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Linda McLarty, BA -Infection Prevention Specialist - Presenter

Straight forward and down-to-earth, Linda McLarty has over 20 years experience in dealing with dental personnel regarding infection prevention and control and compliance. As Educational Support Manager for Germiphene Corporation, she is committed to providing you with evidence-based, scientifically sound information. Linda is able to bridge the gap between guidelines and standards to practical solutions for you to use in your practice. Discussion generating and problem solving are an integral part of Linda’s presentations. A long-standing member of OSAP, Dentistry’s Resource for Infection Control and Safety, Linda has traveled and lectured extensively both in Canada and around the world sharing her knowledge with dentists, dental hygienists, dental assistants and dental support staff. With both emerging and re-emerging diseases making the headlines daily along with breakdowns in infection prevent and control, Linda provides information to enable you to break the chain of infection to protect your patients, yourself and your family.

Linda McLarty, BA -Infection Prevention Specialist - Presenter is currently not instructing any classes.