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Kathleen's Blog - October 2nd, 2018


What an incredible time we had at the ODHA Re-energize Conference this past weekend! Thank you to all of you who attended my Quality Assurance lecture, instrumentation workshops and who stopped by our booth! It was a re-energizing few days and my heart still feels full from this experience.


I have a special note from Anna Louise Tolan:


Hello Colleagues,


What a great conference this past weekend! It was so wonderful to see so many rdhu tribe members!


I was presenting on two topics plus spent a considerable amount of time on the exhibit floor helping many attendees with Piezo and Instrumentation techniques!


It's a great feeling when you can start your next work day with tips on technique that will make you more effective and efficient!


If you need to discover the power of Piezo technology, join me for a day of hands-on learning on Saturday, October 13 2018.


The day may start in a noisy way, but you will finish in quiet efficiency! :)


Thank you for being a part of rdhu!


I really appreciate your continued support, your feedback and comments! Please find information below regarding what’s coming up!


Have a great week!


Kindest regards,



Kathleen's Blog - September 25th, 2018


As I was putting my final touches on my QA presentation for the upcoming Re-Energize ODHA Conference this morning, one thing that really excites me and I look forward to sharing, is that Quality Assurance should not be an event. It shouldn’t be something that we are stressed about and panicking last minute to submit to our regulatory colleges. It should be something that we continually evaluate and thrive for improvement. And it can be done! I have strategies that I will be sharing to help change a possible nervous mindset to one of confidence. Also, as I have shared in previous emails, without growing and improving, we remain stagnant and can drift ever so slightly every day, typically for the worse, not for the better. Unless we live intentionally, self-assess and make a plan to set goals and make improvements in our lives, we can drift every day. One of my favourite books is called ‘The Slight Edge’ by Jeff Olson. If you would like to give it a read, I would highly recommend it. It is about living with intention. Making each day better than the day before and how our daily choices can lead to massive results and happiness. As Darren Hardy says…”Success if achieved through inches, not miles.”


Whether we are being audited or not, Quality Assurance should be something that we participate in every year. We need to make it a habit not an act. As Aristotle stated “Quality is not an Act…it is a Habit”.


We are so fortunate to have the privilege of living in a country and being in a profession where we are self-regulated. Each province and territory, have their own QA Requirements in place to protect the public and to ensure that we are delivering the quality of care that the public deserves. Regardless of where you are practicing, we are all accountable and need to share our QA Activities, whether it be through a Portfolio, Examination or collection of CE credits, we need to submit from time to time. What if you kept up with your hours every year? What if you made a plan of action at the BEGINNING of the year, rather than panicking and looking back to 3 years. Please don’t feel bad if you fall into this category. Many RDH’s are in this category, which is why I am so passionate to help you keep on-track. Nobody is perfect. I am far from perfect. But to know that I am changing the mindset of so many and helping them come up with ways to stay organized and ahead of the game, brings me more pleasure than you will ever know.


Thank you for being a part of rdhu Nation :)


I really appreciate your continued support, your feedback and comments! Please find information below regarding what’s coming up!


Have a great week!


Kindest regards,



Kathleen's Blog - September 18th, 2018


It has been a busy start to September for us here at rdhu! We had a great weekend with Anna Louise Tolan, who shared her knowledge and expertise with our members. Thank you to Anna Louise and to all who attended her 'Mastery of Skills I' and 'Building Confidence with Instrumentation' courses. I am confident that you made changes to your practice already and feel transformed!


I am leaving for Halifax on Friday and presenting at the ADEW this weekend. If you are in the area and would like to join us, there is still time to register. Please find the information below!


The ODHA Re-Energize is just around the corner and offers a fabulous line-up of presenters and courses! I am excited to be presenting 3 hands-on Instrumentation programs and a lecture on Quality Assurance! Today is the last day to register, so be sure to do that today if you would like to join us!


