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Anna Louise Tolan, RDH, FADIA - Presenter

Anna Louise celebrates 28 years of clinical practice in dental hygiene; specializing in periodontal therapy and medically compromised clients. She is a well-recognized presenter who has over 2 decades of experience facilitating lectures and hands-on learning for the dental industry,CDHA,ODHA, rdhu and the DVD Quarterly of Dental Hygiene. Anna Louise has served on the Advisory Board of Research and Product News Magazine since its inception. She eagerly shares her brand of passion and enthusiasm for the profession. Her commitment to learning opportunities and continuous improvement is undeniable. Attendees of Anna Louise’s educational events describe her as passionate, inspirational, motivational, one who speaks from experience and keeps it real. She has developed presentations on Recordkeeping and Instrumentation that have received approval as remediation courses for the CDHO. Anna Louise is currently working on her Fellowship from the ADIA and is a cast member of The RDH View.

Anna Louise Tolan, RDH, FADIA - Presenter instructs the following:
  • Mastery Of Skills For Dental Implants
  • RSVP Today, Limited Enrollment
    Course Fee: $229
    plus additional layered activities 2 – 6 hours CE
    This course includes a continental breakfast and catered lunch

    Course Location:
    589 Barton St., Suite 102
    Stoney Creek, ON L8E 6E4

    Every rdhu course begins with an exercise to assist you:

    • in creating your goal statement
    • by providing enough additional activities to complete your goal
    • by discussing how you can implement your new knowledge for the benefit of your clients and to meet dental hygiene quality assurance requirements to help evaluate your learning and implementation for form 7

    At rdhu, we are committed to supporting our members every step of the way.


    “Mastering Skills for Dental Implants” will focus on the areas of assessment, communication and maintence protocols. Applying this increased knowledge and skill will bring you improved success in providing the process of care to your clients. Dental implants are the standard of care for missing teeth. Understanding who could benefit from dental implants and the consequences of edentulism are key in educating our clients to possibilities and options.

    This program is designed specifically for the dental hygienist so that you are comfortable communicating the opportunities for implants. It will also ‘demystify’ the entire process from assessment through to maintenance. You will experience an increase value as part of the Dental Implant Team.

    The Mastery of Skills of Dental Implants program will enhance your knowledge and commitment to your client’s oral and overall health!

    Upon completion of this course the learner will have acquired:

    • an increased awareness and understanding of the consequences of edentulism
    • the ability to analyze and identify opportunities for dental implants
    • increased knowledge of types of implants and implant parts with prosthodontic options
    • an increased understanding of the value in applying the fundamentals of ADPIE with therapeutic communication for short-term and long-term goal setting with our clients
    • increased knowledge of assessment skills required to evaluate the pre-implant client
    • the ability to identify risk factors that affect implant success
    • understand the dental implant treatment planning procedure process
    • increased knowledge in evidence based protocols in monitoring and maintaining dental implants
    Suggested Goal Statements:
    1. becoming more confident in identifying clients who would benefit from dental implants.
    2. increasing my knowledge regarding appropriate techniques for maintenance of dental implants.
    See what your colleagues are saying:

    Excellent Informative Presenter, very happy environment!
    Rachel R., RDH
    First time attending a presentation at rdhu and I will definitely return! Presenter is extremely knowledgeable, I learned so much that I am able to apply to my clinical practice.
    Emmily M., RDH
    Excellent information, super informative! Engaging presenter and well paced. Received additional layered learning.
    Jessica F., RDH