts /embrasures that are not corrected with ideal restorations- have them tie a knot on their floss. This "little bump" helps to dislodge any food debris/deposits that continue to fill the space of the contact.Show them how to slide into the contact on area of floss with "no bump" then move floss along to the "bump" and floss the contact. It is amazing how you slide your fingers across the knot and it seems so small, but once in the mouth if feels like it is removing the debris!"

~ Robin Southorn, RDH