Many of our members from Alberta will be submitting their QA Requirements next month, our Fall 2018 edition for the 'Dental Hygiene Quarterly' will be available shortly. You will have access to the online portal, if you are a DVD subscriber and need to get your hours complete ASAP (rather than waiting for the DVD – which should arrive in your mailbox the first week of October).


For those of you who are trying to put together your Learning Portfolio and would like help, please feel free to email me at kathleen@rdhu.ca


We have had a few panicked members worrying about submitting in January. I urge you to contact us ASAP so that we can help you get your requirements and enter everything in prior to the holidays! The holidays are just around the corner ☺


Thank you for reading! I really appreciate your continued support, your feedback and comments! Please find information below regarding what’s coming up!


Have a great week!


Kindest regards,



Kathleen's Blog - August 14th, 2018


I had a call last week with one of our members, Tanya, that truly got me excited! I love what I do but when I speak with someone who is so positive, enthusiastic and energetic, it reinforces that all of our efforts are being appreciated.


For days before I had my call with Tanya, I was thinking of some names for rdhu, as a group. I played with rdhu community (boring), rdhu tribe (not sure that our members will like being a part of a tribe) and then I had this call. Tanya was pretty happy that I personally answered the phone, as often it isn't me answering. She has been a part of rdhu for many years as a QA Coach member, a Dental Hygiene Quarterly subscriber and a hands-on participant at rdhu. Between being a member of the CDHA, ODHA and rdhu, she is "covered". She said she absolutely loves being a part of rdhu Nation...Nation? That's the word! I shared with her what I was thinking of and she said for sure Nation, as we help dental hygienists with their professional development and Quality Assurance requirements across the country! We offer special events and is her "Go-To" for all her PD and QA needs, that we are her "easy button" and loves our presenters, extra resources, etc.


This my friends, is what we call a 'raving fan'. And again, something we talk about at our '8 Simple Secrets to Growing Your Practice' (our free team event).


What defines your raving fans in your practice? What do you do that gets your clients excited so that you are their Go-To for their oral health (which = overall health) needs? What makes your clients talk about YOU when they are at a dinner party and the topic of dentistry comes up? We all know people talk about their dental experiences! Join me on Friday, September 7th to share ideas and take home strategies that you can implement into your practice right away so that you can create more 'raving fans' for your practice.


Thank you Tanya for inspiring me and for sharing your positive energy and spirit!


Thank you for reading! I really appreciate your continued support, your feedback and comments! Please find information below regarding what’s coming up!


Have a great week!


Kindest regards,



Kathleen's Blog - August 7th, 2018


I am currently working on my programs that I will be presenting in September and doing some research to update one of my presentations for Halifax, and came across some articles: “Proud of my Op”. This looks like a campaign that Pennwell Publishing has created. You might want to check it out and have a read (www.rdhmag.com). I have to tell you, they provide a refreshing perspective.


I have recently seen a lot of dental hygiene focused content that is themed around being confined to the operatory. It focuses on dental hygienists looking for ways to escape the op!


I really think this sort of perspective sets a negative tone for our profession. By getting dental hygienists to focus on the challenges instead of the opportunities, we set ourselves up for failure. As we all know, we get what we focus on.


I think most of us went into dental hygiene because we want to care and help the public. If you are feeling confined in the op, it might be time to step out and re-evaluate what brought you there in the first place. If you are there because you genuinely care for your clients and want to improve not only their oral health, but also their overall health, why not look at some things you can do to change your mindset somewhat and to work inside an op that you can be proud of?


I speak with dental hygienists over the phone, at rdhu and at conferences and I know there are many similar concerns and obstacles throughout. Hopefully you are working in a practice where there is mutual respect between you and your team and that you have a voice to implement change and continual growth.


