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KATHLEEN BOKROSSY, RDH, has been bringing engaging energy to the dental profession for over 30 years. Kathleen is the president of ‘rdhu’ and ‘QA Coach’ and the publisher for ‘Dental Hygiene Quarterly’, where her vision is to help ‘Transform the Dental Hygiene Experience’. Kathleen is on the Speakers Bureau for Crest & Oral B and presents Internationally. Her passion for marketing has not only helped rdhu grow to a current membership of over 10,000 but also has helped many dental practices grow as she enjoys helping them thrive in today’s marketplace.
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Anna Louise celebrates 28 years of clinical practice in dental hygiene; specializing in periodontal therapy and medically compromised clients. She is a well-recognized presenter who has over 2 decades of experience facilitating lectures and hands-on learning for the dental industry,CDHA,ODHA, rdhu and the DVD Quarterly of Dental Hygiene. Anna Louise has served on the Advisory Board of Research and Product News Magazine since its inception. She eagerly shares her brand of passion and enthusiasm for the profession. Her commitment to learning opportunities and continuous improvement is undeniable. Attendees of Anna Louise’s educational events describe her as passionate, inspirational, motivational, one who speaks from experience and keeps it real. She has developed presentations on Recordkeeping and Instrumentation that have received approval as remediation courses for the CDHO. Anna Louise is currently working on her Fellowship from the ADIA and is a cast member of The RDH View.
Dani Botbyl is a dental hygienist with twenty two years of experience devoted to clinical practice and education. She is recognized national speaker and an expert in the area of ultrasonic instrumentation. As a compliment to instrumentation, she has recently taken an interest in needle-free anesthesia. Currently, a registered dental hygienist in Ontario, Dani is a Clinical Educator for DENTSPLY Canada, the manufacturing pioneer and market leader of ultrasonic technology. Dani lends much of her expertise to incorporating ultrasonics into the curriculums of dental and dental hygiene programs across Canada. She is a facilitator at the Ultrasonic Scaling Teaching Institute, a five day ultrasonic certification course held in the northeastern United States and has served as a faculty member at Niagara College of Applied Arts and Technology in Welland, Ontario for more than a decade. Commitment to her profession is shown at the local, provincial and national levels. At present she is the Editor-in-Chief of Preventive Dentistry Canada and is proud to serve as a member of a Curriculum Advisory Committee for dental hygiene. Dani has held positions with the College of Dental Hygienists of Ontario as a Clinical Evaluator and a Quality Assurance Assessor and served on the Board of Directors for the Ontario Dental Hygienists Association. She lives in the Niagara Region of Ontario with her wonderful husband of twenty years – Scott and her two beautiful children - son Devon and daughter Elise.
Straight forward and down-to-earth, Linda McLarty has over 20 years experience in dealing with dental personnel regarding infection prevention and control and compliance. As Educational Support Manager for Germiphene Corporation, she is committed to providing you with evidence-based, scientifically sound information. Linda is able to bridge the gap between guidelines and standards to practical solutions for you to use in your practice. Discussion generating and problem solving are an integral part of Linda’s presentations. A long-standing member of OSAP, Dentistry’s Resource for Infection Control and Safety, Linda has traveled and lectured extensively both in Canada and around the world sharing her knowledge with dentists, dental hygienists, dental assistants and dental support staff. With both emerging and re-emerging diseases making the headlines daily along with breakdowns in infection prevent and control, Linda provides information to enable you to break the chain of infection to protect your patients, yourself and your family.
Ann Tran is a practicing Dental Hygienist and Registered Optician. With over 15 years of health care and client care experience, she shares a different perspective proven to be clinically applicable for all her colleagues. After completing her Bachelor of Science in 2000 at Brock University, she pursued a prosperous career as a Registered Optician, working as a Managing Optician for high-end retailers and as an examiner for NACOR. Learning never stopped for Ann, as she also completed her dental hygiene certification in 2009 and achieved her Authorized for Self-Initiation status in 2013.
She brings forward a unique approach in achieving clinically successful customize client care but treatment acceptance and success. She continues to evolve in her career and carries a great passion to share and support all dental team members in achieving success in this ever evolving field of dentistry.
Kerry Lepicek, RDH is a highly focused and engaging presenter with over a decade of experience using an interceptive and preventive approach to treating periodontal disease and breath odour. She will leave you with many things you can take away and start to use in your practice the next day. Kerry is currently the OraVital® Wellness Coaching Manager for North America and has been active in helping to shape the future of the company. Kerry has been clinically implementing the OraVital® System since 2007. In 2010 Kerry published an article in Oral Health discussing several cases that were treated using the OraVital® System, and in 2015 was asked to speak at the Bermuda Dental Conference. She has spoken to many study clubs and was featured in the Dental Hygiene Quarterly Spring edition in 2016 talking about halitosis.
Marni Steinberg graduated from the University of Alberta Dental Hygiene program and subsequently completed her Bachelor of Arts degree and Master of Business Administration from the University of Calgary. She has had several years of experience working as a dental hygienist in private practice. Marni has been teaching didactic and clinical courses at the Canadian Academy of Dental Health and Community Sciences since 2009. Marni has completed her E-Learning Certificate from the University of Calgary and is passionate about education and personal growth.
My name is Linda Douglas, I have been a dental hygienist for 30 years, and I still enjoy it immensely. I am from London, England, where I studied dental assisting at the Eastman dental hospital, and then studied dental hygiene at the Royal dental hospital. I have lived and worked in Toronto for 22 years. In recent years I have noticed an increasing number of clients who were experiencing problems related to a dry mouth, so my desire to improve support of these individuals has instigated further study of salivary gland function, and xerostomia management. As I studied saliva in more depth, I came to realize that it is actually quite fascinating: it also ties in with the new paradigms: minimal intervention dentistry, and CAMBRA, and their emphasis on promotion of healthy saliva. I felt that this knowledge is well worth sharing with my colleagues, and as a result, I have written articles on topics related to saliva, and created an online continuing education course on Xerostomia management, which can be found at
David Goodman (Paramedic, Lecturer, Author and CEO and President of Heaven Can Wait Emergency First Aid Inc.)
David Goodman completed his BSc. from the University of Western Ontario. He continued his education with a Diploma in Paramedicine from Centennial College in Toronto. David worked as a paramedic in Ontario and worked as a clinical instructor and programme coordinator at a Paramedic College in Ontario. David is a published author and respected authority in the area of Medical Emergencies/First Aid and CPR and has had articles published in both the Ontario Dentist and Aorta (Alpha Omega Dental Fraternity). David has also made a DVD series for continuing education Dental Medical Emergencies published videos (DVD Quarterly) for Dental Hygienists (Part 1 and 2, 2009).

