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“"For the CDHO RDH’s… Bring your laptop every time you take a course, whether it is at rdhu or anywhere else. Enter your bibliography and ‘gems’ you have learned that very day! Same with your reading materials or webinars th”

Tip of the week: January 17th, 2017!


“"Dental hygienists sit most of the day, positioned awkwardly with torso tilted forward, leaning so one side slightly, arms extended out in front. This puts a lot of strain on the neck, shoulders and upper back. (We all know this and feel it!). I started 3”

Tip of the week: January 3rd, 2017!


“"Do you have a client that gags when you walk in the room? Try placing a LITTLE salt on the client's tongue. Have them smack their lips once or twice and you are good to go. Replenish as needed throughout the appt. (I provide a quick suction for the incre”

Tip of the week: December 20th, 2016!


“"Get a one-on-one ‘Portfolio Review’ with Kathleen Bokrossy! Kathleen is easy to speak with and she really knows her stuff! She helped me with my portfolio and goals and so I was able to better understand what I was deficient in. Thanks Kathleen ~ it was”

Tip of the week: December 13th, 2016!


“"One way I found to reduce my work stress and save time during my workday is by reviewing the next day’s scheduled clients’ charts. I make notes and plan the hygiene appointment in advance so this allows me to feel mentally prepared for the next day a”

Tip of the week: December 6th, 2016!