If you are feeling stuck, here are a few of my suggestions to help re-engage you in your Op:


Look for hands-on courses that can help elevate your skill and in return help you enjoy your practice again. In addition to skill development, this is also a great networking experience where you can be with your peers and share ideas. Whether you are a veteran in our field or not, there is something for everyone to learn (or be reminded of!) I would recommend looking at our 'Mastery of Skills' Series, presented by Anna Louise Tolan (Mastery of Skills I link is found below). I have known Anna Louise for many years and when we first started rdhu, almost 10 years ago, I approached Anna Louise to create hands-on courses for rdhu. Anna Louise and I sat on the board for the 'ODHA Product and Research News' and I have to say, she has so many wonderful tips and tricks to share and is a wealth of knowledge. She still practices clinically and is inspirational. If you haven’t attended one of her programs, I highly recommend it!


Make sure you are comfortable (ergonomically)! There is nothing worse than at the end of the day being totally exhausted and sore, where you have zero energy left and your battery is completely drained! Look for ways that will help you maintain your energy! We have a course on Energy Management that I present with Ann Tran, who is also a great RDH and a Registered Optician. We go through a number of different strategies used in our profession to prevent fatigue. Examples include: - You can give loupes a try. If you have never worn loupes, they help prevent fatigue by improving your posture. - Choose instruments that are light and have a large handles! We also have some short video clips on our YouTube channel to introduce you to different options that will help you within your practice. - Watch your positioning and your fulcrums (again another thing you will review at our hands-on courses) - Make sure the gloves you wear are the perfect fit for you. These are only a few of the many ergonomic strategies that we share at our full-day course on Friday, October 19th.


Listen to positive podcasts and books to read. So often, I can change my mindset if I am feeling down in seconds after hearing something positive. I am thinking of starting a weekly book summary email of the books I am reading. I would love to know if this is something of interest to you.


Breathe! Take time for you and breathe deep, exercise, go for a walk!


Learn something new! Why not look into a course that can bring new technology into your practice (ie. A Laser program or Scanner course)


I could go on and on in this blog! These are just a handful of things you can do to make you love your Op again! Whether you take these courses at rdhu or not, I feel that getting into a small group hands-on setting will inspire you. The key to happiness is progress, and it’s the lack of progress that makes you feel confined. Continuous learning is never a one-of, it needs to be an on-going journey that brings you joy, happiness and success.


Thank you for reading and I really appreciate your continued support and your feedback and comments! Please find information below regarding what’s coming up! Have a great week!


Kindest regards,



Kathleen's Blog - July 31st, 2018


One of the items we discussed at our rdhu off-site meeting last week was related to how we can improve our ‘after’ experience. Meaning, what more can we give our clients to help them ‘after’ they have attended a course at rdhu or online to reinforce the learning. Just like trying to get your clients to continue to do the things necessary to maintain their oral hygiene while at the same time will keep you top-of-mind.


We discuss strategies on the ‘after’ experience at our special team event, The ‘8 Simple Secrets to Growing Your Practice’.


I feel the ‘After’ experience, for most practices, falls short and if we spent more time focusing on what more we can give your client’s/ patients after they have left an appointment so that your clients are wow’d by your practice, you will notice an incredible growth in your practice. I also think it is important to keep connected during the gap months!


Don’t you feel great when you receive a special surprise after you have purchased a product or service? The thing is, we don’t experience this very often, which makes this even more memorable, if you do decide to focus on the after experience for your practice. This will help your practice stand-out from other practices.


So, let’s think about what more we can do ‘after’ the appointment:


· A thank you card

· A phone call

· Start your own YouTube Channel for your practice and video educational ‘How To’s’ so that you can send them to your client after they have purchased.


For example, if they purchase a Genius Power Brush, you could send them a video on how to set up their Genius Power Brush; if you send them home with interdental aids, you can record a video on 'how to use' the interdental aids, or after they have just received their first implant you can send them a link to a video on how to maintain their implant.


These are just a few strategies that I wanted to share with you to get you to start looking at your ‘After’ experience as a stand-alone entity within your practice. It’s such an important part of your practice if you are looking to improve patient/client loyalty and the frequency of repeat visits.


If you would like to join me to discuss strategies like those outlined above, I would love to see you at rdhu so that we can work together to take your practice to a new level. The information for our next FREE transformational event is found below.


