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Beth Parkes, RDH, Presenter

Beth Parkes is the newest addition to our team. She is very excited to work with the RDHU community and help others advance in their own clinical skills.

Beth graduated with Honours from the Canadian Institute of Dental Hygiene in 2005.

For the last 12 years, she has worked in Orthodontics, Periodontics, and Private Dental Hygiene Practice in Ontario and British Columbia where she earned her certification in the administration of local anesthesia.

Beth continues to advance her education and training through mentorship, personal study and continuing education. She has focused her studies on the oral/systemic relationship of inflammation and the prevention and maintenance of periodontal disease.

Beth Parkes, RDH, Presenter instructs the following:
  • Think Outside The Tray: A Hands-On Instrumentation and Sharpening Workshop
  • RSVP Today, Limited Enrollment
    Course Fee: $229
    plus additional layered activities 2 – 6 hours CE
    This course includes a continental breakfast and a catered lunch.

    Course Location:
    589 Barton St., Suite 102
    Stoney Creek, ON L8E 6E4

    Every rdhu course begins with an exercise:
    • to assist you in creating your goal statement
    • by providing enough additional activities to complete your goal
    • by discussing how you can implement your new knowledge for the benefit of your clients and to meet dental hygiene quality assurance requirements to help evaluate your learning and implementation for form 7

    At rdhu, we are committed to supporting our members every step of the way.


    This hands-on course is intended for the RDH who is looking to enhance clinical skills through:

    • Exploratory techniques for accurate calculus detection
    • Re-evaluating the periodontal exam
    • Broadened armamentarium
    • Perfecting your instrument sharpening

    The key to enhancing our clinical skills through instrumentation has four components:

    1. Exploratory techniques: We will refresh our knowledge of root morphology and discuss characteristics of different explorers. We will review how explorer choice and use is critical in the detection of sub-gingival calculus and identification of root concavities that we typically see in moderate to severe attachment loss. We will learn how to modify inaccurate techniques to correct errors in adaptation to help gain access to explore difficult areas.

    2. Periodontal examination and probing: An overview of comprehensive periodontal assessment as an essential first step to enhancing clinical outcomes will be discussed. Different choices of periodontal probes and the significance of the outcome of the periodontal exam and its impact on instrument and periodontal debridement choices will be discussed.

    3. Broadening your armamentarium: Think Outside the Tray! A variety of different types and styles of instruments will be introduced and there will be ample time for a hands-on component so that you may become proficient in the use of these instruments.
    We will discuss key features and indication for use of each instrument.

    4. Perfecting the skill of instrument sharpening: A review of the importance of instrument maintenance will be discussed. You will learn how to quickly and efficiently attain and maintain a sharp cutting edge on your instruments chair-side every time! The basics of instrument design and maintenance programs will be covered along with some very helpful tips that you can apply to your dental hygiene practice right away.

    Sample Goal Statements:

    I plan on improving my dental hygiene practice by…

    1. learning advanced instrumentation techniques so that I can efficiently and effectively treat my clients.

    2. discovering ways to manage my instruments so that I am always using well maintained instruments.