The majority of his teaching time is spent directly in dental offices with the entire office team, on customized presentations on CPR and Medical Emergencies. In addition to in-office training, David lectures at conventions, and both dental hygiene societies and dental societies.

Some of David’s appearances both lectures and certifications:


  • Toronto Central Dental Hygiene Society
  • North Toronto Dental Hygiene Society
  • Toronto Academy of Dentistry Winter Clinic
  • Ontario Dental Association Annual Spring Meeting
  • Ontario Dental Hygiene Association convention
  • Partners with the Toronto Academy of Dentistry for CPR training
  • University of Toronto Faculty of Dentistry both faculty and graduate students
  • Toronto, West, Central and East Dental Societies
  • Halton Peel Dental Society
  • York Region Dental Society
  • Alpha Omega Dental Fraternity
  • DOMACAN convention
  • Medical Emergencies and CPR with Dr. David Isen (Dental Anesthesiologist)
  • Medical Emergencies and CPR with Dr. Adam Kaplan (Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon)
Beth Parkes is the newest addition to our team. She is very excited to work with the RDHU community and help others advance in their own clinical skills.

Beth graduated with Honours from the Canadian Institute of Dental Hygiene in 2005.

For the last 12 years, she has worked in Orthodontics, Periodontics, and Private Dental Hygiene Practice in Ontario and British Columbia where she earned her certification in the administration of local anesthesia.

Beth continues to advance her education and training through mentorship, personal study and continuing education. She has focused her studies on the oral/systemic relationship of inflammation and the prevention and maintenance of periodontal disease.

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