Thank you for reading and I really appreciate your continued support, feedback and comments! Please find information below regarding what’s coming up! Have a great week!


Kindest regards,



Kathleen's Blog - July 24th, 2018


We just wrapped up our rdhu 2-day off-site Strategic Planning/Team Building session at the cottage today and I wanted to share with you why I feel that it is so important that every practice holds off-site meetings/team building sessions.


It is a chance to step outside your everyday environment and get to know and reconnect with your team.


Our team has been together for many years and we have all got to know each other pretty well, so it's always nice to catch up on each other's lives on a personal level.


Your team is made up of people with different needs, ambitions and personalities. Getting to know them, and helping them to get to know each other, can build a happy, trusting team.


Identifying and working toward a common goal, as a team, can unite your group. Having a clearly identified destination can prevent people from pulling in different directions, which is frustrating and ineffective. More times than not, we all have different wants and needs. What you want and need may be totally different than your co-worker. Going through an exercise as to what each individual wants as an end result and what is important to them will help you in identifying how you will achieve your goals.


Conflict is something that is a part of every business or practice. By making sure that the off-site is a ‘safe’ environment to openly discuss issues or concerns will help prevent hurt feelings. I have always been a believer that if something is wrong, it needs to be openly addressed right away and gossip is just not accepted.


The purpose of team building activities is to motivate your group to work together, to develop their strengths and to address any weaknesses.


Off-sites provide an opportunity to identify ‘broken windows’. For those of you who have attended my Team Building events (The '8 Simple Secrets' to Growing Your Practice), you are familiar with this theory. Identify what isn’t working and how it can be fixed when it is a small problem before it becomes a large problem, is a great way to help you and your team reach your goals.


By making team building part of your culture, and not just a one-off, you will strengthen the bonds within your team and will create an atmosphere of positivity and growth.


Our next '8 Simple Secrets to Growing Your Practice' is on Friday, September 7th at rdhu. We will be holding another one in Ottawa (with Henry Schein and the Dental Peers Group) on Friday, November 2. So if you are interested in either of those dates, please save the date and send us an email.


Thank you for reading and I really appreciate your continued support, feedback and comments! Please find information below regarding what’s coming up! Have a great week!


Kindest regards,



Kathleen's Blog - July 17th, 2018


I have to say that I am sure loving the weather that we are having and hope that you are having a great summer as well!


 The Summer 2018 Edition for Dental Hygiene Quarterly is officially in the mail (if you are a DVD Subscriber) and is available online for both DVD and online streamers. As of this edition, the online streaming will be found on the rdhu portal and no longer on the CDHA website. This was a decision made between both CDHA and rdhu so that we can enhance your learning experience. We have a short video on our YouTube Channel (link below), so you can take a quick peek at where it is located and what is included! We now include handouts (when applicable) and supporting documents for each course. We have also included a rdhu Activity Page so that you can reflect on your learning and make a plan for how you are going to make changes to your practice. This Activity Page also includes Goal Samples, for those of you who need these for your Learning Portfolios, but also, in general, as it is a good idea to have a goal in mind prior to taking any course. Why are you taking this course and what are you hoping to get out of it?


I cannot tell you how much I am enjoying being the publisher for this this publication. To me, not only are you being kept current with dental hygiene related information; but also, it is truly the 'Easy Button' for your Professional Development needs.


I love when things are automated to take away unnecessary hours of looking and perhaps preventing you from slipping behind. Whether you need the CE or not, this is a great way for you to stay connected and current.


We have set up Dental Hygiene Quarterly so that you never have to look online for courses that are relevant to dental hygiene and most importantly current evidence based material! You never have to run out of hours and be in a panic looking for Continuing Education or Professional Development. My promise to you is that we strive for excellence and we deliver 3 Hours of CE every quarter, which covers approximately half of your CE requirements, no matter what province you live in!


I hope you have the opportunity to take advantage of our Dental Hygiene Quarterly Summer Special (more info below)!


Thank you for reading and I really appreciate your continued support, feedback and comments! Please find information below regarding what’s coming up! Have a great week!


Kindest regards,



Kathleen's Blog - July 10th, 2018


I hope you are having a great summer so far! We can’t complain about the weather, that’s for sure!


I have had a good start to the summer! I have been working with some QA Coach members, through one-on-one coaching via screen sharing and I have to say, I am super proud of so many of you! I think this is the first year ever that we have had this kind of response from people wanting to get their QA Records complete before the fall. If you are being audited this year or next, I would be happy to help you. Our Mission Possible Summer project has begun and many of you are working on your Practice Profile. If you work as per our timeline, you will have that portion of your SMILE portal complete by July 23. All you need to do is carve out approximately 30 – 60 minutes a week.


For me, this is the time of year that things slow down at rdhu and at home, so I get to put aside time each day to work on projects both personally and professionally. I think the best way to achieve this is to create a plan for your day. I use a Journal that lists my Daily Big 3. The Daily Big 3 are the most important tasks that will have the greatest impact on your goal. This is a list to help support your goals. It could be something so small or something major.


For instance, if you are in need of more CE hours, perhaps your Big 3 would be: 1. To find a CE program on Instrumentation 2. Watch or read the activity 3. Document my learning in my Portfolio


Just think, if you were to create a list similar to this every day how much closer you would be to achieving your goal!


Speaking of instrumentation, I just completed a short series of videos and I am excited to share them with you. Stay tuned and I will be sending the info out soon!


Thank you for reading and I really appreciate your continued support, feedback and comments! Please find information below regarding what’s coming up! Have a great week!


Kindest regards,



Kathleen's Blog - July 3rd, 2018


I hope you had a fabulous Canada Day Long weekend! It was a great weekend up north at the cottage and am thankful that we had a nice breeze passing through. I know it was super-hot in many areas across the country! This weekend is always an extra special one, as lucky for me, my birthday falls on this weekend that is…the last day of school, the beginning of the summer, a long weekend…and a celebration for this wonderful country that we live in!


My celebratory weekend started on Thursday night when I surprised my BFF Jo-Anne Jones (RDH), and her husband, in Toronto. Jo-Anne moved to Kelowna, BC one year ago and is loving it! Jo came home for her celebratory weekend, as her birthday is close to mine and she turned 60 this year! It is hard to believe, I know. For those of you who know Jo-Anne (I am sure that the majority of our readers have attended one of her lectures!), you would be very surprised to hear that she turned 60. I remember years ago thinking that 60 seemed so old. Now, as I get closer to this age (I still have a way to go, but just sayin’) 60 is truly the new 40!


Jo-Anne is the epitome of beauty. She is beautiful inside and out and has given so much to our profession over the years. I think she is at her best now…she’s fit and healthy and living her life by design and to its fullest!


Jo-Anne bought me a beautiful heart necklace for my birthday and said “Kath, you lead your life, including your business, from your heart, and for that I so grateful for you”.


I think as dental hygienists, most of us do live our life from our heart. In general, I think, we are ‘that’ kind of person. We chose a profession where we can help elevate and improve the public’s health. They are in our care and we want the best for them. Kudos to all of you who care, and who set out every day to make a difference!


This time of year, also is a reminder that half of 2018 is behind us. It amazes me, as I feel like the Holiday Season was only a few months ago. It’s a great time to reflect. What have you done or not done this year? Are you on-track with the goals you set out for yourself personally and professionally? It’s a great time to ‘check-in’ and re-evaluate where you are at!


We have lots of cool things happening over this hot summer! For those of you who hold a CDHO licence, The Mission Possible Project is starting this week and for those of you who subscribe to Dental Hygiene Quarterly, we have just finished and published the Summer 2018 issue! It will be in your inbox and/or your front door!


Thank you for reading and I really appreciate your continued support, feedback and comments! Please find information below regarding what’s coming up! Have a great week!


Kindest regards,